Written by Laura

1 Jan 2008

I have been urged by my friend Helen to write this account of my Christmas eve experience. She tells me that she will post it on her swingers forum and that it will be read by lots of horny guys & girls. so I guess as you are reading this, that’s what she has done. My name is Laura and Helen is my best friend from school days. We both got married the same year and I certainly have never cheated on my husband Mike. I cant speak for Helen but I think she would have told me if she had. She had invited us to a Christmas eve party that she and her husband Terry were throwing and said that we could bring my 7 year old son Stevie too as she was arranging a kids party at the same time in a marquee attached to the back of her house. Well, the party was a great success and several of the people there has also brought their kids who were having a great time with all the pop and food. The marquee had been decked out with disco lighting and there was suitably loud Christmas tunes playing. As the evening wore on I kept noticing this extremely gorgeous black guy moving around and found myself constantly watching his every move. His physique fascinated me and there was something about his self confident manner that made me go a little weak each time our eyes met. I decided to put him out of my mind before I made a fool of myself and started chatting with Helen about anything to occupy my thoughts. I had just managed to go a full ten minutes without thinking about him when uddenly he was there, right alongside me and asking to be introduced. This is my friend Laura I heard her saying, and this is Simon. I was in a daze as I held out my hand to him and smiled, trying not to feint. Hello I whispered, sounding like a little mouse. He returned the greeting and then I received the most electrifying sensation as he took my hand and held it for what seemed like an eternity. I was hoping that Helen would bale me out as I was unable to make any further sensible conversation, when the cow turned and walked off to chat with someone else. Oh my god, what would I say. Simon saved the situation by making the next move, asking about my job, my home and whether I had any children. I began to tell him my life story and it soon was revealed that our sons were in the same class at school. We chatted together for the next 20 minutes or so until I realised that I was getting some awkward stares from Mike who was now the bar. I reluctantly excused myself from Simons company and returned to my husband for the remainder of the evening. The party finished at around 11:00pm and I stayed on to help Helen with the tidying up. Mike was going to get Stevie into the car then stay on to help as well. I had wandered into the deserted Marquee to pick up the empty glasses when I realised that Simon was there. He was standing behind some large boxes so I could only see his head and shoulders. The Disco lights were apparently his, and he was packing them up to take away. As I looked at him he beckoned me over The music was still playing and was quite loud and I couldn’t hear what he said so I had to go right up close to him. He bent down to my ear, whispered “ how about a Christmas goodnight kiss” and produced a sprig of mistletoe. I smiled and turned my head towards him, and just as his lips touched mine, the lights went out. I found out later that he had switched them off hmself. We were in total darkness. Our kiss turned into a snog with full tongues and adolescent groping while Slade were bashing out ‘So here it is Merry Christmas’ in the background. I was just considering breaking away, when he suddenly took one of my hands and guided it downwards. To my surprise it was met by his fully erect penis standing proud from his open zipper. He smiled at me and said, here’s your Christmas present, sorry its not wrapped. I took hold of it firmly, went back to snogging him and gently worked my hand up and down his lovely shaft which felt at least a foot long. He was by now fondling my braless breasts which he had eased out from my party dress and was attempting to raise the hem up above my little black panties. I was in a complete state of lust and continued working his beautiful cock with my hand not once wondering where this would end. He worked my panties down to my knees and used his fingers on my clitty which by now was tingling and aching to be satisfied. Over the next few minutes he brought me to several shuddering climaxes. Just as I was coming back to earth, he broke away suddenly from kissing me to whisper an urgent “ I’m going to cum” in my ear and threw his head back as he prepared for his orgasm. My one thought suddenly was “Oh my god I cant have my dress covered in spunk”, so without thinking I dropped to my knees, opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his cock deep inside it. No sooner had I got that massive head between my lips than I felt the glorious first spurts of his thick salty cum spraying my teeth and throat. I swallowed and swallowed, fearing it would erupt out of my lips and over my dress and thankfully I managed to drink it all down without a single drop spilled. I continued to suck on it searching for the last drops of cum as I felt it slowly shrinking. As I slowly and reluctantly removed his now clean cock from my mouth, I realised what I had done. There I was, tits out, dress up to my waist and knickers down to my knees with a strangers cum in my belly. I felt a total slut and loved every delicious moment. Simon helped me to my feet and zipped himself up as I dressed myself and continued with the clearing up. Suddenly there was Mike in the doorway holding my coat and peering into the darkness. Oh there you are Laura he called and switched on the main lights. I wondered where you were. Are you ready. Oh yes I said I’m all done here. Lets go. We thanked Helen for a wonderful party and made our way to the door. On the way home I relived the last 30 minutes over and over again realising what I had just let a stranger do to me. I’m not sure if it will ever happen again. I couldn’t plan to do something like that. It just wouldn’t have the same thrill. But here’s hoping anyway.