Written by Corky999

11 Feb 2014

I have thought about my wife sleeping with someone else for sometime as a fantasy, one that got stronger as we got older and our love life became some what stale.

The recent excitement injection of her having a younger man working in our house, smelling her underwear, flashing herself to him and him getting turned on, has done no end of good for our sex life. However, the final step of her enjoying another mans erect cock entering her was maybe a step too far.

She sensed this when she asked me "do you want me to"?

I said I was a bit worried she would enjoy it too much, would see me as a poor second lover and would only want similar in future, would get attached to the other person, I suppose my self conscious was now getting in the way, insecurity that we wouldn’t have a future together afterwards and what we had up to now,would be ruined and I would loose her.

She re assured me that was not the case, she said if you don’t want me to then I wont, it has to be a mutual agreement. She said that I was her husband and she loved me and anything the fitter was going to give her was just a sexual thrill.

She was still rubbing my cock at this point and I have to admit listening to her talk about having another man was turning me on.

Do you want to?, I asked her.

She never hesitated and said yes, it would be a great thrill to be naughty with someone else with your blessing, besides, she added, I can tell you all about it afterwards, imagine the thrill we can have together.

Ok, I said, I couldn’t believe the words came from my mouth, but the smile on her face and the passionate kiss she gave stopped me from taking it back.

She slid herself on top of me and guided my almost bursting cock inside her already wet fanny, she said, imagine, the next cock I have inside me after yours tonight will be another's man. I didn’t need to hear anymore and came inside her.

We held each other and fell asleep very exhausted.

The following morning was similar to the previous, both slightly awkward with each other and neither one wanting to broach the subject initially. Finally as it was nearing time for me to leave my wife said, everything ok.?

My stomach turned and it was like I had to make a life or death decision. He may not fancy you, I said, he may not want to sleep with you.

She looked at me and smiled, that’s true, she said, but he is only human after all she joked.

I smiled and kissed her goodbye, my heart still racing, we will talk later, I said and left for work. Whilst driving to work I was in turmoil, two or three times I wanted to turn around and go home, at work I wanted to phone and say, don’t do it, but I didn’t, the sexual curiosity stopped me from doing so.

The day dragged and I felt in a different world, couldn’t concentrate and think straight, didn’t eat as my stomach was full of butterflies, started to wonder about the consequences' of what we where doing to our marriage.

Eventually it got to around three o'clock in the afternoon and I couldn’t take any more, I spoke to my line manager and said I have to go as my wife had just phoned and she needs me at home, a small white lie but I couldn’t stay any longer, he agreed and said I could, it was just as well because I don’t know what I would of done if he had said no.

I raced to the car and set of for home, the traffic was light at that time of day with only a couple of school mums on the road, twenty minutes later I was home pulling onto the drive, no sign of the fitters van, perhaps he never turned up.

I walked into the house, I could see the kitchen was now finished so he had turned up. There was no sign of my wife, I called her name and walked through the house.

Up here, I heard her call, my heart and mind raced at to what had happened, I went up the stairs not sure what I would discover. I entered our bed room, there she was, lay in bed with the covers half way down her torso, her breasts exposed and her nipples hard, and she was alone.

She beckoned me towards her and I lay on the bed next to her, my hand instinctively went to her breast and I massaged her hard nipple. She looked and me and smiled, a smile of satisfaction.

You ok? I said.

She rolled towards me and placed her hand on to my cock, I was not hard as my nerves were still getting the better of me. She started to massage me and said, do you want to hear about my day?

I hesitated for a second, I could say no and never know what had happened and live in ignorant bliss, or hear every detail knowing I could never take back what I was going to be told.

Ok, I said.

Sure? she asked, and I nodded my head.

She undid my zip and slipped her hand in to my trousers and under my pants, I positioned myself better so she could get hold of my cock.

The fitter turned up as normal she said, usual conversation, made small talk and he said he would be done after a few hours and would be out of my hair.

I said I would miss him, its been nice to have company in the house during the day as I get bored, she continued. The fitter looked at her and was not sure what to say and with that he started to work. I made him a drink and said, I have to go and shower, I will be out shortly if you need to ask me anything.

