17 Jun 2019

My other stories have been a mixture of fact and fiction, starting with the first one being almost all true, but creativity was required for the last several.

However this story is 98% true. Only some minor differences were made to protect other parties.

Our first attempt at swinging didn’t go exactly to plan. We had contacted a couple on an adult website and set up a meeting, and then to our embarrassment we were actually stood up on the night.

There we were, all prepped and ready to go, sitting in a bar by ourselves. As the time travelled past our scheduled date, it became increasingly apparent that the other couple were a no show.

I have to admit there was a part of me that was disappointed, but probably an equal part of me was relieved. My wife Louise however, was not interested in letting in opportunity go by.

And that’s when Dani walked in with her boyfriend. I guess both Louise and I noticed her immediately, and Louise later admitted that she was instantly attracted to her. Dani was to confess that she had also noticed Louise straight away, and had mentioned to her boyfriend that Louise had been checking her out.

And she was right. Dani is beautiful, only about 170 cm, but with a lovely slender build, wavy blonde hair, and clear blue eyes.

We had only seen photos of the other couples were to meet, so we were not really sure if they were our intended dates or not. However Louise, obviously finding Dani attractive, decided to find out for sure.

Louise later recounted to me that she had approached Dani and Tom and asked If they were the couple we were waiting for. Louise later described to me that Dani replied that they were not, however she could be anyone that Louise wanted her to be.

The two girls spoke and flirted which each other for several minutes before Louise returned to our table to give me the news, they were not the people we were expecting, however the girl at least was interested in her.

To my embarrassment however, I decided that it may be better to go to another bar instead. Louise begrudgingly agreed, and we headed off to a nearby Irish bar. Unbeknownst to us, the other couple had left at the same time and we ended up standing at a street corner together waiting for the traffic lights.

Louise and Dani rekindled their conversation, and she and Tom told us they were visiting from out of town, and were looking for a good bar to spend the night. We suggested they follow us to the Irish bar, as we knew no matter what night, there was always a great atmosphere.

Once at the bar several drinks were consumed and we found that we all got along very well. Dani and Tom were in a new relationship, having known each other when they were younger and had only started seeing each other romantically within the previous six months.

On the other hand, Louise and I had been together for nearly 8 years and by comparison were very comfortable in our relationship, to the point that we were interested in experimentation.

The night progressed , and we all found that we enjoyed each other’s company immensely. The girls in particular chatted like old friends, and seeing the two blonde beauties together was enough to garner jealous glances from other males in the bar. Louise is substantially taller than Dani, however as always she was beautiful with her blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes. Her smile lights up the room and always attracts attention from both males and females wherever she goes.

All too soon, last drinks were called, and it was time to leave. We started walking Dani and Tom back towards their hotel, while Louise and I decided to get a nightcap at another bar before also heading home.

However on the way Louise and Dani spotted an adult shop, and with giggles they decided to go and have a look leaving Tom and I waiting outside. It was then that Tom broached the subject for the first time as to what our plans had been for the night. He asked how it was possible that we were to meet another couple, but didn’t know what they looked like.

Perhaps it was the beer I had on board, but I admitted to him that we had planned to meet a couple for a possible swinging date. He laughed, however his laughter stopped when I said to him, “ You do know that the girls are very attracted to each other, and if we asked they would put on a show for us?”

He looked at me with surprise, and it was at that moment when the girls returned laughing from the adult shop. We then all said our goodbyes and headed in our separate directions, they to their hotel, and we to the nearest bar. As Louise and Dani said goodbye, their eyes met, and in full view of anyone on the footpath, engaged in a long tongue swirling passionate kiss. I looked at Tom and shrugged , as if to say I told you so. When the girls lips parted we said our goodbyes and walked in different directions.

I thought to myself that opportunity had been missed, however with a mental note decided not to think about it any more. That was until as we approached the entrance to the bar when Dani and Tom came hurrying back up to us.

