Written by RandyCpl

16 Jun 2017

A few years after the Bhopal disaster of 1984, I was beginning a three year posting to my company's chemical works in India and, of course, had my wife with me. We were both in our late 30s and childless. My wife is a true romantic, always seeing the adventure and romance in situations, and she told me living in India for three years would be for her the epitome of romance. Being so enthusiastic about our coming adventure, she one night in bed declared she wanted to experience everything. Caressing my thigh with fire in her eyes, she emphasized 'everything', before taking me inside her and giving me an extra grand ride between her legs.

In India we lived in a large house that came with Neha, the cook/char about our age, the chauffer (her husband about 20 years older), and Vinay, the 18 year old garden boy. The couple lived in the servant's quarters at the other end of the house next to the kitchen; and Vinay slept and ate his meals in the garden shed in the back corner of our walled compound, which was hidden from view by several high bushes/trees.

When we first arrived, we saw the servant's quarters in the house to be very adequate; but when we were shown the inside of Vinay's shed by our sponsor, and saw he slept on a mattress on the dirt floor which he had covered with odd pieces of fibreboard he picked up from somewhere, we expressed our dismay. Our sponsor advised us not to make an issue of it since garden boys usually were homeless orphans saved from the streets, as was Vinay, and the small wages, free food, and a chance to live out of the rain were enough for their position near the bottom of Indian society.

One night a few months later as we lay cuddling in bed after sex, my wife told me that for the previous several days she heard Vinay visiting Neha during her allotted two hour mid-afternoon rest on the days when her chauffer husband was out with my husband. She could hear him fucking Neha with great energy, as only a teenage boy could do, and from the noises Neha made, it was obvious she thoroughly enjoyed getting it from a boy 20 years younger.

When I asked why the delay in telling me, she admitted that each time after listening to them, she would come back to our bedroom and masturbate to the memory of the sounds of their fucking, imagining what they looked like with their naked and sweaty bodies locked together as they fucked. The main reason, though, was she wanted to keep the 'adventure' to herself, but finally decided that sharing it with me was part of the adventure.

Hearing all that, I became horny again, and reached for her. As I rolled her onto her back and opened her legs, I told her to imagine it was Vinay about to slide his big dark Indian cock into her (we both knew it was big since he wore no pants under his shorts and they were tight enough to prominently display his large bulge). We had always enjoyed working through sexual fantasies, so she immediately went along with it.

I told her I was extremely turned on by the 'memsahib' letting me, a lowly garden boy, slide my unclean cock up her white pussy. She played along by telling me she was full of lust allowing me (Vinay) do to her what only a husband was allowed. We had a long and grand fuck whilst role playing Vinay fucking her. I was able to make her come hard, then quickly made her come again before I emptied my hot cum up her in a violent climax that left me panting and gasping as I lay next to her afterward, watching her breasts rise and fall on her heaving chest as we slowly calmed down.

For the next few weeks, my wife would listen to them fucking an average of three or four times a week when Neha's husband was absent in the afternoons. Then she would return to our bedroom and bring herself off one or more times. I was the beneficiary since on those days she would be extremely horny, almost certainly from listening to them fucking. She would have this wicked gleam in her eyes through dinner and then rush us off to our bedroom to fuck, usually a grand fuck. Almost always it was another fuck at bed time, and sometimes again in the morning after. I had never seen my wife so lustful, but who was I to complain.

Then, a few days later, after giving me a particularly grand fuck when we retired for the night, she asked if I had ever had a fantasy of watching her being fucked by another man. I admitted I had, but never mentioned it for fear of insulting her. She smiled that wicked smile of hers and then simply said if I wanted, she would do it. I immediately knew what was coming when I asked 'who'. She said, "Vinay,' and before I could object, she outlined her plan which included me. That made me horny with the images of Vinay fucking her with his big dark skinned cock, I fucked her twice more, with her later telling me she knew the idea would turn me on.

Two days later we followed her plan. Late that morning, she told Vinay she would need his help with something at 2:15 that afternoon in our bedroom that would take about an hour, but to stay out back in the garden until then. Neha would be into her rest time then and wouldn't be roaming the house. Her husband drove me to the house at 2 and then went to do some lengthy errands for us with the car. I quickly slipped inside and went into the louvered door clothes closet in our bedroom, giving my wife a quick kiss and touch up as she sat on the bed.