I went upstairs and showered, made sure I was clean and fresh. I went into the bedroom, I picked out a skimpy pair of panties, it was strange picking them out and putting them on, hoping in a short time a strangers hand would be inside of them, she said.

I started to get erect at this point, the visions in my head were starting to form and they were turning me on, noticing my cock was getting hard my wife pulled my foreskin back exposing the head of my cock, this always made me harder and it didn’t fail this time. I undid my trousers and slid them off with my pants and socks, leaving me naked from the waist down, I positioned myself back so she could carry on rubbing me.

I didn’t put a bra on and dug out a dress, one that showed my figure and legs,

but not obviously. I went downstairs and carried on doing things around the house for awhile, my heart was racing, she said, I nearly went upstairs and put something less revealing on several times, I was very nervous but excited also at the same time.

After a couple of hours he was finished in the kitchen and he called me in, he explained that he altered the draws and doors and the way they close, a few other things but I wasn’t really listening, my mind was not thinking about kitchens at this point.

He said, its just a case of getting the paperwork finished and that he would be done. He had several bits of paper for me to sign.

I suggested we go and sit in the living room, he picked up the papers and we went into the living room, I had already drawn the curtains so it was private and put on some lighting.

I waited to see where he sat and I deliberately sat opposite him, he handed me the papers and explained each one as he did and I placed them next to me on the sofa. I pretended to read one, and fixed my gaze on it, as I did I parted my knees slightly, I was trying to judge how far to give him a glimpse up my skirt. I remained like this for a short time and he didn’t seem to hurry me so I guess he was enjoying what he could see.

I could feel the cum rising from balls now and I had to stop my wife from rubbing me, otherwise I would of cum there and then.

She continued, I pretended to reach to the side where the other papers were and parted my legs further when I did so, I pretended to carry on reading the papers and then quickly looked up, I could see his gaze was completely focused between my legs, I knew he would be able to see my panties and my fanny as the material hid nothing. I was getting wet at this point also, he might of been able to see my juices.

I parted my legs ever so slightly and he looked at me, I think at that point he knew what I wanted.

I asked him, where do you want me to sign?

He explained and I could see where it said customers signature but said I couldn’t see it, can you show me, I asked.

He tried to lean over to start with and point but I said I couldn’t see with out my glasses, can you show me.

He stood up and I realised why he was reluctant to stand up, he had a bulge in his trousers, he was turned on by looking up my dress and seeing my wet fanny through my panties.

He picked the papers up of the sofa next to me and pointed to the signature area, he leaned in as he did so.

I turned to him and we looked at each other for a second. I placed my hand onto his thigh, he never said anything and was still looking at me, I think he knew what I wanted but he wanted to be sure. I moved my hand up towards his groin, as I did so he leant in more and kissed me fully on the mouth.

I could not believe what I was hearing, my wife telling me this, I should have been furious, but I wasn’t, it was all I could do to stop myself from coming.

She continued, I felt his hand move onto my breast through my dress, he massaged my erect nipples. I moved my hand onto his groin and I could feel his erection through his trousers, I rubbed him and he groaned a little as I did so, I was careful not to get him too excited too soon.

He tried to put his hand down my top but the dress was too tight, he stopped kissing me and turned his attention to the rear of the dress where the zip is, he undid the zip and the front of the dress fell away, revealing most of my breasts to him. I pulled the dress down over my arms so my breasts were completely exposed, we resumed kissing, I rubbed him some more and I could feel his hands on my breasts, another man rubbing them, the first time in ages, I wanted his cock so much at this point.

He took his hand away from breasts and I felt it brush my knee as he started to go up my skirt, I parted my legs so he could get his hand all the way up to my now very wet fanny. I felt his fingers pressing on the outside of my panties, gently stimulating my clit through the now wet panties, I parted my legs some more, I wanted him to rub my clit more as it felt so good.

It was my turn to moan a little now and spurned on by this I felt his fingers pull my panties to one side and he slipped a finger into me, it was sensational, the feeling of a strangers hand inside of my panties and getting fingered, he commented on how wet I was.

I reached over and un did his button on his trousers and pulled his zip down, I parted his trousers and his bulging pants appeared.

He stood up and pulled his trousers, pants and socks off, I stared at his erect cock.

