Written by lucky husband

13 Apr 2009

My wife and i was out at our local pub one night having a few drinks and there was some local traverlers in there this night.

Let me tell you about Sara she is 27 5,6 with brown hair in a bob and green eyes, nice size 12 with 34 c tits and dressed to kill in her minin skirt thigh high boots and black halter neck top.

After a good few drinks i was chatting to a guy i knew up the bar and saw my wife was getting chatted up by a couple of the gypsy guys, I popped to the toilet for a we and was standing next to a open window when i heard my wifes giggle and then say " We'll have to be quick" So i finished zipped up and headed out to the car park and see her and these 2 guys nipping into the bushes at the back! I doubled round and crept up on them only to find my sexy wife who has always been so prim and proper on her knees sucking these to gypsy guys cock's! One was in his 30's i'd say and the other in his 50's both getting sucked with her tits out and having her nips pinched and looking like she was loving every minute of it! I had to get my cock out and wank just watching her being slut made me so horny i watched as 1st the older guy cum in her mouth then went round and played with her cunt while the younger guy started to fuck her mouth even harder now he had it all to himself, then groaned pulled out of her mouth then spunked all over her face and rubbed it all over with his cock then left with his mate laughing saying what a slag! My wife then stood up pulled up her knickers straightened herself out wiped her face with a tissue from her bag and headed back to the pub, by this time i'd cum all over the floor in the woods and was shaking with excitment.

I walked back into the pub to find her up the bar waiting for me, she gave me a kiss and said she had nipped out for a fag and where had i been/ I said only for a wee, "you enjoying yourself?" Yes she said quite a good night isnt it with out even flinching! Such a good lier i thought i wonder how many other cocks she has been taking behind my back, but instead of being angry i just felt so turnt on and fucked the life out of her when we got in