Written by Joany

5 Apr 2010


I'm Joany, late fifties but still very attractive (or so I am told), I have been swinging with my husband for about 20 years on and off, mainly with couples, but I have had a few guys, my husband is a voyeur and loves watching me fully submit myself to other men.

You said you wanted Fantasy, but mine, or really my husbands actually came true.

We had often fantasised about me being Gang Banged by a group Black Guys (3 or 4) and although it really turned me on and we had great sex talking about it, I didn't really want it in reality, although he had often tried to talk me into trying it, I always thought it was going too far and refused.

Then a few years ago while on holiday in Barbados it happened.

We had been several times to a resort near Hole Town and had often walked into Town to buy the odd thing or two, passing a Cricket Pitch on the way down. On this particular day we were not in total harmony with each other and as we passed the Cricket Pitch (there was a game in progress) my husband said he wanted to watch for a while. I think it was to annoy me, but I did not take the bait, and said fine.

There was a bench with a deck chair beside it, he sat on the bench and I sat in the deck chair, I decided to just relax and enjoy the sun and let him watch the Cricket. I was only wearing a flimsy summer dress, a pair of thong knickers and flip flops.

After a while I became totally relaxed and was drifting off a bit and enjoying the sun, my husband was engrossed in the Cricket, when suddenly there was a bang on my Deck Chair and a Big Black Guy came over and said sorry, there was three of them practising and the one batting had hit the cricket ball against my chair. I looked up at him and smiled and said “no problem man”, he then knelt down in front of me and reached under the deck chair for the ball, as he got up our eyes met, he smiled and said “nice view” I said “yes” assuming he was referring to the cricket.

I watched him walk back to his mates and thought to myself I wonder if it's true what they say about Black Men, he said something to them and they all stared at me, I did not know why, but I was about to find out !!!..... They then moved a lot closer and began to practice again.

For some reason I could not take my eyes off them and began to fantasise about 'our fantasy' and whether they did really all have Big Cocks..... then the ball was hit against my chair again and the guy came over to retrieve it as before. I don't think the ball was actually under the deckchair but again he knelt down in front and reached under it, I felt his arm against my leg and he pushed it to one side spreading my legs apart, I thought so he could reach the ball, and again as he got up he said “yes very nice view”.

It was then I realised he was looking up my dress as he reached for the ball, at first I felt shocked and was about to tell my husband I wanted to leave, but he was totally engrossed in the cricket and was oblivious to me, then my heart began to beat quite fast and I became a bit breathless, my pussy started twitching and I realised I was very turned on by the thought of a guy at least 20 years younger than me wanting to look up my skirt.

The three guys had stopped practising and were talking together and looking over at me smiling, I had just turned 50 and they were in there late twenties, I felt very turned on. Then one of the other guy's threw the Cricket Ball under my chair and began to walk towards me, I knew what was going to happen but could not prevent myself from spreading my legs apart a little as he knelt down in front of me. As he reached for the ball his face was almost between my knee's, he looked up at me and our eye's met, his big brown eyes were wide apart and he had a great big grin on his face, his white teeth glinting in the sunshine.

He then threw the ball to the third guy, whom promptly threw it back under my chair, I thought here we go again I better not encourage them so I closed my legs, but instead of kneeling in front of me to stare at my gusset which was by now was very damp, he laid down beside my deckchair and instead of reaching under it to retrieve the ball, he placed his hand onto the top of my knee, I froze and did nothing, his hand then moved up under my dress and began stroking the top of my thigh.

I looked over to the other two, and as I did, one of them ran his tongue round his lips then began moving his tongue up and down as if he was licking clit, the other one put a hand over his crutch and began making the ‘wanking’ gesture. The hand on my leg then moved to the inside of my thigh stroking my soft flesh and I felt his fingers moving towards my pussy, shit I was so turned on.

I looked up at my husband, he didn't have a clue what was happening, and thought to myself he would not do anything about it even if he knew and would probably encourage it anyway, so why should I stop him. So I parted my legs slightly, his hand moved up my thigh and he pushed my knickers to one side and his fingers began to stroke my pussy and then began to rub my clit. My pussy was so wet so his finger slipped into my cunt with ease, swiftly followed by a second one, he then got to his knees pulled his fingers from my pussy and put them into his mouth and licked my juices from them. He then returned them to my pussy and pushed them back inside flicking my clit at the same time with his thumb, he again pulled them out only this time he pushed them into my mouth and I sucked and licked them, tasting my juices, he said “you hot horny white bitch want some Big Black Cock”.

I thought shit this is going too far, so I said “no I think this has gone far enough”

But as I said it he stood up and lifted the deckchair, the other two lifted it from the back and I was 'stretched' away from my husband, I looked at him but he was so engrossed in the cricket he didn't know what was happening. They stopped after a few yards and pulled me up and said “you don't mess with fire without getting burnt and your pussy is so hot it needs stoking with a poker”.

They pulled me over towards a shed, took me inside and closed the door, it was not dark as half the roof was missing, my dress was pulled up over my head and my knickers pulled down, I stood there totally naked in front of them, they grabbed my tits and pulled my nipples and began taking turns pushing their fingers into my cunt, I felt totally defenceless, but was excited at the same time. I was then pushed to my knees and watched as they pulled their trousers and pants down and their Cocks stood out right in front of my face.

They were the biggest Cocks I had ever seen and they were not even fully erect and one was so long and fat, I thought it would split me in half.