This was the bit I was dreading I thought, a younger, bigger man turning my wife's head, things never being the same again between us. What was it like, I asked with some nervousness.

Not much different from yours, same size and thickness, it was just that it was different, I was being naughty and having something for the first time, that was the thrill.

Feeling slightly relived I encouraged her to continue.

He stood in front of me and I reached out and put my hand onto his cock, I pulled his foreskin back and his head appeared, red and full of blood, I learnt forward and placed it to my lips, he stepped forward and I felt it go into my mouth, it felt different and I just wanted to keep on being naughty and sucking it.

He played with my breasts for a bit and I cupped his balls and sucked him. There was no going back now, she said, I so wanted him inside of me.

I came it this point, unable to hold back any longer it just spurted out of me, thinking of my wife showing her tits to another man, getting them felt, getting fingered, seeing another mans hard cock, feeling it and sucking it, I couldn’t stop myself. Even after I came I still remained hard.

I stopped sucking him and leant back on the sofa she continued, I raised my feet on to the edge and parted my knees, my dress feel away exposing my fanny lips through my panties, I wanted him to pull my panties to one side and put his cock into me, I was aching for him to fuck me, feel his strange and new cock entering me.

He knelt down between my legs, pulled my panties to one side and placed his mouth on my sodden fanny, his tongue darted inside of me, tasting my juices, this was followed by his tongue finding my clit, he gently parted my lips and out came my clit, he licked it sending shivers up my spine, if he had carried on I would of come in his mouth it was so good. I rubbed my breasts at the same time and just leant back and closed my eyes.

He stopped which I was a bit disappointed with initially, but then he, stood up, pulled my legs together, reached up and pulled my panties off. I re opened my legs and he stared at my now completely exposed wet fanny, my lips totally parted and just wanting his hard cock.

I turned myself around so my head lay on the arm rest and my body along the sofa.

He took his cock into his hand, stepped forward and lowered himself onto me, I felt the tip of his engorged head touch my lips and the head entering me, it felt so good when he entered me, I could feel his head working its way into me, I didn’t want it to end.

He was very turned on at this point, as was I, he started to pull his cock in and out of me, I could hear my wetness as he did so, I moved my hips in rhythm with him the best I could. I was getting another mans cock inside of me and it felt great.

He kissed me passionately on my mouth and I put my tongue into his, this made him fuck me harder, I could feel his body colliding with mine harder and harder as his cum started to rise, he stopped kissing me and threw his head up, I felt his cock pumping his cum into my fanny, a cock that I had only just seen minutes earlier spewing cum between my legs, I could feel the wave after wave of cum being pumped into me.

I came again, unable to stop myself again, as my wife told me her story she hardly had to touch my cock for me to come, I could feel my balls aching now from all the cum I had let out, it was like I was sixteen again.

What happened after that, I asked.

He pulled out of me, a little embarrassed the pair of us to say the least. We had been sat on the sofa only minutes before and then we turned into two sex starved animals. I asked if he was ok and he said, yes, and you?

We tided ourselves up, which involved a lot of tissue, and sat ourselves down on the sofa.

He raised the question of me telling you, my husband, about what had gone on, I think he was worried he would loose his job if an irate husband started to phone his boss.

I assured him that would not be the case and you would never get to know, thought it would be simpler to deal with it that way.

We finished the paperwork, still embarrassed, and he packed up to leave. Before he went he kissed me on the mouth, he asked if I needed anything just to give him a call, I knew what he meant. He left a card and went.

I was still incredibly horny and turned on, I didn’t manage to come before he came. I went to bed and been here rubbing myself and enjoying the thought of his cock, how it looked and felt different to yours, how I was naughty and we can now both enjoy the experience.

We have had great sex since then, it has been very strange to say the least and has taken a couple of months to get use to the thought, but when we are in bed now, I get my wife to describe to me what she felt that day on our sofa, what she saw and if she would like it again.

Our sex life is amazing now, I get her to do the occasional accidental flash at other men while I stand some way off looking at their reaction.

We have spoken about her having the fitter around again, for some afternoon fun, but its something we need to consider, we didn’t want a regular person as it could become complicated with attachments, but she does like him and he his the same size as me so no worries there. I think we will live off this thrill for awhile and then maybe consider our next move.