Written by Dave & Kate

21 Jul 2010

Hi all,Me and my wife met when i (Dave) was 24 and kate was 20,she was goergous then and still is half my mates would shag if i gave them a chance.She has red hair but every time she goes goes to the hair dressers she comes back with a different colour i dont mind its like dating another girl,one week she's a redhead next week she's blond 2 months later she has her hair black but most of the time she is a redhead ,she is 5 foot 2 inches tall a size ten with a peach of an arse and firm but not big tits she is a b cup but i think her best feature is her pussy,she has a brazilian but because she is a red head its ginger but i think it looks horny as fuck.

When we 1st started dating she told me that 2 years before we met she went out with a black guy for about five months,it didn't bother me but when i asked why she dated a black guy she said becuase he was had a big cock,that was the only reason she wanted to know what it was like,she then reassured me she was happy with my 6 inches and said size isn't everythihg.

Two years later i asked her to marry me and she accepted.Then she dropped her bombshell. Two months before the wedding she said she had something to tell me as she didn't want me to find this out after we were married.She said when she dated the black guy it wasn't just him and her,he liked to involve others.She had tried 3-sums(both mmf and mff)she had sex with another female a couple of times they met other couples to swap,pretty much what everyone does on this site.She was crying when she finished saying i surpose you don't want to marry me now i reassured her i did still want to marry her, and we did marry two months later.

I never thought about swaping with my wife i'm happy i didnt want anyone else but about three years later we were talking in bed one night and we started talking about what she did with the black guy(his name was Jon incase your wondering).I asked her if she liked it she replied most of the time yes.She started telling me about one of her 3-sums with Jon and a friend of Jon called Fred who was white.I get aroused just listening but this time she started sucking me off as she was telling me,asking me would i like to see Jon behind her now pushing his big black cock into her,it was too much for me and i cum in her mouth.

It was too late now the seed had been planted in my mind i wanted to see her getting fucked by a big black guy,it didn't happen we didn't use this site then and we could never find anyone suitable.Just when i had giving up hope of it ever happening we found Jon on facebook and had started talking to him.He was married too now but he remembered Kate,some of there messages got a bit rude too but we had great sex with all the dirty talk.

Well it had to happen we arranged to meet in a hotel.We arived early so kate could get ready,we arranged to meet Jon at seven o'clock in the bar ,Kate would go and talk to him and i would watch from a different table then when they were ready we would go back to our room.At six thirty Kate came out the bathroom and she looked incredible,she had a white satin dress that ended just above the knee,it looked a bit tight too but Kate said its surposed to look like that,she had tan hold up stockings and a little white g-string and heels.Before we left the room Kate looked me in the eyes and said are you sure about this,this is your last chance to back out i replied yes i'm sure.

We went down to the bar and Jon was already there,Kate went over to him and kissed his cheek,i ordered a drink and sat down.The bar was empty we were the only three in there,i watched as Jon put his big black hand on my wifes arse and she wiggled her bum on it.There hands were all over each other its a good job we were the only ones in the bar,we only had one drink then my wife looked at me and they left the bar i followed and all three of us got in the lift.My wife seemed to change into a sex mad woman they were feeling each other up in the lift and kissing as if i wasn't there,i felt a bit jeolous but my cock was rock hard so i soon forgot that.

We went into our room and jon sat down,Kate came over to me and started kissing me and feeling me up so i did the same to her.Out the corner of my eye i could see jon getting undressed,i watched as he dropped his boxers and his cock feel out,i said under my breath fucking hell when i saw it,Kate looked over her shoulder and said it's big isnt it Dave.Jon was semi-hard and it was about eight inches long and fat.Kate had my cock out by now and i was rock hard she bent over and started to suck me off,Jon moved behind and started feeling her arse even thought she still had her dress on and wanked his cock with his other hand.Jon lifted Kates dress over her arse he knelt down behind her pulled her g-string to one side and buried his face into her pussy.Kate stopped sucking my cock and just started moaning telling Jon how nice it felt,he licked her for about 10 mins bringing Kate to orgasm twice.Then jon stood up Kate started sucking me off again looking me in the eye as she did it,then she stopped sucking and said to me Jons cock is about to fuck me as jon pushed foward and his cock entered her,i stepped away so i didn't cum in kates mouth.Jon was really fucking her hard now and kate was getting quite vocal screaming at him to fuck her and saying i forgot how good this felt as she orgasmed again,Jon then slowed down and fucked kate slow pulling his cock right out then pushing it in again,his cock was slick with kates juices.He then stopped and told kate to take her dress off she took her g-string off too and lay on the bed with her legs open,jon then got on top of her and started fucking her again this time thought they both started getting vocal,kate started by saying yes come on fuck me hard with that big cock and Jon responded with yes you dirty bitch you cant get enought can u and it carried on like that for about 15 mins i lost count of how many times kate cum so did she,then jon anounced he was cumming kate had her stocking legs arond his back and was pulling him in shouting yes yes cum in me fill my dirty pussy then went into orgasm as jon shoot his cum up her.When jon rolled off kate i jumped up went over to kate and wanked into her face until i came.

Jon fucked her again before he left and took some pics of her pussy saying i forgot how nice ur ginger pussy looked.We never met jon again we never met anyone for about six months then we discovered this site