Written by Nik25a

12 Nov 2009

Myself and my wife, Niki, are in our late 30\'s, both quite fit, slim and enjoy a great sex life. Recently, whilst in bed making love, she decided to let her fantasies lose and told me she would love to have someone else join us. I didnt let on that had been on mind for a while now.

I asked her later if she was serious and what she wanted to do about it. She shyly replied, that it was upto me to organise it and she was wet thinking about it, but preferred if was a surprise.

I was hard as a rock when I heard those words and like a man possessed I was on the net posting ad\'s and looking through swinging sites.

The next evening, after a whole day of anticipation and a hard on, I couldnt wait to get home to see the responses. I arrived home just after 7pm. Niki was already home. She had showered was dressed in her usual wrap dress with no underwear. I went in the kitchen and put my arms round her and gave her a long wet kiss, her hands reached behind and gently rubbed my cock through my pants.

I asked her if she want to see the responses, she said she didnt but wanted me get it all organised for the weekend and not to tell her anything about it, she really wanted to be surprised.

So, after a light supper, She went to bed and I jumped straight on the net. There were a few replies, mostly single guys, but surprisingly a few couples too. I narrowed the list down to two couples, both local\"ish and seemed very similar to us in age, likes, dislike etc.

One couple did stand out more then the other, so I replied and asked if they were free on the weekend and what they expected as we were relative newbies to the scene.

To, my surprise, within 5 minutes, i had a reply, they asked if I would chat to them on MSN now. I thought no harm so agreed.

I logged on and there they were, pretty girl,dressed in some very sexy lingerie sat in front of a webcam. I could see her husband sat on a chair not too far behind, he was nude. We chatted a while about there experiences and how they had done things before. I was incredibly horny, and asked if I could watch them for a while and did I not regret my forwardness. Anyway, we arranged to meet on Saturday night for dinner and see how we got on.

I ran upstairs and told Niki it was all arranged, she smiled and we made love there and then, both extremely excited about the weekend, but again she asked me not totell any details.

The weekend came. Niki was deciding what to wear and settled for black tight skirt with a fitted top, hold ups and high heeled sandals and of course no bra. She looked very sexy, especially seeing her hard nipples through her top. Anyway we set off for the restaurant and met Jay and Natasha just outside. After a few minutes of pleasantries we went in together and sat at our table, both couples facing each other. We exchanged pleasant banter, neither wanting to rush into anything. The girls got on well. Jay ordered the wine and we all knocked a few glasses down to clam the nerves.

After the starters, we decided to give the main course a few minutes. Natasha asked Niki to if wanted to go to the loo, and off the went, as girls do. Jay and I continued to order another bottle. After about 20 minutes the girls returned to the table. Instead of resuming the seat next to me, Niki swapped seats with Natasha. I raised my eyebrow at her and without warning both girls, synchronised put their thongs on the table. I nearly jumped out my skin. Next I saw Niki put her arms around Jay and begin to passionately kiss him right there on at the table. Natasha, did the same, and slipped her hand under the table and began to caress my stiff cock.

Needless to say, we skipped the main course and decided to leave and go back to Jay/Natsha\'s flat which was nearer then ours. I decided I would drive. I jumped into the car and brought it round for them as it was lightly drizzling. When i got there, instead of jumping in front with me, Niki, Jay and Natasha all got into the back seat.

What happened next shocked me the most. No more then a minute after the doors closed, they were all over each other. Niki was in the middle, with Jay on her left and Natasha on her right. Natasha and Niki were engrossed with each other, kissing and tongues everywhere, Natasha had both Niki\'s breasts out and was moving between her mouth and nipples, then Jay open Niki\'s legs, put his fingers into her pussy, I hear the squelching of her wet pussy as he fingered her deeply.

Luckily, there place was only 5 minutes away. when we arrived we got out the car. As I locked up, Niki cam over and gave a me great big wet kiss and winked. My heart was pounding. We got inside. It was a small but cosy flat. I went and sat on the sofa expecting Niki to join me, instead, She stood in the middle of the room and begun once again to get off with jay. Natasha appeared into the room, naked, she approached them and begun to undress Niki whilst kissing and caressing her. I looked on. Jay also began to undress, all three were now naked and looked at each other. I dont know what possessed me, but I just sat and watched.

After a few more minutes, Niki, lead Jay to the bedroom just off the lounge, leading him whilst grasping his 9\" cock in front of him. In they went, leaving me and Natasha. I stood up assuming we both would go into too, instead she stopped me, and pushed me down on the sofa, she then began to undress me, and released my aching cock from my pants. She then began to lick me all over, returning to me cock every now again. The she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked me in the eye asked me if enjoyed watching my wife being fuck by other men. I wasnt sure i replied, but had to admit I was certainly very turn on. The she threw on my back and mounted my face. I licked her her out whilst she ground her pussy and ass all over my face and smearing her juices all over. She slowing wanked me off until I came all over her face and tits.

We rested a few minutes then she cleaned up. She asked me to wait where I was and said that she would be back soon. I did as I was told whilst i watched her get up and walk into the bedroom and close the door behind her. I was having all sorts of thoughts whilst the 3 of them were in the room. After what felt like hours, more like 30 mins, she emerged and came over too me. She said that Niki was having a great time, but was concerned about me being out there alone, so she thought she\'d send me a pressie. I thought great, Im gonna get into the room now, but Natasha once again through me on to my back and again straddled my face. This time she ground her pussy even harder. I started to lick and suck her, when I realised she wasnt just wet, but was full of spunk. She told me to clean her out and then I could fuck her. Once again I did as was told. later I did fuck Natasha, which was great.

About 2am, after about 3 hours of being in there flat, my wife came out the bedroom, semi dressed and said she was tired and we\'d better go. Natasha got up and kissed Niki goodnight using her tongue. As we left the flat,I peeked into the bedroom, where I saw Jay on the bed, lying back with and enormous stiff cock, no doubt waiting for Natasha to come to him.

In car home, Niki was smiling to herself in silence. I plucked up the courage to ask her how it was. She turned and smiled at me. \"it was fabulous, huni, thank you!\"