Written by Sue

16 Oct 2012

John is my lover, he is 17 years younger than I am. My name is Sue (real name, as is his, I don't think anyone could identify either of us from what I write here), I am now 59 years old and John first made love to me 10 years ago. I had been a widow for nine years and while I certainly had lovers after my husband's death, they were mainly one night stands and, in the end, it really wasn't my scene.

I am a near blonde and have largely retained my figure even now, which I put down to the fact that I was unable to have babies. I was sexually experienced when I married at the age of twenty-five as I have always had a high sex drive. After the first year or so my husband's desire for sex tailed off, nothing I could say or do made any difference. However, I loved him dearly and put up with the situation, I didn't have satisfactory sex until after he died.

After a year or so had passed my best friend prevailed on me to go on a night out with her. As it happened there was a big conference going on in one of the big hotels locally and we were chatted up by two men, they turned out to be salesmen for the company concerned. We got on well and when it was proposed that we go back to their hotel for a 'drink' in their room, we went. It wasn't long before they were coming on to us and, after the drinks I'd had and with the encouragement of my friend, I went to bed with my man. There were two single beds in the room and I found myself in the situation with my companion making love to me while my best friend was doing the same on the other bed. I had never seen anyone else having sex, in fact I had never even seen another woman's fanny! Nevertheless I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my frustration was relieved. Because of this event I went on to actively seek men to have sex with, but as I have said I found that such sex did not really satisfy me and it gradually dropped off.

Now to John, this man was a representative who called on me by appointment on a business matter. I was very attracted to him on sight, he was about 5'9" tall, well-built and good-looking, there was just something about him that got to me. After our business was concluded I offered John coffee which he accepted. I had noticed that he seemed to be attracted to me and I said something like, 'I bet you call on quite a few attractive women in your job?' He laughed and agreed, so I went on, 'Do you ever do anything about it?' His response was, 'It has been known!', and we laughed together. Then he said, 'As a matter of fact, I find you very attractive.' 'As I do you,' I responded, 'but surely I am much to old for you?' His reply was, 'Not at all, I really find mature ladies very attractive indeed. I look at you and I see a mature lady, pretty, with an excellent figure and very sexy. What more could a man ask?' I was somewhat taken aback by this statement and after a moment or two I said, 'Well, John, you have a similar effect on me. But you have to come back again shortly, so I suggest that you have a think about what we have said to each other, I will do the same and we will then see where it leads.' He found this statement acceptable and we left it at that.

The following week John rang to make an appointment and he came to see me a couple of days later. I had taken the opportunity to, for want of a better expression, 'tart myself up'. I had my hair and nails done, then made sure that I had some sexy underwear, a low cut blouse to make the most of my cleavage and a wrap-over skirt that was rather shorter than I would normally wear. Wrap-over skirts very often reveal more than most women intend, I intended that mine should!

We discussed business over a cup of coffee in the kitchen sitting on high stools, this gave me the opportunity to accidentally reveal my charms, John's eyes were all over me. Immediately business was out of the way John said, 'I didn't need to give your proposal much thought, I knew that I wanted to make love to you, seeing you now has reinforced my feelings.' He got off his stool, I did the same and the next moment we were kissing, his kisses fired my desire and I led him to my bedroom.

I had taken a shower just before he was due to arrive so I offered him the opportunity to do the same, which he took. While he was showering I stripped and lay on the bed which I had covered with towels. He exited the en-suite bathroom naked, his lovely cock half-hard. He said, 'God, you are so beautiful, Sue.' I spread my legs enough to let him see my fanny and, joining me on the bed, he started kissing me and fondling my breasts. I soon had his cock in my hand and had a good look at it as it became fully erect, it was about seven inches long and a good deal thicker than most men I'd had.

He kissed my breasts and nipples, then he sucked them, a thrill which inevitably goes straight to my fanny, I felt it becoming engorged and wet. But he didn't stop there, he just went on kissing his way down my body, I guessed where he was going and he did. I spread my legs to enable his head to get between my thighs and he kissed the lips of my fanny. Then he began to use his tongue, as the thrills soared through me he tongue-fucked me then sucked my clit...... I came with a body shaking shudder. 'Oh John!' I gasped. He wriggled back up my body to kiss me, I could taste myself on his lips, he murmured, 'Do you like the taste of your cunt?' ''Oh yes!' I panted, 'Please fuck me!'

I felt his knob end pushing and put my hand down to direct it into my now open passage. he eased up inside me, the first cock I'd had in years. Then he began to fuck me gently, 'No, no!' I panted, 'Fuck me hard and fast!' He obeyed, his lovely cock occasionally rubbing my clit, I pulled him into a position where he was doing it all the time. It didn't last long like that of course, not many meny can fuck hard and fast and not come quickly and he was no different. He groaned, pulled back, rammed in very hard and, as he withdrew, started to shoot his load up me. I was astonished at the fierceness of his ejaculation and how long he went on, I felt his spunk filling me and I suddenly came too. I grabbed John and we held each other until the storm had passed and I felt his cock start to soften.

We relaxed with John still gasping for breath, I kissed him, 'That was the best sex I have ever had,' I told him. 'I haven't finished yet!' he told me. And he hadn't, after he'd recovered his cock slipped out and he said, 'If you suck my cock and get me hard you can have more of the same!' I found it difficult to believe but I did as he asked and inside five minutes of sucking his his limp cock, that tasted of spunk and my love-juice, he became hard again. He mounted me immediately, kissing me as he slid into my sloppy cunt, 'I'm going to fuck you gently until you wnat me to stop!' he said.

It was messy but he said that for a man there was nothing like pushing into a spunk sloppy cunt, so I was glad for his sake as I was thoroughly enjoying his cock rubbing my clit all the time. My mind was full of sex, I realised afterwards that I'd forgotten who was fucking me during that time as all I could think about was sex...... cunts, fucking, spunk and cocks thrusting, I was completely gone. Gradually though I began to get dry and the sex was becoming uncomfortable, I told John and with a few quick, hard, thrusts he came. His spunk shot up me as fiercely as before and there was still loads of it soothing me inside.

Afterwards we lay sweaty and satisfied, kissing and murmuring to each other. John said, 'There really is nothing like fucking an experienced, mature, woman.' I said, 'Well, I don't know what I did particularly, but that was the best sex I have ever had, it was glorious, it was so good I forgot who was fucking me! And I want more!' 'Don't worry,' John assured me, 'there will be more, lots more, the way you rose to my thrusts and tightened your cunt each time I withdrew was the best ever, you are a complete natural.' He kissed me, I said, 'I'm sorry, I had no idea I was doing those things.' John laughed, 'As I said, you're a complete natural, the best fuck I've ever had!'

Well, John and I fucked for years, but this actually went to a different level later, which I might tell you about if you like this tale.