Written by calloundra

7 Jan 2011

I walked off up the road to make sure we weren't both entering the club together. I don't know how Tammy felt but I had the butterflys and the tension was almost unbearable as I waited in the line a few spaces behind my wife. When I got in I headed straight for the bar to steady my nerves. Tammy had managed to work her way through and was served a lot quicker than I. We both gave each over casual glances and then Tammy wandered over to the dance floor, wriggling her bum as she passed me.

I made my way over to the side where I had an excellent view of the proceedings. Tammy made an obvious target to single blokes and several approached her. They were mainly the open, medallion type which she doesn't like. She quickly dismissed them by insisting she was waiting for her boyfriend. After around 30 minutes a mixed race lad in his 20's introduced himself as John. He was on a works night out and offered to buy Tammy a drink. I noticed a quick glance to me as John disapeared to the bar. Tammy gave me a grin that announced she was still well up for fun.

John returned with several lads and a few girls. Tammy quickly relaxed in their company and appeared to be getting on really well with everyone. She explained she was waiting for her friends who were running really late. I noticed as thge evening progressed John was sticking very close to her gently placing his arm around her and ensuring she always had a drink. Tammy then took John's arm and led him to the dance floor. The other's joined them but it was obvious John had made a claim to her. He soon had his arms around her and was pulling her towards him. As I watched him nuzzling her neck I had a strong feeling of jealousy mixed with lust, a heady recipe as John began kissing my wife only 20 yards away from me.

They gradually became more sensual as the night progressed. When John eventually returned to the bar I then made my move before, I was surplus to their requirements. I tapped Tammy on the shoulder and she looked over in mock suprise. She whispered in my ear that she had felt his cock while they were dancing and he had spipped a hand up her dress when the were kissing in the corner. When John returned Tammy immediately put her arm around him and gave him a big kiss. She then introduced me as her husband who had messed her about. John looked a little confused, so I bit the bullet and told him that I had cheated on her and she wanted to make me suffer for it. I thought John was going to blow his top but he just grinned and gave Tammy a big kiss their tongues thrusting into each other's mouths with ferocious passion.

I suggested that we find a cab so we can get a little more comfortable and John readily agreed. I automatically climbed in the front realising that this was now the point of no return. John climbed in the back with Tammy. The hotel was around 10 miles away which in the snow would allow my wife and John to get up to plenty of action on the journey. John wasted no time in kissing down her neck and placing a finger into her cleavage. I watched transfixed to the scene before me. They only had eyes for each other, they were oblivious to both the driver and myself.

For the second time that day my wife was about to have her breasts exposed in the back of a cab. Only this time it was another man who had his hands eagerly removing her dress then her bra. As I watched the action I noticed the driver adjusting his mirror so he could get a better view of Tammy toppless in the back of his cab, while John sucked and kissed each breast in turn. Tammy was stroking the outline of his cock through his trousers, which by look of it was a good size.

I looked over to the driver who was a little distracted. He was occasionally stroking his cock whilst watching the action and then returning his focus to the road. He was a young Asian lad. He gave me smile and commented that she was very sexy and we were about to have some fun tonight. I agreed and told him with some pride that she was my wife and this was our fantasy.

Tammy had by now removed John's cock from his trousers and was busy giving him one of her fantastic blow jobs. His cock was light brown about 8 inches long and considerably thicker than mine. I watched with absolute fascination as she gently stroked the foreskin whislt licking around the head making sure she lapped up any pre-cum. The driver nervously asked him not to cum on his seats. Tammy stopped sucking on John's cock and assured the driver she would swallow the lot. It didn't take much more work before John let out a groan and Tammy eagerly swallowed his load. Tammy cleaned him up between her beautiful breasts, rubbing the cum into them.

For the remainder of the journey I watched as John fingered my wife's pussy. Easing first one then a second finger up her. Tammy groaned and massaged her own breasts, enjoying this stranger and relishing the attention of myslf and our driver. We arrived at the hotel (the driver had definitely taken his time), Tammy and John straightened themselves up although Tammy left her knickers as a memento for the driver and pushed her bra into her hand bag. The driver refused my payment and thanked us all for making his evening.

To be continued...