Written by what shall I do with the info

16 Jun 2008

After a minute of my wife sucking Liam's cock he said "I really need to put this down before I drop the fucker". He pulled his cock out of Vicki's mouth, and him and Bob came down off their respective rungs.

"Did you enjoy that" Vicki said, "Yes" was the immediate response from both men. "Perhaps we need to make ourselves more comfortable" she said and went towards the door I was stood behind. "Shit" I thought trying to decide what to do but I needn't have worried. " Fuck comfort" said Liam, " You have to suck my cock" and he pushed her down on her knees whilst dropping his trousers and pants. Vicki gladly obliged and, once again, took that big cock in her mouth. Bob was stood motionless just trying to take in what he was seeing but was obviously turned on judging by the bulge in his trousers.

As Vicki was sucking that cock, Liam was holding her head and building up a good rhythm thrusting it further in her mouth; she was loving it. Suddenly Liam gripped her head and rammed his cock right in as his body stiffened along with his cock and balls and fired load after load of spunk in her mouth. Normally she takes her head off with me but she had no choice other than to swallow it down. She must have loved it 'cause when his subsiding cock came out of her mouth she held it in her hand and licked every last drop of spunk off it, even pulling back the foreskin and ruinning her tongue over his big bellend.

My wife had become a cum whore.