Written by John

3 Jun 2011

The navy blue gym knickers fitted my wife Jane like a second skin, clinging to the bald slit between her legs and showing off her womanly hips and pert bottom. She had kept her old girls high school uniform pristine because her first husband had liked seeing her in it. Just looking at my size eight wife, standing barely five feet tall in just those knickers, white top and pink trainers, gave me the horn. With her dark hair cut in page boy style, she looked a picture of girlish innocence, even though she was now thirty four years old.

For some time I had been trying to persuade her to swap shorts for her daily jogging sessions in the countryside behind our home. She told me that she got whistles and lewd comments from men when she was jogging. I was not surprised because in sports bra her wonderful 32c tits looked very proud.

Now in the knickers, showing off her pussy mound and with lacy black bra showing through her top, she looked even more wonderful. Even without make up, she looked very hot. But seeing her and feeling her up, I had got so excited that I had asked her to put on a little make up. After telling me I must be joking, she went off and did it. Jane never did things by halves. When she came out of her bedroom she had the lot on, foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and very red glossy lipstick- the latter making the most of the pout that, with her big hazel eyes, made the most of her pretty little face.

I had been excited to these lengths by the tales she had told of the rough sex she had with the Jamaican she had married as an act of rebellion against her mother. She had left him because he had persuaded her to have sex with two older black guys. After that she realised that she did not love him.

I could well understand why her husband had wanted her to have sex with other men. Knowing that she had sex with three black men before marrying me, losing her virginity to her Rastafarian husband, was just too much. I had to risk it all for the orgasm I was going to have if I could ever get her to fuck another man, whether I saw it happen or not.

Getting her to go out jogging like this was just a warm up. I had contacted several men via a website, telling them the location of the woods. The plan was that they would be lurking in her path, slowing her down and making disgusting comments about what they wanted to do to her and what she was asking for. I had not expected those men to tell their friends.