Written by M

9 Sep 2009

I have posted on here quite a few times over the past couple of years. We are a happily married couple, my wife R is 29 and I am 32. We discovered this way of life by default really. My wife and I had a meal out for our anniversary 2 years ago which we both got a little tipsy and a dare ended up with my wife fucking a bloke in a hotel in Leeds. Since that night my wife has fucked over 20 men in the 2 years. We have had a full swap but my wife R has definitely seen more action than I have. We never advertise for people on website or arrange meets, we live our normal lives with an open mind and go with opportunities which come our way. We find this much more exciting than planned encounters as we have found the fantasy is often better than the actual event. We find it much more of a turn on not knowing what may happen.

I posted last week about an encounter, this was a little different to most as it involved only my wife and I. Won't go into that now as you can read for yourselves. It was a good night and something which we both loved. However it didn't take long for R to get back into the swing of things shall we say.

On Monday I had to go away with work and stay over. I had a meeting in London which was was due to start around 9am. As it's a fair distance I decided to book into a hotel and travel the day before. This is something I do regularly as I have quite a demanding job. I packed my bags and left. The drive took around 3 hours and I was eventually booking in. I went to my room and unpacked. I decided to call R to ensure she was OK and the kids were settled. We had a brief chat and I said I would call later on before I went to bed. I got ready and went for a meal in the hotel bar and had a few beers. I returned to my room around 10pm, I decided to call R again to say goodnight. None of this is any different to my usual routine. However on this occasion R didn't answer her mobile. I assumed it was busy so I rang the land line. Again it went to voice mail as she failed to answer. I was a little concerned something was wrong, I called both numbers again and still no answer. I started thinking about the possibilities such as she'd fallen asleep, or was in bath etc.

I left it around an hour and tried again. It was now about 11pm, and she still didn't answer. I thought she must have definitely fallen asleep. I decided to get into bed, no sooner did I and my mobile rang. It was R, I was relived to hear from her and glad everything was OK. I asked her why she didn't answer her phone, she then proceeded to tell me the following.

R had decided to run a bath after she'd got the kids to bed. She poured a glass of wine and went upstairs. She set the bath running and put some bubble bath in. She removed all her clothes and climbed in. She spent a good 30 minutes in the bath and had done the usual shaving of the legs and fanny. Had a relaxing time and drunk her wine. As she was about to climb out one of the bulbs blew causing all the upstairs lighting to go off. They are high power spot lights and when they go it trips the MCB. She was stood there naked in the pitch black. She reached and managed to grab a towel. She got out and went into our bedroom and found her dressing gown. She put it on and went downstairs. All the lights downstairs were on and she opened the cupboard to the fuse box. Didn't know what she was doing so she decided to go knock on the neighbours door. Our neighbours are in their fifties but have a son around 19, when she knocked the son answered the door. R explained the problem and he agreed to come turn the circuit back on.

When they got into the house he went and looked at the unit, it was a simple job to reset the switches and soon the lights upstairs were back on. He then asked if R had any spare bulbs and offered to replace the one in the bathroom ceiling. R told him we did have spares and they were on top of the kitchen unit. R got a chair and stood on it so she could reach. As she reached up her dressing gown rode up and R was then aware Scott could see a lot of leg. R quickly got down and pulled her gown down. She was still naked underneath and unsure exactly what he had seen. She gave him the bulb and escorted him up into our bathroom. Within a few minutes the bulb had been swapped and all the lights were back on. They arrived back downstairs and R thanked him. She offered him some money as a thank you so he could buy a few beers. He turned it down and told her not to be silly, she told him she didn't mind and felt guilty about bothering him. He just laughed and again said don't be silly she was more than welcome. She smiled and said OK, well I owe you. With that he walked past her as he was going to leave but then hesitated. He suddenly without warning grabbed the belt on her gown and pulled it hard. It came open, R was shocked and tried to cover up but by then he already had his arms around her naked waist. He kissed her and she slowly responded. She said she felt suddenly turned on as he was a good kisser. They were within seconds snogging passionately.

He led her by the arm and took her into the lounge, he pushed her back onto the sofa. They started kissing again and he soon was rubbing her stiff nipples. He then moved down her body and started sucking her tits and nipples. He was knelt on the floor between her legs. He moved down her body and moved between her legs. R had her dressing gown full open now and this young lad was between her legs, he started to lick her clit and lips. She told me she was so turned on and very wet. He went down on her for what seemed like ages. He then put 2 fingers in her and finger fucked her whilst he licked and bit her clit. He stopped fingering her and carried on licking. R said she felt him fumbling as he undid his trousers. He pulled his trousers down to his knees and then got up. He kissed R fully on her lips and R could feel his cock at her opening. She said she felt it start to enter her, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him fully inside her. She said it felt good as his cock was much bigger than he'd had in a while. Reckons a good 9 inch. He fucked her slowly at first but got faster. He fucked her hard for around 40 minutes. R had cum about 3 times and eventually he cum spunking up her hole. R said is what like a jet, could feel every squirt as he unloaded into her. They kissed for a while and as his softening cock came out of her a load of spunk ran out and down the crack of her arse. She had never had so much cum in her, he was clearly a heavy cummer. It took a few minutes for him to get aroused again but when he did he soon had her on the floor on her back and he fucked her hard for a second time. He fucked her quite roughly for around 20 minutes before pulling out and spunking on her tits and belly. He wiped the spunk from his cock against her fanny lips. After the second fuck he stood up and pulled his trousers up. R laid there with spunk on her tits and tummy, more running from her well fucked hole. She pulled the dressing gown around her and stood up. She showed him to the door and he kissed her briefly before he left. R went back upstairs and run a fresh bath.

I was so turned on I wanked off whilst listening to her, I came on my fingers and couldn't wait to return home the following day.

On my arrival home I went in and R was at work. I went upstairs to shower and when i went to put my clothes in the basket I saw her dressing gown. I looked at it and it had a very large wet cum stain on the back. Clearly it had run from her whist her fucked her and dripped down her arse onto her gown. I had another wank thinking about it. As soon as R was home and the kids were in bed I grabbed R and pulled her skirt up. I fucked her on the sofa the same as our neighbour had done. She was still very wet from the night before. Really love my wife fucking other men, such a turn on. For those of you who haven't done it yet. It's highly recommend.