Written by Simon_West

2 Nov 2010

Although I am a mature man of 55 my wife is a very young looking 48 last month she did something that I shall never forget. We went to a wedding and stayed the night at one of my wife's relatives in the North. Like many others I have read all the stories about the goings on at weddings and finally I was there when something amazing actually happened!

We went to the reception with a very distant relative of my wife's who was home on leave from the army, a young man of 26. It seems my wife used to babysit him before we got married and they got on famously. At the end of the night we went back to the relatives house where several people were staying and there were a lot of people having a drink and talking. However, i was worn out and left them to it. I awoke and looked at the clock at about 2.00am and realised my wife wasn't next to me. I then put my trousers on and padded along the hallway to see if she was still downstairs, but there was no one down there, so i went back upstairs and heard a familiar muffled moan coming from the box room at the top of the stairs!

The door wasn't properly closed and I took a peek and couldn't believe my eyes. yes, you've guessed it, my wife was lay on the bed absolutely stark naked and with her pert little arse up in air and with the squaddies naked arse above it and pounding up and down with a very thick looking cock slurping in and out of her gaping pussy! But, what was even more shocking was that her hands were being held by another man who was sat in front of her and with his hard and glistening member in her mouth. There they were, all completely naked apart from the squaddie still wearing his black socks, the light on and the two of them, one 26 and single and the other 37 and married, blazenly filling my wife with their cum!

I watched until I thought my heart was going to explode with excitement and then went back to bed. My wife didn't get into my bed till 4.30am and she had definitely showered somewhere because she smelt of soap, not sex,and her hair was damp. What's more she hasn't mentioned her escapade since, but our sex has been amazing!