Written by mrpmrsr

5 Nov 2014

So it is Friday I am sitting in the office “working” of course and so not writing this journal.

So like most Friday nights our son is at his grandparents giving my Wife and I an evening to be ourselves we are indeed lucky in this. We often use this night for seeing a film a nice meal out perhaps a sexy meet.

Tonight is going to be one of those but very different and hopefully the start of something good.

1st a little background

We have been married 10 years ish a cpl for 14 from when my wife was 16 we were both virgins.

I was her 1st bf 1sk kiss and 1st lover about 5 years ago we tried swinging initial for her to try some bi fun and boy are we glad we did. From there over 5 years we have tried various things and about a year ago we both tried full sex with different people though it was always in separate rooms well actually separate houses.

We dabbled with polyamory.

In the last year other than me my Wife has fucked 2 other guys just the once each she has enjoyed greatly but gets nervous.

With this background in mind we come to tonight the 1st guy she had is coming over I will just call him her Gentleman. He is 2 ish years older than her has a dominant personality and a very deviant mind I like the guy and my wife fancies him.

She told me last week when we were talking to invite him over so he could take her to bed again (the only guy she has fucked more than once other than me) and I will have to watch. Who am I to refuse such an instruction and texted him then.

We have all been chatting for a week now and tonight is the night My Wife has found a very sexy confidence in herself and is exercising it. She has a sparkle in her eye when talking about the instructions he has given for what she must wear tonight, that her and I couldn't have and fun yesterday and today until he is there, and that he wants her fresh from the bath.

The conversations have touched on loads of hot ideas without being crude which works for us.

So tonight when my wife gets out of the bath slips into nice lingerie and stockings

A nice summery dress ill watch and know it’s a treat for her Gentleman. I will be letting him into our home and letting him take the lead. I will probably be taking some photos perhaps some video and all 3 of us are keeping journals.

How do I feel nervous distracted from work and excited as hell. Where will this lead will there be more dates for them with or without me? We don’t know but I plan to enjoy the experience with my wonderful wife and when he has gone home tonight I will curl up beside her and hold her in my arms as we go to sleep.