Written by Cathy

17 Oct 2007

Reading the story by slutty tonight reminded me of something quite like it that happened to me a few years ago, we had been late night shopping and retuning home when my other half, pulled into a picnic site where we had often had sex in the car watched by many other men, never inviting them to do anything more than watch, however we had talked about letting one or two join us because I'm so horny my man has to play with me for ages after he has come to satisfy my lust, well this lovely warm summer evening we got out of the car as usual and walked down a path into the woods, we always did this before going back to the car and making love, no having sex this was not the same as making love between the sheets this was lust driven.

We had gone quite a way before he stopped and said I'm going to fuck you up against that tree, I protested that it was too public and we might get seen and without the car to protect us other men could get to me, he said that's the general idea, I wanted too but was seriously scared, he pushed me up against the trunk of the tree and pulled the front of my light summer frock up to my waist, as usual I had nothing under it because he likes me to be available to his fingers whenever he fancies a group, I protested again he said alright you asked for this pulling a pair of hand cuffs out of his pocket, ones we often played with at home, he quickly fastened my hands round the tree, then he got a second pair I hadn't known about and fastened my feet in the same way, he unbuttoned my dress and pulled it off my shoulders unfastening one of the cuffs so he could take it right off, I was secured to the tree totally naked, my hands clasped together behind the trunk, facing out my legs held so they were wide apart, thank goodness the tree wasn't too big, but I was seriously exposed, he knelt on the ground and went to work on my clit with his tongue, I cried out with the passion he was generating, not thinking I could be heard for miles around in the quiet woods, there is no other sound like a woman on heat that could be mistaken for animals.

He took only a few minutes to bring me off I cried out again as the orgasm ripped through me, it was one of the best I had ever had, probably because of the situation I was in, but the down side I was heard by some men walking their dogs and before long we had an audience of five men all watching as he tongued me to another climax, making me shout out with pure lust, he then stood up and stepped to one side exposing my naked body to the small crowd of onlookers, he beckoned them closer, and I was surrounded by men, some wanking others touching my body tentatively at first then as they realised I was there for the taking they got much more active and I had both my tits being mauled and fingers in my pussy doing all sorts of things to me, next one of them tried to push his cock into me but thank goodness my hubby stopped him, I thought he was not going to let them go all the way just touch me and whatever else they wanted except actual intercourse, but no he just told the man he must put this on offering him a condom.

As soon as he had it rolled up his shaft he positioned himself in front of me and managed to get it inside it was not the best position but I had no say in the proceedings, he rammed into me as best he could but filled the condom far too soon to make me come, my hubby released my legs and said I'm going to let your hands free so you can turn round, I did as I was told and he fastened them again but much lower so my bum was sticking out inviting the men to take whatever they wanted, I felt another cock enter me, it was huge it stretched me to the limit he gripped my waist and pumped his cock into me hard and fast, it felt as if it was coming right through me, it was so big,it did hurt but in a strange way it was good,he made me come several times before he too filled his condom with his come, as soon as he pulled out another took his place, he was much smaller and said you have stretched her so wide I can't feel the sides, one of the others said well she has another hole, I don't like anal sex never had, but I knew I was going to get it tonight, he pulled out and positioned his cock against my rose bud, pushing to open it, then he burst through I screamed as his cock went right in I could feel his hairy balls slapping against my bum as he banged his cock into my virtually virgin bum, we had tried it but as I didn't like it we had never done it again, he kept up a frenetic pace ramming his cock into my ass as hard and fast as he could, I felt another hand this time reaching for my pussy he stuck two fingers inside and his thumb on my clit, I thought at first it was my man because he found just the right spot, but when I opened my eyes he was standing at the side with his video camera I had bought him for his birthday filming the whole thing.

I don't think the cock in my ass was going to make me come, I love it in my pussy but could never see the sense in having in that hole, but the man playing with my cunt was right on target he really knew how to wank a woman, I climaxed he played just a little harder till I was screaming for him to let me come down, but he just kept frigging away with his fingers till his mate shot his come into my bum, well in the condom in my bum, I thought it was over but no there was more wanted a bit of my body this time as he pushed into me I gripped his cock as hard as I could, I wanted him to like it so he didn't want my other hole, he said she's as tight as a virgin now perhaps you were too small talking to his mate, he went much slower than the others and made me want it so bad that I was pushing out to meet his thrusts, fucking back at him as he rode me, he made me come again and then speed-ed up till he too emptied himself into the condom deep inside me, I gripped his cock as hard as I could making the feeling of his climax push against the tunnel of my cunt giving me the same thrills as he was getting, it wasn't over yet in fact there were several more none of them used my bum again thank goodness, but by the time they had all finished with me I was just a heap of quivering flesh, completely fucked, but my man wanted his share and stuck his bare cock deep into me, god he was almost as big as the first one and he knew just how to make me come his hand round to my cunt fingering me in time with his hard thrusts he said why don't some of you chaps play with her tits, they didn't need a second invitation, one each side grabbing as much of my rather full C cups and pulling my nips he knows what it does to me that's why he did it, with his cock up me and his fingers on my clit plus two men mauling my tits I crashed into another massif orgasm, I don't really know much else as I lost it for a while almost feinting with the intensity of my climax.

We walked back to the car well; that's not exactly true my hubby and two other men almost carried me because my legs were like rubber, couldn't hold me up, I had never felt so totally fucked, this was a new experience for me, but one I hope to repeat some time in the very near future, any offers?