Written by JJ

8 Dec 2009

Hi there

My name is JJ - been reading these stories for years - and felt it was right to add a few of my true life experiences into the mix! I've done plenty of adventurous things over the years with ex-girlfriends, my wife Jane and even strangers.

This happened in 2006 when we were on holiday in the Costa Brava, Spain.

I am 34 and my wife Jane is 43, she is brunette, about 5ft 8 and has lovely big DD breasts, which are her best feature as they still are firm and don't droop at all.

Like a lot of men on this site I fantasise regularly about Jane with other men, i wank furiously thinking about strangers inside her. It hasn't happened fully yet, but it will soon, I am sure! I don't think she would be up for it at first, but I know she could be persuaded with time...

Anyway, we had been out drinking in this Spanish town and it was about 1:00am and we decided to head back to the villa, taking a short cut across the main beach which was unlit. We walked past a few young couples sat on the stacked sunbeds and carried on into the distance. I knew we would be up to no good before long.

We stopped further down the beach where there was a high wall and a slope which lead back to the main road. I took Jane and started to kiss her deeply, and pawed at her big boobs, she was wearing a black skirt and thin cotton top. We both sat against the wall and she began to undo my jeans and pulled out my throbbing hard cock. Jane started to wank me off in the open air, i loved every second of it. Her breasts were fully exposed now and i was giving them a good old grope whilst she jerked my cock.

My heart skipped a beat as I noticed a man in the distance walking across our path. I said nothing to Jane as I knew she would jump up and pull her clothes back on. I kissed her again so she didn't see the man, and continued to play with her breasts hoping that he was looking as he passed.

I could see he was starting to walk slower and I'm sure he was getting a great look at Jane's wonderful tits. I pushed Jane's head down towards my cock and made her suck it. I pulled her long dark curly hair up so I could see her mouthing my bell end (and so our stranger could hopefully see too). He had now walked all the way past now and disappeared - Jane hadn't noticed at all. As I looked around the corner I could see the guy stopped and was looking back at us. He walked to the wall about 15 metres from where we were and stood with his back to the wall and watched the show! I looked in his direction, but could not see his face clearly as it was too dark.

Jane was still furiously sucking my cock, i decided to make her kneel with her back to the wall, i stood with my erect cock in her face - Jane couldn't see the guy at all now. I grabbed her head and fucked her pretty face. There was my wife, topless and performing oral sex on me, whilst a stranger watched in the distance - i was in heaven! I knew where i wanted it to go, but of course I didn't dare say anything! I lifted Jane up and made her bend over - I pulled her skirt up to her waist and entered her pussy straight away, it was so wet - probably the wettest ever! I thrusted away for a few minutes - i kept glancing at the bloke wondering what he was thinking - at one point i turned my head and stared at him whilst i rammed my cock up my wife's pussy - this was the stuff of my dreams!! I felt I was about to come and I didn't want it to end so I pulled out and laid Jane on the sand and went down on her for a good 10 minutes or so, making sure she came plenty. As I looked up the guy now had his own cock out wanking away, still nearly out of sight of us. This nearly sent me over the edge, so I went back to my wife and got her to suck me for probably 30 seconds before I spasmed and shot all my creamy hot load into to her open mouth. She spat out my sperm onto the sand (she doesn't swallow) and laid back on the sand - tits and pussy still on show. As I glanced over, the guy had disappeared, i wondered if he had cum as well... We got up, dressed ourselves and continued to walk along the beach after our wild fuck session - my lovely wife having no idea she we had been watched... that is until I casually mentioned it when we got back to the villa. 'You dirty bugger' she said - 'why didn't you tell me!' She smiled eventually and said 'oh my god, that means we've been dogging doesn't it!' We had another fantastic fuck that night - which led me to believe that she quite enjoyed her wild night on the beach!

I have plenty more stories of other such exiciting events, I had a great time writing this on here, i will put more on soon!