Written by C

9 Nov 2012

Jacky and I had been married for a couple of years, and when we talked about previous relationships she started to resent the fact that I had slept with a few girlfriends, and she hadn’t slept with any men before me.. When we met Jacky had been out with a few lads but, never slept with any. The lads tried to get into he panties, one lad in particular got his knob out and put her hand on it. Jacky pulled her hand away quickly with shock, but always regretted not going further. She was rather shy, and was an innocent girl when we met. It took me a long time to finally get into her. She was very naïve, I touched her up one night managing to get my hand down her pants, and rubbed her clitty. When she climaxed, Jacky cried. I couldn’t understand. Jacky told me she had never experienced an orgasm before, and didn’t know what the function of a clitoris was!

Anyway, I always liked the thought of another guy having the pleasure of her. So I encouraged Jacky to tell me of her fantasies, these always involved another guy, but Jacky said she wouldn’t as we were married, I said it would be ok, in fact I told her I wanted her to try another bloke. I told her she might enjoy having another cock, maybe bigger than me, not that I’m small but I’m probably average. Uncut 7” or so when erect, Jacky said how can this happen as I don’t go anywhere to get the opportunity. I told her sometime in the future you will get the chance, and to enjoy it. I had planted the idea in her head and she was very turned on by just talking about what may happen in the future, she was soaking wet, and climaxed noisily whilst we made love!

Time passed, and I encouraged Jacky to tell me her likes and dislikes in any future lovers, she told me she would like an older guy as he would know what to do, her words, she said he will have more staying power, and not be silly. Not too old, maybe around 40ish, she is 23. We both agreed to put the plan into operation. Jacky was quite excited at the thought, but like I said to her not to rush into anything , take your time.

I got Jacky to change her hairstyle, shorter and a bob cut, Jacky looked even more sexy. New clothes, nice figure hugging dresses, lovely new sexy underwear revealing bras, if any, as she has the most beautiful nipples any guy would wish for !I also encouraged Jacky to shave her pubes off. Jacky hasn’t a lot of hair anyway, you can always see her lovely pussy, but clean shaven it is wonderful, I can’t hold on to my spunk for long with her now, pressing into her, up to her bald pubic bone. And sucking on her hard ”Football Stud Nipples”

A few months passed and I suggested to Jacky that we go out clubbing, she said why not. And as I said to her, she may get the opportunity. Jacky’s eyes lit up, and she said how will it happen, we are out together, no bloke will bother even trying. We’ll see. The plan was about to happen this weekend, Saturday. I abstained from any sex with her, this was very hard for both of us as we both enjoyed it.

Saturday came, Jacky bathed and shaved herself, and I picked her clothes, a lovely revealing dress, no bra, just a lovely little white pair of panties. Off we went a drink in the pub then onto a club. We arrived in the club about 11/30, danced a few times, Jacky was getting nervous I told her to calm down. I had gone to the toilet , on my return there was Jacky dancing with some guys. I didn’t interfere, I left her to it just keeping an eye on them. Jacky seemed to be attracted to one bloke in particular.

After another hour or so Jacky left the dance floor for the toilets, I followed her. When Jacky came out I spoke to her and asked what thing were progressing like? Jack told me his name, Tony. He is 38 divorced, well mannered, clean shaven, and quite dishy. Is he the one then? Jacky looked at me with a cheeky smile and said maybe, but where will I take him, he has his own flat but, I don’t want to go there. I suggested I go home first, and you follow with Tony. Telling him you live with your sister and her husband! Jacky said she can’t as I would put her off being there, I told her I wanted this to happen and enjoy the night’s events!!!

I travelled home first, making sure everything’s ready, not incriminating photos on show etc, and the bed made ready. I went back downstairs and had a large drink to calm my nerves. Half an hour later I heard a taxi outside, looking through the curtains I saw Jacky with Tony get out, no backing out now I thought. I was watching the TV the door opened an in came Jacky all smiles with Tony, Jacky introduced us both and asked me where Sue was? A fictitious wife, I said she had gone to bed early!