I was told to suck and lick each one in turn and as I did so they got bigger and harder, all the time they were talking to each other and laughing, “this white bitch is so hot” and “you are going to be sore tonight momma” were a couple of things I remember, and by then I was so turned on and aroused that when again one of them said “now do you want Big Black Cock” I said “yes” and I did not have to wait long.

I was laid out on some cricket nets and told to spread my legs, the one with the biggest Cock said “momma your cunt will need spreading before you get this one” my legs were then lifted into the air by my ankles and spread wide apart, I felt the helmet of my first Black Cock against my pussy lips, (which were very wet and swollen) and then felt the shaft push into my Cunt and begin thrusting in and out, then the other one knelt over my face, pushed his cock into my mouth and began to fuck it, although I didn't know it at the time, I was being 'spit roasted' for the first time.

It was not long before I heard both of them begin to moan and felt their Cocks begin to swell and pump harder, I gripped the Cock in my pussy with my cunt muscles as tight as I could and began sucking hard on the cock in my mouth as I felt my own orgasms beginning. The cock in my mouth came first, just as my hands gripped his balls, the helmet swelled and began to spurt hot spunk into my mouth and down my throat, he pulled out and the second spurt hit my face, he was still not finished and third helping splashed over my tits and I massaged it into my breast and nipples and licked the remains from my lips. He got off just in time for me to see the face of the guy fucking me begin to contort and I pushed as hard as I could against each thrust of his Cock deep in my cunt and we orgasmed at the same time, his cum exploded deep in my cunt filling me to overflowing, I felt it oozing out and running down my thighs.

He pulled out and I felt so good and satisfied and was beginning to float away, when I heard a voice say “right Horny White Bitch now you are going to get the fucking of a life time, once you had my Black Rod you are never going to be satisfied by White Willies again”

I had totally forgotten about the other Guy and his huge Black Cock and when I saw it again it looked even bigger, I said “I have had enough”, but he said “no you haven't, you are going to be fucked like never before baby, you will be sore for a week and never forget it”.

He bent me over a chair and spread by legs, “this is just a loosener baby” he said I felt his knob end push against my pussy lips and begin to push in, at first it hurt, but the pain soon turned to pleasure as it rubbed against my cunt walls I had never felt anything like it before, his thrusts were hard but slow until I felt full, he then began to move a little faster and began a grinding motion from side to side as well.

I was really enjoying it and had one or two small orgasms, when one of the other guys put a mirror beside us and when I looked, I could not believe what I saw, he had not even fully penetrated me, I thought my cunt was full and could not take any more.... I was wrong !!!

“Do you want it all” I was asked, but before I could answer I was told “Because you are going to get it whether you want it or not”

He then pulled out and I was again pushed down onto the nets, the other two then gripped my ankles and spread my legs and held them in the air, the Big Guy pushed his Cock in again, it slipped in nicely this time and felt good, I gripped his thighs and pulled him to me, pushing hard against his Cock, but it was still only in as far as it was before and my cunt felt full. My legs were then pulled down over my shoulders, which lifted my bum off the nets and pushed my cunt into the air, at the same time the Big Guy positioned himself on top of me, in the 'press up position' a table was pulled up behind him and he put his feet on it. He appeared to be hovering above me, then he began to push down and I felt his Cock pushing into me I thought I was going to burst, I put my hands down on my tummy and I could feel his cock from the outside, I began to rub it through my skin I was shaking with pleasure when he pulled his hand off the nets and pushed his fall weight onto me and his Cock went fully in, I screamed with the Pain or was it Pleasure, his trusts got faster and faster and his huge balls were slapping against my arse. The other two guys were shouting “Fuck the White Bitch” “Fill her up” I joined in “Fuck me, Fuck me harder you Black mother Fucker” I felt his shaft begin to swell I thought I was going to burst, then he orgasmed and began to pump his hot spunk into me, I orgasmed and ejaculated at the same time our juices mixing together and ousing out of my pussy and running down my thighs. My legs were released and I pushed them under his and gripped his cock as hard as I could with my cunt muscles, he was still hard, and began to push his groin down again, I pushed back and we began fucking again, this time there was no pain just pleasure, he lasted about another ten minutes before giving me another helping of his cum.

He told me that I was only the second one who had completely taken his Cock and the best Fuck he had had and wanted me again before I went home, (he did, but that's another story) I felt on cloud nine, and told him that he was only the second guys who had ever made me ejaculate. Unfortunately no one has since.

They gave me my dress back but said they were keeping my knickers as a trophy, and I better get back to my husband before he missed me, I smiled and said he would have loved to have watched, they thought I was joking, but I told them I wasn't. With that they told me to sit on the nets and called him over, I said “No” but they ignored me. When he came in they said “you have a great wife and she is one hell of a shag” he looked shocked and looked at me, “go on show him” I was told, I pulled up my dress and opened my legs my cunt was Red Raw and still covered in Cum.

Would you have liked to have seen how it got that way, “yes” he mumbled, like to see us do it again, “yes” he mumbled again, then bring her back tomorrow same time and we might let you, and they left. I told him what had happened and he came in his pants without even masturbating.

He didn't take me back the next day though, I wasn't in a fit state for a few days, but as I said I did meet the Big Guy again.

I now have a Black Boyfriend who I met through the site and see every three or four weeks, sometimes we let my husband watch us, as The Big Guy said “once you've had a Big Black Cock, White willies are never the same” too true.