She was wearing one of those dresses the local servant women wore, which she fell in love with at the local bazaar since it was airy in our hot climate. It was ankle length and very full without a waist. It had a wide and low stretchy neckline, very short sleeves, and hung down off the shoulders like a very young girl's dress back home. The locals were usually naked underneath and wore it doing everything, including gathering it about their waist as they squatted by the roadside 'doing their business', or lying in the bushes with the front pulled up to their waist getting fucked by a boyfriend or lover. Sex was very much more open there than at home, with husbands usually tolerant of their wives' infidelities since they themselves were usually fucking someone else's wife.

Exactly at 2 there was a gentle tap on our door. My wife stood up at the end of the bed opposite the door and Vinay entered, barefoot and dressed in his usual tight shorts and a coloured vest. As he entered my wife told him to lock the door behind him. Vinay smiled in immediate understanding and then walked to her. She gave him her wicked smile and told him he had one hour, but no kissing on the lips.

Unfazed by that restriction, he placed his hands on the top of her shoulders and stretched the wide neckline of her dress down her arms. As he pushed the top of her dress to her waist, she wiggled her arms out of the short sleeves, then stood facing him with her arms hanging by her sides. He stared intently at her small but creamy white firm breasts with her dark pink nipples already hard and standing up with arousal.

Placing his hands about her waist with his thumbs over her tummy, he moved his hands up until they were against the underside of her breasts. He slowly thumbed her nipples, making them even harder and bigger, then sucked them each in turn. Her head rolled back with eyes shut tightly and low moans came from her partially open mouth. She was already into his seduction and thoroughly enjoying her new 'adventure'. His sucking of her nipples increased in urgency until her hands gripped the lower part of her roomy dress and she pulled it upward until it also was gathered about her waist.

Sensing she was doing something with her hands, he took a half step backward and saw her auburn haired mound revealed, and her hips gently rolling with passion. He stepped back in and placing his left hand behind the small of her back, he resumed sucking her breasts. When he slipped his right hand between her thighs just above her knees, she moved her legs apart to allow his hand access and he slid it upward until its upper edge was firmly against her pussy lips.

He ran his hand along the groove between her pussy lips and murmured to himself loud enough for me to hear that she was wet - very wet. I saw his bulge had grown considerably and could discern the shape of a big cock underneath his shorts. He was aroused and looked ready to fuck her. By this time her head was fully rolled back, her eyes still closed, and her mouth now fully open, more loudly and urgently moaning her pleasure. She was really into it, and I knew from her romantic streak she was emotionally enhancing the experience to gain the greatest pleasure possible.

A few moments more of caressing her wet furrow and the nub at its upper end, he pushed his thick index and middle fingers up her and began finger fucking her rapidly. Within seconds he added a third finger and her moans became louder and more urgent. Looking back, I now realize he was getting her ready for his thickness so he could fuck her immediately upon penetrating her with his thick cock instead of having to delay the fuck to let her adjust to his size after his initial penetration.

He fingered her rapidly and hard, almost violently, for a minute or so, continuing to suck her nipples at the same time until her whole body shuddered and jerked as she came with gasps of breath alternating with short, sharp screams of intense pleasure. He continued fingering her for at least a minute more until her orgasm was finished, when she almost collapsed in his arms. He held her up for a few seconds until she regained her composure, then had her move onto the middle of the bed on her back.

He dropped his shorts to the floor and I saw very thick dark skinned cock about my length of 6.5 inches. It was hard as a rock, the skin stretched tight, and it curving upward menacingly like a cobra straining to strike. Her dress was still gathered around her waist, and she had raised her knees and opened her legs wide, so he had a complete view of her creamy white body, her auburn haired cunt and hard dark red nipples in erotic contrast.

