Written by Paul

20 Feb 2008

In October last year my wife and I underwent a trial separation - after 10 years of marriage - our lives had stagnated and our sex life had disappeared. I moved about two miles away and took a six moth lease on a flat - I quite enjoyed my own space but found myself spending the weekends back at home - and strangely we were getting along far better - and our sex life returned.

We spent a great deal of time assessing our problems - re our marriage and my wife admitted that she was concerned that she had only ever had sex with me and she couldn’t contemplate going through life only ever having one lover. She said she longed to have other lovers - and had for some time thought of other men when she pleasured herself. We discussed this at length and I was partly aroused by the thought and partly repulsed. What I struggled to reconcile was if she had been having such adventurous thoughts why had she been such an unresponsive and conservative lover.

Over the next few weeks we discussed her concerns and desires and our sex life continued to get more adventurous at the weekends and I started to think about her with other men as I masturbated more and more in the week. Before our discussions could reach any meaningful conclusion she called me in the early hours one morning in November - and said I needed to come over ‘right away’. Like an idiot half asleep I dressed jumped in the car and drove home in the bitter cold of a dark November morning. When I got home my wife was still dressed and was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea. She asked me if I wanted a cup and while she was putting the kettle on with her back to me she said ‘ I have done it I have fucked someone else’. I felt sick, my heart missed a beat, my mouth went dry and I couldn’t quite believe what she was telling me’. She then turned to me and said - it was brilliant but I need to tell you about it ‘I have done nothing wrong but I feel guilty’.

We moved into the sitting room and she started to tell me in some detail abut how she’d gone to a bar after work, had met a guy, gone back to his place, had a few drinks, kissed him and then gone to bed with him. She talked in immense detail about how he’d pulled her knickers to one side and licked her pussy, how he’d licked her arse, she said she’d taken him in her mouth and loved the taste - she said he’d fucked for just a few seconds in a multitude of positions. I asked if he’d used a condom and she said - ‘hell no’ I wanted him to come in me and had did again and again. As she was recounting the sordid details I was obviously getting very aroused - and she suggested that I masturbate - sitting opposite her on the sofa I pulled my cock out of my jeans and gave my shaft a rub as she continued to tell me how her new lover had pleasured her a few hours ago. By now she had opened her legs and was rubbing herself through her knickers. I asked are those the knickers your wore tonight… she replied yes, and I moved forward and yanked them to one side an buried my head in her hairy pussy and tried to lick all this strangers cum from my wife’s cunt that was by now soaking wet. In no time we were fucking on all fours and I was adding my come to the strangers - and already I could see a change in her - as I fucked her she asked me to push my fingers into her arse - and I duly obliged. After that night we fucked and fucked as she talked more and more about what had happened - and I masturbated myself to a frenzy during the week thinking about this other man fucking her - (and she told me she was doing likewise).

Since then she has had a further 8 one night stands with strangers - and each time she has called me to come over - and despite the loss of the element of surprise we always end up fucking each other senseless. I do worry that she is not taking proper precautions but cannot talk her into using condoms and the thought of another mans cum in her cunt drives me crazy with lust and envy - in equal measure.

Last weekend while we were making love - and she is becoming very adventurous she asked me if I would like to start watching her fuck other men. My initial reaction was to say yes - but now I am not so sure. Will I be able to cope watching, is the present scenario of her telling me more erotic, how will we find someone who is comfortable with me watching? My wife wants me to return the favour and to take another lover and call her ‘to confess all’. She says ‘I’d love to see you emptying your balls into an ugly bitch’.

I have to confess that I have enjoyed the last few months - despite it being an emotional roller coaster. My wife has changed beyond all recognition - from conservative boring spoil sport to a dirty slut who knows how to enjoy herself. And strangely whilst I have to accept she is goig to screw around - this is now an absolute priority for her - I really don’t want anyone else - I jut want her sloppy seconds.