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15 Jun 2008

This week I was on my way to a meeting when I had a call on my mobile (hands free)to say it had been rescheduled due to illness. As I was only 5 mins from home and no-one at work was expecting me back that day, I decided to bunk off - naughty I know.

As I drove down my road, I remembered that we had the builders in doing some work and as his van was on my drive I had to park around the corner.

The husband of my wife's best friend, Bob, owns a building firm and he was supplying the builder at very reasonable rates. Mow, my wife, Vicki, is a terrible flirt and has always flirted with Bob who clearly loves it and always flirts back.

As I came in the front door, which was already unlocked, I heard Bob's voice say "Perhaps she will give you a blowy whilst she's there" and then I heard Vicki laughing as she replied " maybe tomorrow if you finish and it's a good job". They hadn't heard me come in and from the gap in the kitchen door I could see Bob on a step ladder and Liam, the builder, on an ordinary ladder each holding the end of a door lintel, Vicki was stood on the opposite sidde of the ladder to Liam and his groin was level with her face.

As soon as Vicki had spoken, Bob immediately said " That's not fair, I wont be here tomorrow and I have helped; I wont get to see you sucking his big cock". Again Vicki laughed, "Are you a big boy Liam?" she said. " Well have a look for yourself" was the response.

I was really suprised by what happened next as whilst Vicki is flirty, she normally backs away form actually doing anything further. her hands went to his flies and slowly unzipped his jeans whilst looking at Bob, his jaw was nealy hitting the floor at what he was witnessing.

Vicki slid her hands in his jeans and pulled out a 8" cock which is impressive in itself but I was more suprised by how thick it was, probably about 7" round; Vicki was also suprised but pleasantly so. Without a second look, Vicki had her mouth on the end and was sucking it like she had never sucked a cock before and she was loving it.