As he stood staring at her charms, she gave him a lust filled look and reached her arms toward him as she rolled her hips upward in invitation. The entrance to her pussy was still stretched wide open from him finger fucking her and was dripping wet in anticipation of his cock. He stared at her for a few moments with intense lust on his face, then climbed onto the bed positioning himself between her legs, and lowered his hips. By now my cock was fully erect and needed relief, but all I could do was drop my trousers and pants down a bit and slowly wank it, but making sure it was not enough for me to come. I was saving that for when he was finished with her.

Keeping his cock poised near her pussy entrance, he dropped his upper body almost down onto hers, sliding his hands under her shoulders as he held himself just above her on his elbows. He told her to put him in. She immediately reached down between them and guided the knob end to her opening and pushed the first inch or so inside. He then literally shoved it up her in his haste to fuck her, going up in a single thrust. He pulled it out about halfway, then proceeded to begin fucking her steadily and hard. He buried his face in the side of her neck, then increased the depth of his strokes.

She had snapped her head backward in reaction to his almost violent penetration and held it there as he began fucking her. It was obvious she felt discomfort at that first thrust, but that grimace on her face soon was replaced by the look of a woman being fucked to her liking. She rolled her head back into a normal position and placed her lower legs behind his thighs, then began to fuck him back as energetically as he was fucking her.

I watched them fuck each other very energetically for maybe two minutes, then she was coming with uncontrollable hip jerks accompanied by gasps and wails of completion. Her orgasm looked intense as evidenced by her arms and lower legs gripping his body like vices as she tried to pull his cock even deeper inside. Her orgasm lasted almost a full minute, about twice as long as with me, before she began coming down. He fucked her, albeit at a slower pace, all through her climax.

When she had finished, he shifted to slow fucking her and raised his head to stare into her face as he fucked her. They stared at one another, with lust in their eyes whilst they slow fucked each other. I realize now he was setting her up for her next come. When she finally increased her hips movements signalling the resumption of her passion, he increased his pace and fucked her hard like the first time. She came about a minute later, and then he slow fucked her like before as she came down from her noisy come.

This time he gave her less of a respite before fucking her hard to another come. She wailed it out, but before she could come down from it, he fucked her hard and fast again, and she came within seconds. He now had her into serial comes and he rapidly gave her five or six more in as many minutes, probably less. By then, she was getting tired from the exertion as well as the intensity of her passion, and after the last one, her legs flopped down and she lay there gasping and trying to recover. He finally pulled out and I saw his cock was as hard as ever and glistening with her pussy juice.

He sat on his haunches for a minute staring at her wide open cunt, then rolled her over and got her up onto her hands and knees. He quickly got behind her and shoved his cock in. As he fucked her hard and deep, his grip on her hips kept them in the air, but she collapsed her upper body onto a pillow she had pulled under her chest. She was gasping and panting as he fucked her almost violently. He soon came with hard thrusts and shouts of pleasure as he spurted hot cum way up inside her pussy.

When finally finished, he withdrew his dripping cock and let her hips fall down to the bed. He dropped to lie up against her, caressing her breasts and nipples as she slowly recovered enough for him to roll her over and get between her legs again. He was a lot gentler putting his cock this time and slow fucked her until she recovered her passion and energy.

He then fucked her to his second come. He shot another wad of cum up her, then slowly withdrew. He again sat back on his haunches and stared at her cum smeared cunt and her sopping wet and dripping pussy. The entrance was stretched even wider than before and a steady rivulet of cum was slowly running out and onto the bed below her bum.

When she opened her eyes and slightly raised her to look at him, he told her he should go. She absently nodded and laid her head back. Her body just relaxed onto the mattress. I had never seen her so totally fucked out, even in our early days when we fucked four or five times a day. Vinay pulled his shorts up and closed the door behind as he left, probably going to visit Neha and fuck her with the stamina only a teenaged boy could have. I came out of the closet, pulled off my clothes, and joined her on our bed, cuddling her. She rolled into me and we wrapped our arms and legs about each other. Being so exhausted from the hard fucking she had received, and returned, she immediately fell asleep.

I watched her as she slept for maybe 20 minutes, then she awoke. Knowing I would want to see, she raised her knees and opened her legs wide for me. I moved to kneel between her legs and stared at her cum covered cunt. Her pussy entrance was still open wider than after I fucked her, but was starting to return to its normal diameter. Some cum was still dribbling out. I had never seen such an erotic sight and my cock again throbbed with need.

