Written by Tomas

7 Jan 2017

My wife masturbates a lot. She always has and says she started in her early teens as soon as she stumbled on the fact that she could give herself so much pleasure. I am fairly sure she does it more than most women.

For instance, I will fuck her and then go off to work. She will text me to say she is doing it. It’s very hard to keep working. She even does it at her work. She is a supervisor nurse and works shift. Many times on night duty she will lock the door of her office and do it. She fingers herself and tweaks her nipples. She cums easily. Not happy with that she will then text me with a photo of her wet cunt full of her fingers and say, be home at 6.30 make sure your cock is standing up. I can’t sleep then till she gets here.

When she is home alone or with just me there she will lie in our lounge naked and do it while she watches TV. Other times like when she is doing the washing she will rest her crutch against the washing machine when it’s on spin cycle. It vibrates on her clit and sends her off. She does cum easy.

She also has a girlfriend who visits. They are not bi or into girls but they have done it together for years. They never touch one another and I have often watched them, they don’t mind. Her girlfriend’s husband gets the same privilege.