We all chatted and joked, Jacky and Tony on the sofa. I asked if anyone would like a drink, both of them asked for a vodka and redbull. I sorted the drinks in the kitchen, returning a few minutes later they were both snuggled up kissing and fondling. I had to sit there pretending to be Jacky’s brother in law, all the time sneaking a peek, sporting a very big hard on. Tony needed the toilet, I said top of the stairs, Jacky looked at me flushed, I asked her what she thought? Jacky’s reply shocked me, she said he was all over her on the dance floor, when they danced close she could feel Tony’s knob pressing her body, and she said he felt very big! I asked her if she wanted things to progress, yes please she replied. I told her to enjoy herself. Tony returned and sat next to Jacky again, the drinks flowed, and the atmosphere became even more relaxed. After a short while Jacky whispered to Tony , he smiled and they both said that they were going to bed! Wow I had a dry mouth and stuttered Ok I’ll be going as well. I turned everything off and followed them both Jacky led the way They both entered our bedroom and I said goodnight. The door closed behind Tony,

I stopped outside listening with anticipation. I heard kissing and clothes being removed, then the bed creaked as they both got in it. All I could hear for a while was chatting and kissing, and a little laughter, then Jacky’s breathing became heavy, the bed made a few squeaks as Tony moved over her, wow, Jacky let out a groan and gasped. The bed made more noises as Tony started to push into her. By the rhythmic noises I presumed Tony started to pound away, Tony’s breathing became noisy, and he kept stopping, I heard him muttering god I’m having trouble holding back. Tony started again, and had to stop a few times, his breathing started to go louder and he started to go faster, all the time Jacky was groaning with pleasure, then Tony started to spunk as his moans of pleasure increased, Jacky orgasmed with him. After frantic moans and movement they both gasped and lay still for a couple of minutes, then chatted to each other and giggled. By now I couldn’t contain myself, I went into the spare bedroom next door, laying on the bed naked just thinking about what had just occurred, I grabbed my hard cock and masturbated. Not lasting long I shot a large load on my belly. I feel asleep.

A while later I woke to sounds of more sex, the bed was creaking like hell, and Jacky was louder than I have ever heard her before. Jacky must have come off at least another 3 times before Tony did….

In the morning I got up first, I was making a brew and Tony entered. I asked did he want one, yes please I need one. We chatted over tea and toast, Tony looked bushed, I asked him did he sleep ok, fine he replied, but your sister in law kept me awake most of the night. Tony said Jacky was a hot chick, saying I had a hell of a sister in law. Tony asked me where my wife Sue was? I told him she was still asleep, and liked a lie in. Jacky came down in her dressing gown looking a little sheepish, and all smiles. We all had more tea, and chatted together for a while, then Tony said he’d got to go, Jacky and Tony swapped mobile phone numbers, they both kissed then Tony left…

I asked Jacky all the details, she told me everything,. I said to her she had made quite a lot of noise, he must have been good in bed. Jacky said she wished she had gone with a few more men before we met. Tony was well endowed, Jacky said when she saw him naked she was shocked at seeing his knob, he hung a bit longer than me even when he was only flaccid. And when he pushed up into her pussy, the head on his knob was big as it opened up her lips as he pushed up her. Jacky said she didn’t know how far she could take him but, he expertly knobbed her. We went upstairs and the bedroom was awash with the smell of sex. We got into bed and I noticed loads of love bites all around her neck and boobs, this got me going knowing what had happened. Jacky’s pussy was red and swollen, and very very wet… I got into Jacky and the feeling was fantastic, I had heard that sloppy seconds was an experience, now I know. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I shot my spunk to join Tony’s slippery mess!!!

Jacky and Tony have seen each other a few times since, sometimes at his. And I’ve even set up a hidden surveillance camera in our bedroom, and wow! It is an experience to watch them in different positions. Jacky even does 69s with Tony and how he expertly uses his cock, great to watch them…………

It has brought a new light to our relationship, Jacky and Tony see each other for nights out on a regular basis. Jacky has a definite spring in her step