Written by Jake Allen

20 Apr 2010

This story is brief, but true.

One latte afternoon, I came home early from the office, and as I walked in the front door, Joni was coming up the stairs from the garage. She had a great smile on, and a denim outfit, skirt and blouse, that really looked good. I stopped on the landing to let her go by, and I could see that she had no bra on, with that gorgeous set of breasts.

As Joni went up the stairs ahead of me, I ran my hand up her leg, and felt that she had no underwear on. When we were both at the top of the stairs, she turned to me, and told me that she was fresh come from getting laid by our next door neighbor Bob. With that, she ran her tongue into my mouth, and I reached for her wonderful breasts. Of course, by now, I had a roaring hardon.

We went straight to the bedroom, stripped, and as I plunged into her cum-loaded pussy, we both came and I shot a terrific load into her. We fucked the rest of the afternoon, and she told me every detail and what the situation was with Bob. They had been screwing around for about a week, and now I knew why he's beep his horn every morning around 7:00 AM as he passed our house. He was an older guy and no threat to me, although she said that he had an enormous cock.

More stuff followed in the days afterward, but that's another story. Every word is true.