Written by G & T

7 Jan 2019

I am very lucky. My wife has been with 9 different lovers over the past 4 years. 3 of these she has had many times. She has made sure that I had MFMs with these 3. It’s not often but about 10 times in all. She has also let me watch quite a few times and I like that the best. But her favourite is to be alone with them so that happens more than any other way. I am not complaining as we both are happy with our life and she is so happy with her freedom.

What I wanted to tell you all about is one time when I was there. This time I was involved but mainly watching, which made it so good. This was with her second long term boyfriend. She saw him for over a year. He was much younger than her. I was there kissing her at first, massaging her breasts, but when they ramped it up, I moved over to the side and sipped my drink and watched. Best seat in the house.

They were having sex in the missionary position and she had already cum several times. He had really giving it to her the whole time. Really ramming into her, which she likes. They then flipped around doggy-style. She was facing me. I could look at her face and she looked at me but her eyes were not focused and probably didn’t even realise that she wasn’t returning my stare. I find this amazing, her face showed pure ecstasy as he thrusted into her. Then she pulled away from him and pushed him on his back. She quickly got on top and bounced on him for a while. She's got nipples that are very sensitive and so when he lifted his head and sucked on them, she went nuts). They were panting and sweaty. She kept cumming but he held off.

They went up back in missionary and they kissed as they fucked. I think she wanted him to cum and she had had enough. He had been fucking her hard for a long while, probably nearly an hour. I noticed the look on her face was no longer overly lustful, she wasn't being overly vocal with moans.

What she did have was a motherly look about her, a nurturing look, a look of compassion and almost a curious sympathy even. The sweat was pouring off of him, his face was grimacing and you could tell he just really wanted to cum but was having a hard time bringing it on. A good problem to have!

In a soft, caring and nurturing voice, not some porno star, explicit, and abrasive tone, but something far more caring. She begged him to cum. Softly speaking to him, "You're almost there, come on, you almost have it, come on, cum in me,"

When he eventually came, her mouth was open just a tad to let out her silent gasps. He still thrusting hard into her, exploding into her, he was moaning loudly. He had to work so hard to cum. He had put everything into it. He was very close to her body as it was but since cumming he had half collapsed on her, and her hands wrapped around his neck and back and she was rubbing him like a mother would to a sick child, or like a wife would to a husband if he were upset and in need of a hug and nonsexual affection, almost as if to say, "There you go, that's it, let it all go."

It was very sweet and like I said, she seemed genuinely concerned about his pleasure in a very empathetic and tender way. The whole ordeal seemed very nurturing and sensual.

But it didn't take long for her hands to make their way down to his arse and I saw her pull him deeper into him and thrust her hips up at him as she urged him on to start thrusting in her again and he did. And I don't know if he was going soft or not, or if he got hard again, but he started full on fucking her again. I wasn't up close, but I could see his cock and balls were soaked with THEIR cum. About 3-4 minutes into it she screamed the loudest I've ever heard her scream while she came a final time. He stopped and was done.

After that, they lay there for a bit, holding each other close, trading a few soft kisses on the lips. His shrinking cock was still inside her. He started to pull out but she told him to hold on. She then reached down and massaged his balls for a short while and made slow milking strokes onto his dick to make sure he was fully drained.

She's done this same thing with me a few times. I don't know if it's an act or not, or if it was an act of genuine empathy there for him having trouble cumming. But seeing her do all this with him was totally mind blowing.

There was nothing really kinky about it. Just seeing how hard it was for him to cum and how nurturing she got in coaxing it out of him, and how that in of itself made her explode. It was sexy as hell.