Written by Brimonjanpia

1 Oct 2010

My wife led astray part 1 was posted 29-9-10.

Another account of my wife being led astray as she told it to me.

On their last meeting jack had finger fucked her to a climax something I had never been able to do.

Jack had called into see Janice after having rang her an hour or so ago to check if it was ok for him to come and see her. Knowing he was on his way she went up to our bedroom and got dressed in stockings and suspenders and thong feeling herself getting wet between the legs in hope that this time when he called something sexual would happen, as when he came two days earlier before they did anything her friend had visited and prevented it.

Anyway on with now Jack duly arrived she invited him in he gave her a kiss as he did so. She told me they sat talking a while and soon the topic was about sex, him saying how sexy she looked.

He had put his arm around her and whilst locked in a passionate kiss his free hand moved to her breasts doing so made a noise of approval discovering she was not wearing a bra. He teased her nipples which she said were rock hard, continuing to fondle her tits he unbuttoned her blouse and released them fully for him to gaze upon, she told me that she at this point she felt a little ill at ease, as until then he had only touch them through her tops let alone see them fully on show, this feeling soon subsided when he lowered his head to kiss and tease her nipples with his tongue.

With him taking care of her breast, his now free hand went down onto her thighs then explored up her skirt to discover she was wearing stockings, with his other hand he guided her hand to his groin area. She has always been that way likes to be lead as to what is wanted of her. She said he was very stiff and though she was feeling him through his trousers it felt much bigger than I was. With her rubbing his cock his hand went back down between her legs caressing her naked flesh above her stockings which now had her breathing rather heavily. Her hand was still rubbing his stiff cock through his trousers, all this time his hand had found its way up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy mound through the thin material of the thong she was wearing. All the while they were exchanging kisses when she asked if she could have a proper feel of his cock because by the feel he was on the large side, I couldn’t believe she had spoken to him like that she had never been that forward with me, with that he eased himself forward in the seat undid his trousers and dropped them to his ankles then sat back and said to her that he would like her to remove him from his pants.

With this she slid her hand down past the waistband of his pants and made contact with cock, she told me he felt huge but as she wrapped her hand around his member it grew even larger and came several inches above the top of his pants, she gave out an approving sigh and told him he was very big. He told her he was about 9.5 inches, but what shocked her mainly was how thick he was as well. She began to stroke his lovely large cock easing his foreskin down to expose a huge bell end. With her now taking care of his needs he returned to hers, playing with her exposed tits only now he unbuttoned her top and removed it, and continued to caress and suck on her nipples.

Jacks hand returned to where it had been up her skirt this time pushing her knickers aside and inserting two fingers straight up her now very wet pussy., and frigged away at her roughly until she gripped his cock really tight let out a loud moan and came over his fingers, she held him tight until her orgasm subsided then went on stroking his cock. at this point she thought that was nice way to end as when he had finger fucked her last time he stopped and helped her get dressed right after she had cum. This time he kept his fingers in her pussy thrusting them in and out of her soon she was bucking hard against his thrust and screamed out when her second orgasm shot through her body this one was so intense that she had let go of his cock and had wrapped her arms around him giving him a snog as she did so. This time he removed his fingers brought them up and put them under her nose and said can you smell your cum, yes she nodded, with no more said he put them on her lips asked her if she would clean his fingers to which she opened her mouth and started to lick them clean, (the bitch she had never ever done that for me).

Before she had time to recover Jack got up crabbed her arms and pulled her up and laid her down on the floor, standing above her he remove his trousers and pants revealing his massive cock to her, kneeling down and spreading her legs slightly got between them slid his hand up her skirt and removed her knickers. With this she told me she felt rather nervous as to what was to come, there was this strange man staring at her now naked pussy something reserved only for me until now. He inserted a finger and covered it in her cum and covered his cock with it. He now was on top of her kissing her, she asked if he would be careful as she had only had me before and I was no where near his size. He told her not to worry. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit for several minutes, then concentrated rubbing her clit with it and continued this until she shuddered to yet another climax.

He engaged her in a kiss and whilst doing so pushed his cock in the entrance to her pussy and very gently eased his cock into her and as his was kissing her judged if she tensed up with the size of his cock entering her and would back it out if so, and carried on this way until he was right in her then rested it there to let her adjust to it after a few minutes he started thrusting away at her , she told me he kept fucking at her like this for about 20mins non stop , she had several orgasms before he said he needed to cum and should he pull out, somehow she found the words to tell him it was ok for him to finish inside her. Three or four more thrusts and he exploded inside her she felt his seed hit the entrance to her womb in six or so squirts. They laid together a while then he led her to the bathroom where they got cleaned up and dressed. He told her that was the best sex he had in ages saying his wife was never that responsive. She said it was the same for her and could she have a repeat of it sometime, they had a kiss and a cuddle and said goodbye with a lingering kiss.

Hope to post an update of that encounter sometime.