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My wife reveals her dirty past. Part 4.

"Ann and her driving instructor."

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Another confession that my wife told me. When she was eighteen, about three years before I met her, she had an affair with her driving instructor. It started with him being a bit flirty, a bit suggestive and occasionally touching her leg, but nothing more. He was in his thirties and married, so I guess an instructor/pupil relationship was a bit clichéd and risky for him. But she decided to see if she could seduce him and get him to fuck her. The challenge started with her wearing a mini skirt and no underwear. During the lesson he was flirty as usual and brushed her leg a couple of times, but nothing more. She decided to accelerate things, no pun intended, and when they stopped at the next red light, she pulled her skirt up, revealing her shaven pussy. He just stared at her twat as they drove on. When they stopped again she grabbed his hand and put it between her legs, he got the idea and rubbed her pussy. The light went green and he pulled his hand away. At the next red light, his hand went back, this time without needing any encouragement, his finger sliding up and down her slit until it parted her cunt lips and entered her now wet pussy. Again as the light changed he pulled his hand away. He got her to drive to quiet spot on an industrial estate were he fingered her, vigorously, until she orgasmed. She then sucked his cock until he came in her mouth, which she swallowed without hesitation. The next lesson, as soon as she got in the car, she pulled up her skirt, again revealing her bald cunt. But this time stockings and suspenders. He obviously couldn’t say no to this and they drove to a country lane and parked off the road. They both got out and he got a blanket from the back of the car and spread it over the bonnet. He reached into his pocket for a condom, but she said it was ok as she was on the pill and wanted to feel him cum inside her. She hitched up her skirt, laid back on the bonnet, lifted her knees and spread her legs. He needed no encouragement, dropped is pants and boxers, and slid is rock hard cock into her cunt. She said he actually gave her a good fucking, she thought he would have shot his load almost immediately. But he kept thrusting into her until she orgasmed, which was too much for him and he came, flooding her cunt with cum, which overflowed around his cock. She then got off the bonnet and squatted in front of him, and proceeded to clean his cock of their combined juices with her mouth and tongue, while the remainder of his cum dribbled out of her pussy.

 She either gave him a blow job, or fucked him on most of their lessons, until her test date, which she passed first time and then never saw him again.



Written by Scott1963

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