Written by Johnny

5 Aug 2008

After Sue’s amazing episode with Pete and Des, the building work seems to be going very well! A couple of days after that event, I asked her if there was anything else she’d like to try. Yes, she said. After she’d let me fuck her arse for the first time, she wondered what it might be like to have two guys fucking her. She reckoned she couldn’t cope with Pete’s long prick up her arse, but if he took her cunt, she thought it would be OK if I took her arse, and anyway she’d rather I had that pleasure. What did I think? I said it was something I’d always fantasised about, so we checked our diaries and saw we’d both be around last Thursday late afternoon after the builders had finished.

A couple of days before I said to Pete that I’d quite like him to do some private work if that was OK, so could he come back after he’d finished on Thursday. Pete smiled and went back to work. The next couple of days we had a great time in bed, both wondering how it would work out. Anyway, Thursday came, the guys finished, tidied up and left. Sue went upstairs and got herself ready.

About half an hour later the door bell rang and there was Pete. Sue appeared in what she calls her court dress (she’s a solicitor), aimed to win over dirty old judges and magistrates - a tight black skirt, slashed up the side, suspenders and a white blouse undone enough for you to see her tits and, if you lean over closely enough as a good judge might, the edge of her nipples over a very skimpy bra.

Straight away she says to Pete that we’d better go upstairs and explain what needed to be done. We all went in to the bedroom, Sue sat on the end of the bed and Pete asked what we wanted. Sue pulled her skirt up to her waist, opened her legs to show the pink folds of her cunt through her bush and asked Pete to come over. I could see a growing bulge in his jeans. He came over and was about to grope her when she said, No. This time she decided what was gong to happen, held him by the belt whilst she undid the buckle, took the belt off and wrapped it round her fist. Pete looked a bit worried when she then told him to drop his pants and jeans but his prick started getting harder as she undid another button of her blouse. She then said that to make sure it went well and he didn’t spoil the fun, she was going to have him come right away. By now Pete’s 9 inch prick was pointing straight at her. She wrapped her fingers round it and slowly twisted her hand round it and up and down until Pete started groaning and asking if she really wanted him to come so soon. ‘Absolutely’ she said, ‘say when’. A moment later he gasped ‘when’ and Sue took his prick in her mouth and swallowed his cum as he throbbed to his climax.

As his prick wilted, Sue smiled and simply said, ‘Come on Pete, you’ve got more than that, get it up again. Remember, I’m in charge this time.’ Pete looked really worried. Sue then told him to lie on the bed, which he did, whilst she took off her skirt and blouse to leave her only in her bra and suspenders and stockings. Then she leant over him and slowly brushed her nipples up and down his chest and down to is prick, teasing him like mad. I could see her nipples swelling, as could Pete. As she carried on trailing them over him, she started fondling his balls and wiggling her fingers round his arsehole until his prick hardened back to what it had been before. Then, when it was really hard, she settled astride him, teasing her cunt lips at the tip of his knob end. I could hear from her short breaths that she was really getting into this and eventually with a moan she sank right down on his prick and started to ride him. ‘Tits, Pete, tits. Squeeze them. Hard.’ Pete did as he was told, pulling her tits out from what little bra she had on with his big builder’s hands and squeezed. Sue let out a cry as he moved to her nipples which were even fatter by this time and squeezed them even harder. ‘That’s hard Pete, really hard. Keep going.’ Suddenly Sue screamed as an orgasm hit her. I thought she’d have a break but she was really going into a different world as she rode Pete’s long prick up and down. ‘Tits, Pete, tits. Squeeze for Christ sake.’

From where I was behind, quietly wanking as I watched the action and wondering when my turn would come, I could see her juices running down his prick. He was asking if he could come. ‘No way’ she said, ‘you better wait, you bastard. As I said, my turn this time’ and I could see her tightening her thighs so her clit was really rubbing hard against him. Her panting was getting harder and faster and you could hear the wet squelching as she rode up and down him and then, as she was obviously getting near to her next climax she called out, ‘Right Johnny, in you come’ and eased forward and lifted her arse. I parted her bum and angled my prick into her wrinkled arsehole. As I eased it in, Sue start yelling, ‘Go, Johnny, right up hard’. Her arse was amazingly wet and I pushed right up her, thrusting in and out, feeling Pete’s prick beside me, inside her cunt. She rode us both but could hold herself no longer and came with an almighty scream, which of course triggered Pete and me. I cold feel his prick pumping cum into my wife’s cunt right next to mine pumping cum up her arse.

After we’d got dressed, Sue told Pete we’d call if we needed any more private work done, but the builders leave at the end of the week and I think she’s got a different idea for her next adventure. I’ve no idea what it is, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.