She nodded in silent permission and I lowered my hips to hers and slipped my cock inside. I could feel the sides of her pussy, but not nearly as snug as I was used to. Sliding my cock through his slimy cum was unbelievably erotic. Needing relief, I fucked her as I could but hard enough so I could come. I came quickly and added my hot cum to the residual of his still in her. After having to wait whilst he fucked her, it was probably the biggest load of cum I had ever spurted in her.

Having finished, I collapsed onto her body trying to control my breathing. She whispered in my ear, "Was that good for you? You came hard so I think it was. I'm glad, just like always when I can make it good for you." I thanked her, but she protested, "No. No. Thank you for letting me have him. It was so very grand."

We lay cuddling for a while, then she kissed me and said, "But you can guess I want him again. Don't be angry, but he is so energetic doing me and he makes me come so much and so deeply. Please say 'yes'. I will always love you. It won't change anything between us, and just like always you can have me anytime you want. Please say 'yes'."

I was instantly jealous, and a bit angry, so I just held her close and worked my mind around the thought of my wife regularly fucking a garden boy with a cock bigger than mine and more stamina than me so he would be able to fuck her to almost unlimited orgasms for hours at a time. But the thought of watching her being fucked before my eyes started my cock to rise again. My mind settled on the pornographic aspect of watching him fucking her, and it very quickly became my dominant thought and emotion.

I was horny again, so I rolled between her legs again and fucked her. I managed to come again, and then fell totally exhausted on her body. She hugged me, then whispered into my ear, "Darling, may I take that as a 'yes'?" I wearily moaned, "Yes ... yes," and we again fell asleep in each other's arms.

We awoke in maybe ten minutes and she said to me, "Go listen at Neha's door and see if you can hear them." My cock twitched as I put on my underwear and trousers, went to Neha's door and listened. I heard Neha loudly moaning her climax, then talk to Vinay in their local language what sounded like afterglow mutterings. I quickly returned and we both returned to listen at the door. There was murmuring, a giggle, then some light moaning, then more moaning, then the fast creaking of the wooden bed frame, and Neha was coming again, but this time we could plainly hear Vinay bellowing out his climax.

I immediately imagined Neha's legs widely parted as Vinay pulled out his cock. My mind's eye saw her dark and hairy cunt smeared with his cum, with more flowing out and staining the sheet. I then 'saw' Vinay's big cock, still mostly hard, covered with his cum and her juices, some of which were dripping off the knob end; and then him pulling up his shorts, not bothering to wipe off. We returned to our room and a few minutes later heard Vinay walking down the hallway to the rear door leading to the garden, evidently going back to the garden shed before Neha's husband returned from the errands I had given him. We wondered if he knew of his wife fucking Vinay whilst e was away with the car. I thought not, but my wife thought yes.

All during our dinner that evening with Neha serving the courses, I looked at her in her roomy local dress just like the one my wife wore when she fucked Vinay. I imagined Neha naked underneath with Vinay's cum still smeared around her cunt with some still up her pussy. I wondered if she washed it out before joining her husband in bed for sex. Maybe he did know about her and Vinay, and like me, loved the feel of Vinay's cum in her pussy as he slid his cock inside. God, it was all I could do to get through dinner before taking my wife back to our bedroom and fucking her again.

During it, she asked if my renewed energy was from thinking about her fucking Vinay again. I told her it was partially that, and then told her about my thoughts about Neha during dinner. She was thoughtful for a few moments, then said she could understand how I could have such thoughts. Then she asked if I had those thoughts because I wanted to fuck Neha. Even as I told her 'no', the thought of having Neha began to grow in my mind. After all, she was right in our house and was alone in their quarters for two hours every afternoon. I could share her with Vinay, each of us having an hour to fuck her.

My wife was staring at me as I was having these thoughts, and like most wives, picked up on my thoughts and said to me, "You're thinking about it, aren't you? You know, I wouldn't mind seeing as how I'll be having Vinay. Maybe we could even in include her husband in all this." I could sense her mind working overtime and knew her romantic Indian adventure was soon to become our shared adventure. More later . . . . . .