Written by stevie30gee

24 Nov 2014

Hi if you read Part 1 20-11-14 you know I was encouraging my Neighbour Greg who had recently found his wife with another guy to get together with my Wife Liz as I was working long hours an leaving her alone a lot of the time.

I had gone home one night an from the bottom of the garden I looked in to watch Liz an Greg thru our back windows, Liz had gone down onto her knees in front of Greg, now it was me who was surprised to see the size of Greg's cock .

I climbed over the fence into our garden to hover on the edge of the darkness at the bottom 1/3 of our garden so I couldn't be seen from indoors, I was glad we had a low sill and a large window into our lounge so I was getting a good view of what was happening. I watched Liz hold Greg's cock between finger an thumb an lick up the length of it an stop to give the head a quick kiss before looking up at Greg's beaming face , I knew Greg would be enjoying that as Liz is one of the best suckers of cock I have known.

Her mouth started going to work on Greg and at one stage I saw his legs buckle a bit and expected him to cum in Liz's mouth, but I saw him say some thing to Liz, she gave him a sad look then grinned as she went over to our sofa an lay back one foot on the sofa the other on the floor her stockinged legs spread wide for Greg to see her lovely bare pussy glistening under the lights.

I watched Greg as he got on to his knees an put his hand on Liz's pussy spread her lips an bent down to tongue her pussy , he was doing a good job as Liz had one hand on his head an rubbing her nipples an boobs with the other, it didn't take long for Liz to cum as her hips lifted off the sofa and I could see her biting her lip before speaking to Greg.

I then saw Greg kneel up as Liz moved up the sofa and Greg climbed on the sofa between her spread legs his cock looked huge it was certainly thicker than mine and probably 3-4" longer with a dark plum coloured head. I saw Liz hold it against her pussy lips as he gave a nudge an the head was inside her, Liz's head went back I could see her mouth the word fuck, by now I was engrossed an pulled up a patio chair an sat nearer the window to watch.

I then watched as Greg buried his length deeper inside my Wife's pussy, Liz was pulling his face to hers to kiss him and clawing his back an bum as he slipped in an out, I thought to myself well the encouragement I gave Greg was certainly working now. Liz was humping back at him to meet his thrusts, she does get very wet when excited an knew how it felt to be inside her wet an warm pussy.

Then as Liz had just cum again under him , Greg spoke to Liz and I could see her shake her head from side to side, then see her say fuck me !! , Greg began to slowly build up his rhythm once again as Liz's bum was thrusting up to meet that huge cock pounding into her pussy,. Greg was now making that sofa rock when he suddenly stopped pushed up from Liz's heaving boobs on his outstretched arms and I watched as he gave some little pumps as his tight bum began to clench and I knew he was now filling my Wife's pussy with his warm cum ,just as Liz was having another cum her mouth open an smiling back at Greg's face above her, with him staying there till he had pumped every last drop inside her wet an warm pussy.

I was sat there with a raging hard on looking in as they kissed an held each other in the after glow of making love as it suddenly hit me that Liz wasn't on the pill any longer as we were trying for a baby, an my friend an Neighbour Greg had probably just fired a load of his baby juice up into my Wife's womb with his big cock.

I sat there thinking well its too late now and also realised they had probably done this before and were in no doubt that they would be doing the same thing again, I also thought that I had set the ball rolling so only had myself to blame. As I sat there gathering my thoughts I looked up to see Greg slowly pulling out of Liz's pussy a string of cum still attached to the head of his cock and Liz's gaping pussy, Liz smiled at Greg before putting a finger out to wind the string up and put it in her mouth.

Greg sat up I could still see his wet cock an realised his limp cock was probably the same length as mine when erect, I moved the chair back into the shadows so not to be seen. Then Liz stood up one hand over her pussy as Greg pulled Liz in front of him and he kissed her belly as they both looked at each other ,I was wondering if Liz had told him that he might have just put a baby in her belly or not, I looked at my watch and thought I wonder if they will stop now as it was still quite early as I said I wouldn't be in till the early hours of the morning.

Liz left the room and a few minutes later came back with some drinks, she sat on Greg's lap chatting his arm holding her against his body, he said something to her and he got up and I nearly fell off the chair as he darted out the back door ,luckily not looking my way, still naked apart from his shoes to go thru the back gate to his house and shortly re-appear holding a camera case.

I then watched as Greg took his camera out an began to get Liz to pose for him on the sofa, over the sofa, on the carpet , before getting her to lay back on our coffee table her head over hanging one end ,her pussy the other end as he took some photos of his stiffening cock in her mouth and some of his cock in her pussy. As Greg had another erection now I guessed he intended to fuck Liz once again and knew Liz would be a willing recipient.

This time Greg spoke and Liz got onto her knees to give his cock a quick kiss, lick an suck , he moved behind Liz to run his fingers over her bum an pussy an under the suspender belt she still had on I watched as he turned his cock stood out like a thick dagger ready to stab my wife with it, Greg held it with one hand still with the same amount showing above his fist as he pushed it past Liz's wet pussy lips once more.

I moved back nearer the window to watch again, his cock now no longer visible as it was deep inside my wife, he just knelt there running his hands over her back, shoulders, belly and over her big boobs the nipples erect with his fingers pulling an twisting them. I could see Liz eyes shut running her tongue over her lips enjoying every minute of this attention, I realised he had found out a lot of the things she liked to be done to her in just a few days, as he then began to thrust back an forth after a few minutes I could tell Liz was cumming as she arched her back pressing her bum back against Greg's groin, this seemed to spur Greg on as he began pumping his hips like a piston engine every few minutes Liz's face contorted as she was coming once again .

I sat back Greg's body now glistening with sweat, his arse pumping rapidly and having watched Liz cum at least 4 times he lifted Liz by the waist as she wrapped her legs behind him humping back to meet his thrusts, it was now Greg's face that contorted as he was obviously pumping another lot of tadpoles up into Liz's welcoming womb, then Liz screamed as she also had cum again, I am sure the neighbours the other side must have wondered what was happening.

Greg slumped over Liz's back keeping her there , Liz had her face on the carpet looking towards the window her face aglow an smiling like a cat who has just had the cream. After awhile they knelt up and Liz straddled Greg as they hugged each other ,kissed and looked into each others faces, both looking very contented whispering to each other.

I sat there for awhile then decided I better go and do some more work as I moved back into the shadows Liz and Greg got up and the lounge light went off as I watched the hall an landing light go on , as I made my way around to the front of our houses from further up the road I looked back an could see their shadows thru the diffused glass of our bathroom. I guessed they were going to wash each other and left wondering if they would fuck again that night as I always rang home 30 minutes before I came home from work just to let Liz know I was on my way,.

PS: thanks for the encouraging remarks , if yo want to hear more of Liz an Greg's adventures let me know and I will put fingers to keyboard again,