Written by John

12 Jan 2009

Well it seems that Ferkin has copied my true account of the threesome that my ex wife Suzy & I had with a black guy for several years when we lived on an isolated island. It makes me feel good that this story must have made him feel that good that he should re-post it under his name, but it does surprise me somewhat.

Answering the posts that had been added to the story: I did cream pie Suzy very often, especially when our kids visited on holidays. I used to take the kids to the movies to allow Suzy to have time in our bed while we were gone. When we were in bed on those nights I would eat her out while she told me about the sex that they had shared. Joe often ate her out after I had sex with her.

One of the comments said that she was a sexy slut or something similar. I dont really like the term slut so I never considered that she was one, but she was one hell of a sexual woman that demanded sex on a very frequent basis. I can't ever remember when her pussy was never wet & ready to take Joe's or my cock. She had no inhibitions about flashing herself, going pantie & bra less the majority of the time. She always told me that she was proud of her tits & I have to agree, while not enormous they stood out & her nipples could become erect at the slights of touches. To see her being fucked doggie style & watch her tits jiggling was a truely wonderful sight.

After the first time we both shared her she enjoyed it so much that we met for the next few weeks fucking her for several hours. From then on she would orchestrate how we took her & we only finished up when she told us. Most of the time we would fuck for about four or more hours with as the first time a cock being in her almost continuously, she couldn't get enough of us. I now realise that she was probably a nymphomaniac.

We eventually took to fucking her at the beach mainly on a Sunday night. When she readied herself for the beach all she would put on was a simple dress & flip flops. She called it her "fucking attire" as she wanted to shed the dress as quick as possible so that she could get one of us between her legs as quick as possible. One evening at the beach she asked me if she could have a little time with Joe by herself. I agreed, so the went off around the rock that divided the beach in two that we normally used to conceal ourselves in case anybody inadvertently came across us. I drank a beer & smoked a cigarette or two & waited. They didn't come back so I went to look for them, they were in the middle of the open beach & he was laid on his back with her staddling his cock. They fucked like this for several minutes, swopped positions into doggie style for more time, then missionary position then a 69, they continued to change positions every few minutes. If I have the correct order I can't remember, the pair of them were locked in their own world of sex & she was enjoying getting his huge black cock fucking her, with him getting probably the best fucking he ever got with a white woman than I know he desired very much. They must have fucked each other for over an hour before they came back to where I had returned a few minutes before.

As I have said this all took place in the late 70s early 80s & is absolutely true. At closer to 70 than 60 now I miss those times but I do get a hard on thinking about them & I love relating them here.