Written by NE cottage fun

1 Jul 2007

This really is a true account of how i got into the bi/gay scene. About 5yrs ago after splitting from my then wife. I was in a hostel for a while. One day on the way there i was caught short so nipped into some toilets which were close to home.So in i go two cubicles with doors closed & urinal full with four men standing there. Now i dont like to piss near men anyway as it just wont work so when one man left i just stood there. ok cubicle door opens out comes a young man but door closes as i get to it. Im thinking what the fuck is going on here. & i leave top wait outside for a few mins. 4 or 5 men leave & i go in. one man left at urinal & one in a cubicle so i go in the other. & i see all the writing on the walls & there are holes all over the place. so with a curious mind i look out a hole in the door....& see the man side on wanking a really big fat cock. SHOCK. i sit down & see the man next door wanking also. ( yes i looked through a hole lol.) To be honest i felt scared & i quickly left. as i was going the short distance home i was getting aroused at the thought of what goes on in there. But i swear i had never even seen another hard cock b4.so what to do.Well ill tell you. later i went back.

In i walk to see one man in urinal none in cubicle. so i enter one & shut door. i read a few more dirty scrawls & start to feel a stirring.As i look out the same hole in door as b4 i see the guy looking over his shoulder. then he shows me his fat cock.bollicks what did i do. i went out & stood near him. my hard cock in hand. he came right next to me & started to wank me. god it was so good.he then bent down to suck my cock. god i was scared to be caught. I could see his cock bobbing around & it was so much thicker than mine & i wanted to feel it. as he stood i held his thobbing cock & started to wank him off. he came really quick & left.wow. i made him cum. this was the start of my cock fun in these toilets.over the next few days i had loads of cocks in my hands but really liked to watch others play from the cubicle where i saw spunk empty in to many a mouth. look out for part two soon.