Written by happy with it

5 Aug 2015

My elation was indescribable. Amazing is too much used and unsufficient, incredible almost fits the bill. Liz is fifty four and still a size twelve. Her exercise regime has been downgraded to yoga and walking but it is enough for her to retain a firm and desirable body supported by lovely legs and supporting a 36c bust.

Before the nitty gritty, a bit about us. We met thirty five years ago and married thirty years ago having two great daughters who are now free of our care and establishing happy lives of their own. When we met I loved her personality immediately and we were soon sharing her bed in a flat in York where we live to this day. I have always been honest and decided that I had to tell her of my desire, nay, my fetish and hangup which was to allow her to meet and fuck with other guys. I knew this was a risk so early in our relationship but as I was at that time married to a woman who though lovely in all respects, I had always been denied the desire to allow her the opportunity for sexy fun. This gradually became and obsession in my mind and her flat refusal ate into my mind making me moody, a bit like a spoilt brat really. Imagine my anxiety as I struck up the courage to open my innermost thoughts to her and state honestly that I loved her so much my body could not sustain enough strength to make love to her as much as I wanted to. That was some statement for me to make and eventually I sort of explained how strong my love was for her that my fetish was just another way of expressing it. Actually I said her taking another man's cock would be the highest degree of trusting love between us (in my mind).

It did not happen overnight of course, but we spent quite a bit of time over several days before the penny started to drop that I was serious and desperate to allow her a freedom she already had as she was separated and going through the divorce procedure when we met. over the next few months things were harrowing as we started living together whilst our marriages were dissolved. Liz now understood better but did not quite get my kink and said she was prepared to have some fun but would stop if it risked our lives together. Buoyed by this revelation I could hardly wait for her to find someone, but she did and then increasingly over the years we expanded our love and trust of each other right up to the present day. You may well wonder whether this is reciprocal, well no, I have a very healthy sex drive and always have had and I have enjoyed time with very many ladies but have not once strayed or even thought of it since we met. My only desire is to share her stories and sometimes the event of her having sex with another guy.

Don't get me wrong, this is not fairyland and we had our ups and downs and still do, but the occasions when she dresses to go out with a guy leaving me at home, or even me driving her into town to meet a lover are unique and special. here am I with a secret only shared by me and her and the lucky guy (or very occasionally guys). So now I want to tell you of the event which had me hopping about anxiously, enjoying the thrill and tension which is all part of the game for guys lucky enough to like their wives and partners being fucked by a different cock.

Richard had been away, (the previous story is dated July 7th this year). His trip to Scotland now finished he was flying down to Manchester in a private jet with some colleagues after having some high profile meetings and discussions about a new development. Liz was at home and I in the garden. I saw she was on the phone and when she eventually came out armed with a cup of coffee for me we sat and talked, she was bubbling with excitement as Richard wanted to see her that day and take her to the races at York that Saturday. I immediately asked what she was going to do and she said if I could run her to the station, he was going to meet her at Leeds station to take her shopping for the races. It was Thursday and I suggested she might need to take a toothbrush, she grinned and said she would find out soon enough. She ran inside to take a shower and I tidied up in the garden before going into the house to find her drying her hair quickly (you girls really do go to town when a new lover is around). Twenty minutes later she is dressed beautifully and looking stunning, her beaming smile a sure sign she is very excited. The fact that she loves the size of his cock having a bearing on that. A quiet, contemplative drive into York and a kiss on the cheek and a 'have fun' from me and she was off and going to the platform with a nervous grin hiding her excitement.

I was back home and going about my bits and bobs, cleaning tools, and then the car, tinkering jobs as I awaited a communication, nervous times, I know not why, I have done it maybe hundreds of times but the butterflies still emerge and the heart skips a beat when the phone rings or the mobile bleeps a text, that delicious agony when the waiting is tantalisingly uncertain. On occasions it is a bit of a letdown but usually it is to string me along with a to be continued ending to the message. Then oh boy am I in overdrive, cock straining for release, my urge dying to do just that and wank myself silly, but no, iyt is far better to allow that excitement to crank up another notch and keep the sexual pressure on while allowing my mind to run riot with thoughts of what they may be doing at that precise moment in time. Usually I defuse things by reading stories on here, hooking onto some of the great narratives and dreaming of my naked wife relishing the joy of uninhibited sex with another guy, where she can make the rules (which will be very open).

