Written by Rick

3 Jun 2017

My wife goes out with her friends from work quite often. It will be a meal, pub, then a club.

I always select her underwear for the evening and this last week-end was no exception.

All black satin with black seamed stockings. I love watching her get it all on before going out.

Like so many others, I would love it if she were to get fucked but she won't do it. (as far as I know). When she gets off with someone at the club, she leaves her mates to dance and drink with the man she has picked up. Al her work-mates just accept that they won't be spending the whole evening with her and just think she is a good company but just a bit of a slut.

She tells the guys at quite an early stage so there is no misunderstanding, that she will not let them fuck her. Strangely this has not seemed to put them off.

At the end of the evening, she will see they both get into a cab and that he will be dropped off first (so he has no idea where where we live. He gives his address first and then she gets the cab to drive her from there). As soon as they get in she will take off her panties, get his cock out and wank him into them whille they are snogging. Normally he will be fingering her at the same time. If the driver is watching, she actually finds this quite appealling.

So when he has been dropped off, he she will open her legs and slip her panties back on, full of his spunk and will sit there with her legs still open a bit for the driver to get a glimpse of her panties and stockings.

When she gets in, I will just pulls her panties to one side and fuck her.

She is very aware I would love her to come home having been fucked and her panties wet with spunk and her come. She knows this but won't go that far but in an effort to please me, feels this is the nearest thing. I live in hope.