Written by Stevie30Gee

10 Dec 2014

I was back at work finishing some work off having just popped home to witness my Wife Liz who was now pregnant being well fucked by my Neighbour Greg as his friend who had come to stay a few days, Addy had just had his cock sucked and sprayed his cum over my Wife's face an into her mouth . I had made my mind up to visit each evening while Addy was down to see what these two men had my Liz doing for them as I peered in to my lounge window from the dark shadows of my garden as on previous occasions.

I was finding it watch Addy an Greg using Liz's lovely body and an mouth, I liked to see her pretty face sucking on these two much bigger cocks than my own, especially Addy who was a dark chocolate colour an see his dark cock penetrating my Liz's pale body. I also now knew my Wife was carrying Greg's baby after some encouragement from me but not quite the result I helped plan without Liz an Greg's knowledge.

I went home that Sunday night to see my Wife who greeted me as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth as she told me she had played Squash against Addy an Greg an lost, but hoped to play with them again before Addy went home at the weekend. I set off to work the next day early telling Liz I wouldn't be home before 10-30 pm this week as I had so much work to do, she kissed me said ok see you later, I said have fun an left.

I made my way to my back garden from the field behind to peer into my lounge window about 7-30 that night from the shadows I could see Greg an Addy sat on our sofa Liz knelt in front of them pulling their trousers an pants off their legs. I looked at Liz in her new White bra an suspender set as I had never seen it before, her heels on her nipples hard an showing through the bra like ripe cherries, she shuffled forward to take a cock in each hand an take turns to lick these two long ,thick shafts.

It wasn't long till both shafts were big and hard and ready for my Wife's body, they pulled the sofa cushions onto the floor Liz lay back on to them her legs bent and wide apart, Greg took position between her legs as Addy knelt with his dark cock pressing against Liz's mouth . I watched Greg press up into Liz's wet glistening pussy as his length slipped inside her a small way ,she opened her mouth so Addy could press the dark head into her wet mouth as it stretched an her cheek bulged as she began to suck it.

They sucked an fucked like that the two men switching positions , Liz was having cum after cum as she does when excited like that, this time it was Addy who couldn't hold back as Liz was struggling to keep his cock between her lips as he fucked her mouth. I could see dribbles of his cum leaking from her lips, he moved his hips back holding his dark shaft squeezing drops onto her tongue and over her face as she smiled up at him.

With Addy aside now Greg lay over Liz and really began to pound my Wife's pussy with his cock , Liz was moving to meet his thrusts wrapping her legs around Greg I could see Liz was about to cum again from her face and I didn't think Greg would hold back much longer. Greg humped Liz as she gave a scream and Greg suddenly pushed his arms out straight just moving his hips between Liz's spread legs ,I was in no doubt he was just injecting her womb with another load of his cum.

It was a similar show for the rest of that week , though one night they were fucking in Greg's lounge, my sexy Wife being used as a willing receptacle for their cum juices and used in various positions an over different bits of furniture. The result was the same 3 smiling faces a happy wife and 2 limpish cocks before they went their ways.

On the Friday night I looked into our lounge and was surprised to see from my position in the shadows to see the lights down low and what looked to be more bodies in the lounge. I looked closer to see Liz dressed in a black mini dress dancing with Greg , Addy having a drink an some snacks from our table while chatting with a guy I knew Ian a few doors away along the road, as a friend of Liz's from just up the road Jo came in to view Jo was holding the hand of a guy who was another friend of Greg's, Pete and began dancing.

I looked to see Jo who was dressed in a Red mini dress as she danced, the guys hands were all over her she is attractive and admit to admiring her as well, some drinks were passed around. I stood back to watch the girls as they swapped partners, an were now getting groped as well, the guys soon all had their shirts off as Jo an Liz were helped out of their dresses by the guys,

Liz had on a black,bra an suspender set with dark stockings , while Jo had a red matching bra an string with some hold ups, as they moved around to dance rubbing their boobs against the 4 men's chests , their bra's were soon removed . The music stopped as the guys took off their trousers an pants and also removed Liz an Jo's g- strings for them, but left their stockings on.

The music started up again , Greg pulled Liz onto the sofa with him as Addy grabbed Jo's arm to pull her to the other armchair, Addy had Jo licking his cock as Greg now had his cock inside of Liz as she rode him, I watched Ian go over to Liz an kiss her arse an feel her boobs. Pete sat on the arm of the chair next to Addy an Jo leant over to suck his cock as well , an when Jo wasn't sucking a cock she would rub the other one.

I Then saw Ian get up an stand near Liz so she could suck his cock as she rode Greg his hands were grabbing Liz's bum as he fucked her , Liz was getting near and from Greg's movements I could see they were about to cum, Liz let go of Ian a moment and I could see her body shake as she came with Greg pumping his cum inside her, nearly throwing Liz off him.

Liz knelt up on the sofa over Greg wriggling her arse saying something to Ian who moved behind Liz and holding her shoulders he slipped his cock into Liz's wet an dripping pussy . I looked across to see Jo her head over the arm of the chair with Pete fucking her mouth as Addy had her pussy on the other arm of the chair fucking her with some cushions under Jo's back to support her .

I was torn as who to watch Jo drinking Pete's cum down , Ian filling Liz with his cum and pulling out his dripping cock or Addy as he pulled out shooting his cum all over Jo's front and there was lots of it as well, they stopped for a drink and some snacks . I should have left to get some more work done but stood there watching as the girls swapped places this time Addy an Pete had Liz on all4s filled with cock at both ends while Ian an Greg did the same with Jo on the sofa.

As I stood there both girls ended up with at least 3 loads of cum in their pussy and as it was getting late now, I left them to go back to my work place and I made a call to tell Liz I would be home in 30 minutes or more, as I thought I would give them time to clear up. I arrived home some 40 mins later to see Liz an Jo sat in our lounge chatting, with it all tidy except for the beer bottles in the dustbin. I told Jo she looked very nice in her dress and noticed Liz had changed into another top an skirt , I asked them if they had a good evening .

The response was oh yes! but we have just been chatting over a few drinks, after awhile it was time for Jo to leave so I offered to walk her to her door as Liz said oh you must. I helped put her coat on an we walked up to her house , she took her coat off, invited me in gave me a kiss to say thank you, I took my chance to give her arse a squeeze and said to her had she seen Ian lately, also did she know about Greg.

She told me Liz had told her about Greg but she hadn't seen Ian for awhile , I said no I haven't seen him lately either gave Jo another kiss and left to go back home to Liz. I chuckled to myself as I walked away knowing what the pair of them had been up to that night with the 4 guys.

P.S thanks for the comments folks , its great to get them gives me some inspiration to write again