Written by Paulhubby

22 Apr 2009

My wife D. & I had been married for 11 years, and it was flagging. We were in danger of completely losing interest in each other, immersed in our jobs;I worked in an office,she was a dancer/singer in provincial theatres . I had always, like many men,had a fantasy about watching her fuck other men, but we had only talked about it now and then. A couple of times, she said that she'd been chatted up in the street,once by an old boyfriend, once by a taxi driver, who'd insinuated she could pay the fare by tossing him off. Occasionally, some of the male theatre patrons offered to take her out to dinner and his hotel room afterwards. This didn't happen, but I was terribly aroused whan she told me, and we our sex was brilliant for a while after that,although she told me she enjoyed the thought, she didn't want to be unfaithful. Now, my wife was thirty, lovely legs, 38 boobs,firm bum.

The clincher came when she admitted one night (while we were having a bit of a row that, just before we married, she'd interviewed for a film role. The director told her she wouldn't get the part because she was about to marry. She asked why that mattered, he said she'd have to make herself available for lots of fucks;it was up to her. She was so desparate for this part that she asquiesced. She sucked him off on a regular basis,once a week, until the film finished, which was two months after we'd married. I was furious to learn this at first, but also got extremely aroused as well. My cock was as hard as iron for the first time in months!

To cut to the chase,she came home one day saying she had been offered a chance at this really good part but if she attended a film directors private party-to 'entertain' she would get the part without audition. I said OK as long as I could be there to watch. She had a bit of trouble persuading the directors to let me be there,but she assured them I would not be any problem, quite the contrary. This was at a country house. When we arrived,I was shown into a side room with a drink, to await a call to the party function room. She had to go upstairs to change. All the guests got to know I was her husband. The call came to mingle, which we all did. although I got a few funny looks and smirks from the 17 guests (all men) there. I only knew that my wife hsd a strip routine lined up, and that she would end up having sex with one or two guests. There was a big cheer as she was introduced, coming into view dressed in black seamed stockings, red satin suspenders, red patent hi heels, no bra,long black evening glves, sheer black nylon panties and black pillbox hat-she looked so sexy! she mounted the long table and strutted up and down to the taped music,really turning the guys on,for about five minuted, Then, she was lifted off the table and one of the gymnastic stunt guys bent her over pulled down her (wet!) panties,parted her legs and slid his prodigious length into her wet cunt from the back. After a few strokes, turned her around,shafted her again,lifted her up and walked around the room with her on the end of his cock, which got tremendous applause. The he made her walk on her hands while he 'wheelbarrowed' her, walking around the room,putting his long cock in and out all the time, until he eventually whipped it out and ejaculated a deluge of hot spunk all down her belly and tits. Applause again, then the chief director, man of about 60,said 'Now youv'e been put through your paces, you married slut, I'm going to 'interview' you.-and these gentlemen will contribute as well' He laid her on her back on the table,then gradually shoved his thick cock up into wet bumhole (she'd NEVER let me do that) and pumped her-she loved it,obviously. although her face was flushed with randy humiliation-and so was mine! As he pumped her bum, her agent, Mr.K., 57, stuck his purple headed cock into her lipsticked mouth, which closed aroud it like an 'O'. she sucked with eager,smacking noises. All the others gatherd around (by which time I was standing on a chair to see) and chanted 'zum-zum-zum-zum' until,five at a time,they all shot their streams of spunk all over my sexy young wifes tits, stockings and face. The director looked at me and said 'I'm jetted my cumwad into your wifes dirthole, oh,ohrrghh fuck-fuck!' and her agent shot his jism into her now open mouth-I saw the loads jetting into her throat as he did so- and I shot off myself,so good I thought I was going to pass out. She got the part, but we never repeated this-it's kept me going for ten years now!