Tom took me aside, and asked if I was serious about what I had said about the girls. I glanced over to see Louise and Dani were whispering to each other very seductively, and motioned Tom’s attention towards them. Tom then told me that he had disclosed to Dani what I had told him about our intentions for the night. At that time Dani told him in very clear terms that she found my wife very attractive, and that she wanted to feel her lips on her again.

Louise then came over to me and told me that Dani had told her that she wanted us to come back to their hotel room. Louise asked what I thought about it, and of course I had no hesitation in a very positive response. I had always wanted to see Louise make love to another woman, and my fantasy was about to come true.

We then walked the several blocks to Dani and Tom‘s hotel, and I was delighted to see Louise take Dani’s hand in a very sexual and sensual manner. Dani responded by leaning her head against Louisa shoulder. It was a beautiful sight.

Once we entered the hotel lifts Louise took Dani‘s face by her delicate chin and slowly, in front of Tom and I, offered her tongue for Dani to taste. Without hesitation Dani responded by taking my wife’s tongue in her mouth with a soft whimper.

It was almost a disappointment when the lift doors opened and the girls parted to then start walking towards the hotel room. Once inside the room there was momentary awkwardness as we all looked at each other, uncertain of what the next step was.

That moment was broken when Dani took Louise by the hand and pulled her down onto the bed with her.Tom and I then sat down and watched as the girls begin kissing again, the passion easily rising. The girls bodies melted into each other as my wife then began undoing Dani’s blouse. Dani moaned softly as Louise’s fingers then slipped under her bra deftly teasing her nipples.

If there is anything more erotic than watching two beautiful women kiss, I am yet to see it. I watched as my wife and Dani kiss each other passionately, tongues constantly intertwining and fingers brushing away the hair from each other’s face. Each kiss was like something to be savoured, something to be experienced, and judging by the increasing moans and hard breathing by the girls their arousal was increasing rapidly. In between kisses my wife whispered to Dani, “you are so beautiful”; And in reply Dani brought my wife’s mouth to her lips again.

Danny then whispered in a husky voice, “Let’s get you out of these clothes”. My wife and slipped her top from her body and undid the clasp for her bra revealing her breasts for all to see. Dani then lowered her mouth, and her tongue scraped across Louise’s stiffening nipple.

It was my wife’s turn to moan as she laid back allowing Dani‘s hands and fingertips to caress her body. Dani then began to slide down the Louise’s pants who had no hesitation in lifting her behind to allow Dani to continue to make her fully naked.

As Dani slid Louise’s panties from her, Louise opened her legs and it was easy for all to see how swollen her clit had become. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom lean forward and part of me initially was concerned of another man see my wife’s open cunt. However that thought was quickly dismissed when I remembered what was about to occur.

Louise then ran her fingers through Dani’s hair and then pulled her face to her waiting pussy. As Dani’s tongue entered her she looked directly into my eyes and whispered, “Yes”.

Dani then manoeuvred herself in between my wife’s open thighs, using her hands to spread Louise’s legs further apart, before diving eagerly into my wife’s gaping pussy. Louise asked her back as Dani’s tongue begin to expertly tease her clit. Dani paused for a moment turn towards Tom and I with Louise’s juices smeared across her face, and said to me with a voice full of lust, “Your wife tastes so good.“

Dani then returned her attention to Louise who then wrapped her legs around Dani’s head, holding her mouth into her pussy. I washed fascinated as my wife’s breathing increased in pace and she began pumping her hips into Dani’s tongue

Dani then reached up with her hands feeling her way up Louise’s body until her fingertips brush Louise‘s erect nipples. Louise then arched her back as Dani took her nipples between her fingers and thumbs and began tweaking, pulling, and squeezing.

Louise’s moaning became louder and I recognised the sound of an oncoming orgasm. Her body started shuddering and with a cry she came into Dani’s mouth. As Louise’s orgasms subsided she relaxed her legs and Dani slid up my wife’s body. Louise greeted her with a long kiss. Louise hands moved down towards Dani’s butt and she began to slide down her skirt and panties .