So it is after seven and I have no word, the phone is dead and my enemy. I wait and wait almost demented by the feeling of lust and uncertainty, but then overpowered by the thoughts that she may be enjoying the sex that much that she is lost in time and emotion and lust herself, or maybe asleep, unconscious after a particularly energetic fuck, that afterglow which we all love when the warmth of post coital activity envelops you and the world is at peace. However that will be revealed later when she contacts me, meanwhile i continue to wait, keen to hear her voice and try to detect how satisfied she is. At nine she calls. my volcano is ready to erupt. 'Hi darling, can I stay the night, Richard and I have had a tiring day and a drink or two, so if you don't mind' That is a bit bittersweet but one of the strange situations that occur. On the one hand you are desperate for her to be fucked by her lover as much as you like, which is lots and on the other hand you want to fuck her yourself and discover all the dirty details. A dilemma which can only be cured by saying 'yes of course you can, I love you and want you to enjoy his cock for as long as you like'. A lovely thankyou and she whispers that she has been well fucked already and can't wait to tell me about it. I ask if there is any chance of any pictures and she says she will try but he is downstairs making them a drink and she thinks he will be fucking her again before the night is over.

So back to the drawing board, the wait continues. The details are what we all want. The tension comes to a head the second time when I am requested to meet her from the train at eleven in the morning. I have wanked myself daft and watched porn to keep the mind from blowing completely. I had breakfast as any normal deranged sex mad idiot would and strolled round the house looking at newspapers and keeping myself sane (what is sane?).

I meet her amid a heavy presence of racegoers that day all making their way thankfully in the opposite direction to us and we return home with her new bags of clothing from their shopping expedition. She tells me she has something she thinks I will like. We get home fifteen minutes later and I follow her upstairs. She opens her bags and shows me the dress he has bought her for the races and the badge for the private box she is going to be in as his guest. A second bag has new underwear chosen by him and the Rigby and Peller label is showing a bit of class. She models the whole set including the stockings and suspenders he has said she must wear at his place after the races. She says the after races date is back at his for another overnight stay. He wanted her to stay the Friday but she had said she was going to be with me. I mention that if she wishes she can go to his that night as I was easy with it after all they had been fucking each other like rabbits it might be fun if they had three nights consecutively together. I saw the look in her eyes and suggested we had a fuck and then she could ring and ask if the offer for that night still stood. She slipped her panties off and then her bra, I don't know why but I still get an instant hard on as soon a I see her naked.

This was no different. I stripped immediately as she stroked my cock and we collapsed on the bed, I was rampant despite having shot my load three times overnight and into the pre breakfast hardon time. She sucked me and told me how he had stripped her slowly and they had screwed on the dining table with the curtains open (the garden is private and heavily shaded with conifers around ten feet high) Then he had taken her upstairs to his bedroom where he had blindfolded her and licked her gently for what felt like hours before slowly lubing her up anally and then himself before asking if she wanted his cock in her. She said she was so excited by the fantastic feeling that she just told him to be gentle. He was very methodical and slowly took her to the limit before eventually filling her arse with his spunk. She said that was when they laid together and slept before he kissed her and went down to make their drinks and she phoned me. Knowing she had been arse fucked blew it for me, I shot as much spunk as I could muster, holding her tight and saying how proud I was of her and how much I loved her. We lay together for a while, then talked about Richard. She said he was a lovely guy but she could see he was lonely and worked hard to compensate for that, grabbing happiness in small doses when he could. She said he wanted her to be his long term lover if she would consider it and wanted to take her when he had dinner parties or important functions. His reasoning was that she was not a blabbermouth like some young women can be and he trusted her to be as lovely as she was and a credit to me and that he would always honour her decisions. I said it sounded like a marriage vow, but she told me there was only one person who she wanted to be, but it sounded like fun if I was prepared to allow them to be together for such occasions and as such she had agreed to be escorted by him as long as they were both happy with the arrangement and also me. So that is why my byline is 'happy with it'. More to follow.