Written by Hugglenuggle

3 Aug 2007

The next morning, at 10.15, Jo arrived back home, in a taxi. She came in to the kitchen where I was making coffee. We made some small-talk and I asked her how the night had been.

I then began asking more direct questions and she looked worried. I told her that I wanted her to be sexually happy and that if she had acted on our fantasies then that was perfectly fine with me – as long as she told me about what had happened and what she had done.

She kissed me, perched on the stool next to me, rested her hands on my lap and began talking to me…………..

She confessed that she had been attracted to Steve as soon as she saw him. She had been flattered by his attentions as he was ten years younger than her.

The attractiveness of flirtation had given her a ‘buzz’ and added spice to our own lovemaking, she explained. After just being with two men, she felt the longing to widen her experience and to try out other lovers. I was excited as this was what we had talked out – Jo, initially resisting this.

Jo told me she had deliberately gone to the disco to meet with Steve and to dance with him. She had hoped to seduce him and use his youth to satisfy herself. When I told her how much I was turned on – she seemed reassured and continued her story.

She had met up with him just inside the union doorway. He had been wearing jeans and an old T-shirt. They shared a passionate kiss and then went to the bar. Soon, Steve’s hands were running up and down my wife’s thighs, bum and back. Occasionally they would share a tight embrace and he would use the opportunity to caress her breasts. Jo said that she had also run her hands across his chest and explored his thighs and teased him by gently cupping his cock and balls through his jeans. He had been very hard and Jo became very wet when she felt him responding.

After dancing in a close fashion and continuing to kiss and explore each others clothed bodies – Steve made a brave move and asked Jo if she would come back to his flat – he lived in a student flat in which he had a single bedroom. Jo said that she had felt so uninhibited and so pleased that she told him “yes”.


When they got to Steve’s place – it was an ordinary student flat – a communal living room and kitchen with three study bedrooms – his two flatmates were out. Jo and Steve began kissing – after drinking the cheap union drinks and in the heat of desire, nothing was going to stop them now. As soon as the front door was closed, Jo was pushed against the wall and Steve began to unbutton her dress – the buttons running from chest to hem. She allowed him, savouring the excitement of being serviced by a younger man. When her underwear, stomach and thighs were exposed, Steve stood back to enjoy the sight of my naked wife. Her pale, white skin almost merged with the white of her underwear. He then led her in to the living room where he stood and undressed himself. His manly physique drew Jo’s eyes to his chest and then to the straining material of his briefs. Jo leant forward and rubbed his cock through the material. She then tugged down the waistband and pulled out his manhood – shrugging his briefs down over his muscular thighs.

She sat looking up into his face: he staring down into hers. She began to slowly masturbate him – enjoying the feeling of warm hardness in her hand. He asked her to take him in her mouth but she refused; “I don’t like that”. When she saw how hurt he was, she released his cock and it bobbed up and down like a fishing float. She cupped his balls in her hands and squeezed gently.

This was obviously too much for the poor boy and he knelt down in front of Jo, on the sofa – gently forcing her backwards and down. She flopped backwards, her legs splaying open and her small breasts jiggling, confined within the brassiere. She lay in front of him – her panties, damp where her cunt had begun to dampen and lubricate in anticipation of penetration.

He then leant forward and kissed her – his hands undoing the bra and then pulling the panties down, clear of her hips, thighs, then clear of her legs. She now lay, revealed, in all her sexual beauty – small, firm breasts sporting hard brown nipples, an expanse of milky-white, alabaster stomach, drawing Steve’s eyes down, down, to the inverted triangle of copper-red hair, then two heavenly white legs. Steve place a hand on each of her knees then opened them. Her cunt lips were swollen and red like a red-rose. Her pubic hair was matted with the juices that already seeped from her lips. Steve reached out a hand and touched her cunt then anus. “No.!” she said as he went to kiss her pussy – “Just fuck me!” she said with the directness that betrayed her sexual arousal. He shuffled forward – his cock making eventual contact with her cunt lips. She bucked as the cock met her sensitive, outer lips.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” he asked.

She replied with a shake of her head. He bore down on her – releasing a shrieking gasp from her as his cock penetrated and fully entered her.

“I’ve only done this with girls my own age, you know?”

She didn’t answer – her eyes half-closed as she concentrated on the feelings and sensations from her pussy. Steve slowly built up a rhythm, sliding his cock into her, and then withdrawing until only the head of his cock remained within her.

Jo’s hands explored his chest then, as the fucking progressed and grew more heated, she slid her hands around his hips, the better to assist him and pull him in as he thrust into her. Jo told me that she came twice as Steve fucked her like this – she knew that she shouldn’t have let him come inside her but it was too much to stop the pleasure and far too tempting to let nature take its course, as it always should, between a man and a woman: between lovers– she felt his balls draw up, his cock harden further, then throb violently as spurt after spurt of his come was delivered into her body. They lay panting.

She knew that, as a young man, he would be soon ready for a repeat performance. Indeed in our first years together we had frequently fucked several times a day.

By teasing his balls and touching his cock – running her fingers around the rim of his helmet (I trick I taught her) he was soon fully restored to an erect state. Steve sat on the sofa while JoJo mounted him – she was determined to make the most of this ‘service’ and to make this young man make her come. She rode him hard and rotated her hips, grinding her pelvic bone onto his lap. Steve made the most of her tits bouncing about, inches from his face and sucked and licked her nipples. He tried to kiss her – but all she wanted was a hard ride. Jo told me that she came so much – she felt like she was giving birth again – her waters breaking.

Eventually – with Steve exhausted, she lay down on the sofa – Steve went to grab them both a glass of water from the kitchen. The front door was then heard to open and close – Jo thought Steve had checked the door was locked but then Steve’s flatmate, Andy walked in to the living room and obviously couldn’t believe his eyes. Jo lay, reclined on her side, on the sofa, and casually began a conversation with Andy. The room smelt of sex and Jo was still naked and still in an obvious state of sexual arousal. Her flushed face, heaving chest, smooth belly, triangle of russet hair and sexy legs proved a constant distraction to Steve’s friend. Eventually, Steve returned and managed to persuade Andy to go to his own room. Apparently, Andy’s only comment to Steve, the next day, was “Nice tits and bush!”

Jo told me, they soon retired to Steve’s room where they snoozed and fucked through the night.

Expecting me to be jealous and angry – she was surprised to find me horny and excited! We then fucked in our own living room, JoJo demonstrating to me what she and Steve had been doing.

We have agreed that Jo and Steve can see each other again – as long as she insists he uses a condom.

JoJo’s boss has recently invited her to a swinger’s party (him and his wife are in the scene as well) – I can’t quite decide whether I will go with her or if she can go with Steve – maybe the three of us will go?