Written by Bill

20 Dec 2010

Hope you looked at the other store,we had done it, my wife Lyn had sleep with another man

I had jest watched him leave, I had real mixed feelings inside, not as I thought at all, I felt guilty, for letting happen, it was not at all what I expected, I didn't even see the act take place in our bed, I had to listen outside the bedroom door, not what I had in mind

At one point it was like a nightmare for me, when I heated our bed going and Lyn cried out

I had seem Brian's manhood down stairs, he was a lot bigger than me, and I knew my wife had that inside her,it would of been the first time she had been penetrated by any thing near that size in her life, I felt I had made a huge mistake, I knew there be no going back now

He had gone, I made my way upstairs,I didn't know what I would fined when I got there, or what Lyn's reaction would be, I slowly pushed the door open, the light was on, Lyn lay on the bed much as he had left her I would say, she was naked her legs nipped together, we looked at each other in silence, neither of us wanted to say any thing, it seemed to last for ever, her hair was mast up a little, as if she been working hard on a hot day, and been sweatily, her expression was a look of not guilt but unknowing, I think she was waiting for a reaction from me,she patted the bed, to indicate for me to join her, all I had on was my underpants,I lay beside her on my side of the bed, the first thing I noticed was a wet patch I was laying in, I looked down at her, her nipples where still quite pointed, there was red marks going dark on one breasts,her inner thighs looked quite red and flushed, she was the first to speak, she asked are you alright, are you upset, I was stuck for words at first, no I am fine I really am fine,then she smiled, that broke the ice, I asked so how are you, she beamed I am fine I really love you, we hugged then we kissed

We started to talk, we where both a bit embarrassed, it was the first time any thing like this had happened, we didn't want to blame each other but we did at the same time with out saying it, I soon came to terms with it in my mined I think, Lyn was more worried about, if I could handle it now it had happened, funny it was if we where new people getting to know each other, I started asking questions, at first I don't think Lyn wanted to answer them she may of thought it may heart me but she did,I wanted to fined out what it was like for her,it seemed as if her first experience was a good one, and she was far from put off, she had never climaxed so much or so strongly before, I said what about his size, ( turned out he was seven and a half inches but it was a really fat one)so he was a good bit bigger than me by almost three inches,and if I am lucky I would be a quarter of his thickness,she said that was a hell of shock at first,when she first got it in her hand it did worry her a bit, and when she could only jest get his bell end in her mouth she stated to wonder if she could take it, (I made a note oral is a very rear thing she has always said she don't like doing it)

We got to what I wanted to know, she told me about the sex, and she said it was her that closed the door on me, she thought she couldn't do it with me in the room, and now wished

she had let me in, she said he was very good he didn't force any thing, he went down on her for a long time, and she had an orgasm, when he mounted her she was really ready for him he made sure of that, as he put it in it really felt huge, ones he entered it was massive, his girth, it felt like her pussy as being stretched by his helmet,like a huge plug being pushed in her, but the shaft the last half was bigger she though, when he got in right home, and it felt as if it went really deep, one he was there the feeling of pleaser was out this world, and could he fuck he had rhythm and she had never had long thrusts like that before, he had her three times,each time it got much easer to take him,

The first time on her back then she got astride him and last time doggy style then he really fucked her hard, I asked did he cum much, she laughed and said god yes god knows how much he has, I said did you see the size of his ballcocks she giggled saying dam huge

I found Lyn holding my now stiff cock, in her fingers, my hand slipped between her parting legs, her pussy felt very puffy and wet, as my fingers went inside it was wet and sticky, I said didn't he use condoms, I looked over to the bedside table and there was the packet of condoms I had left there unopened, Lyn didn't answer,she must of been happy to let him go bareback,at this point what made me do it I don't know, but I wanted to go down on her, at first she tried to stop me, but I was there,I found her clitoris, I had never seen it like that it was extended and still sticking out quite swollen, I never seen it as big as that, as I licked it I got a musky salty taste as my tongue worked inside her it was very sticky, her mouth came round my dick she was sucking it,her pussy was very open and stretched,she heaved and stated to cum on my face, that made a lot of thick creamy stuff come out into my mouth, I did swallow it, at the same time I had to let go I shot my first blast, Lyn sucked hared she took all I had to give, she has never done that in her life before, some time later I tried to ride her it was no good I it was so slack and open I still let another load go to mix with his, we both know this is not the end