Dani easily wiggled out of her remaining closing revealing her perfect arse and smoothly shaven mound. . Louise then pulled Dani along her body and then Dani responded by positioning her pussy inches from my wife’s mouth. With the sigh she lowered her cunt onto Louise’s tongue and gasped as she felt my wife’s hot mouth envelop her folds.

With movements that can only come through through practice Dani then begin riding my wife’s face, leaning against the wall with her arms outstretched, with her head to to one side so we could see her expression of sheer bliss. Also clearly visible was my wife’s pussy as she left her legs open for us to see her wetness.

Dani exclaimed, “God she does that so well“ as she to began to give herself over to the sensations coursing through her body.

We watched the beautiful sight in front of us unfold, as Dani’s moans grew in intensity and volume. She then laid back along Louise‘s body while her pussy was still being eaten by my wonderful wife. Dani then began teasing her own tits as she had the Louise’s only minutes earlier rubbing her nipples between her fingers, her head tilted so she could look at Tom and me.

With a small moan she turned over, adopting the 69 position. It was beautiful to watch the two ladies each other’s pussies, the sounds alone highly sensual . Their moaning increased in intensity and with a whimper Dani looked up at Tom as her orgasm shook her body.

As Dani’s orgasm subsided, Louise moved her head to look at me, and told me to come and kiss her. Without hesitation I moved to her and kiss my beautiful wife’s mouth savouring Dani’s taste on her lips.

Dani then moved her body to nestle into the Louise’s arms and begin kissing her neck, nibbling softly. At that time I saw Tom walked to a nearby cupboard, and retrieve a large curved rabbit vibrator. He then handed it to Louise without a word. Tom whispered to me they had only purchased it earlier in day and hadn’t even had the chance to use it.

Needing no further invitation and with Dani watching intently, my wife still cradling her new lover, brought the tip of the rabbit to one of Dani’s nipples, still hard with desire. Louise then turned on the vibrations, circling Dani’s aureole. With a sensuous purr, Dani laid on her back, an implicit surrender to my wife’s ministrations.

Louise openly admits that since her first experience that she loves the feel of another girl’s hard nipples in her mouth and hungrily lowered her mouth to Dani’s waiting tits, squeezing the nipple to her lips with one hand, while the other, still holding the rabbit began tracing a journey to Dani’s mound.

Dani, in obvious capitulation opened her legs, her lips glistening in the light. Louise began tracing Dani’s slit, eliciting gasps and moans. As the head of the rabbit paused at her pussy entrance, Dani took Louise’s face in fear hands and whispered, “Yes.”

Louise then gave Tom a devilish smile as she slid the vibrating rabbit deep inside his girlfriend’s snatch. Dani responder in ecstasy, rising her body to bring the vibrator deep inside her. She then pulled Louise to her, and the two beautiful women joined in sensuous desire. My wife then, in a display of control took Dani wrists and placed them on the bed over her head, easily maintaining control as she moved to the missionary position.

Louise then began grinding her pussy into her lover’s and both women were able to gain pleasure from the clitoral stimulation that the rabbit provided. Louise then used both hands to pin Dani’s to the side. Louise had fantasied about dominating another girl and not the look of bliss on her face she was loving the experience. Dani responded by wrapping her legs around my wife, and both goes into each others eyes as the tempo of their pussies rubbing increased.

Louise then commanded to Dani “Put my nipples in your mouth now“. Louise positions herself so Dani could accept the offerings as Louise moaned seductively as Dani complied with her orders.

I watched in fascination as my wife made love to a girl we had only met hours previously. Her face was a concentration of bliss as she and Dani in perfect unison fucked with rising passion.

Dani then released Louisa’s tits from her mouth and gasped, “I’m going to come.”

“Not yet”, commanded Louise and begin to increase the tempo. Within seconds I heard her breathing change and it was clear that both girls were on the verge of an orgasm.

“Now!“, gasped Louise and with a primal cry both girls came in unison, their bodies shuddering in bliss before Louise collapsed into the arms of her latest lesbian lover.

Both girls held each other, looking into each others eyes, the passion open for all see.

Tom and I agreed it was the most beautiful event we had ever witnessed.