Written by Robert Harrison

14 Jan 2016

My wife Jane who is 5ft 2 tall with large 36dd breasts has often fantasised about having sex with another guy.However when I have tried to set her up with a friend she has always backed out. However some weeks ago we went to a party of an old work colleague, a black guy called Wayne.is 5ft 10 inched tall. Very athletic and very fit. He also has from our joint visits to the showers after football a very big cock.

Wayne is a great dancer and at the party he was dancing with Jane. I could see them dancing closely and thought I could see that Wayne had an erection. Jane seemed very passionate towards him and was kissing and holding him close. I was taking to old friends in a side room and when I came back they had vanished. I went upstairs and could hear Jane's voice from a bedroom. I knocked on the door only to find Wayne and another black guy naked in bed with a naked Jane. Wayne had his mouth close to her vagina and his friend was sucking and caressing her 36dds. Wayne looked up and said I am going to fuck your wife and looked at me as if to ask permission. I was lost for words and as I paused he thrust his very big cock into her tight pussy. I could hear that she was enjoying it and after he came his friend took over. Meanwhile Wayne had phoned two of his friends who were downstairs and also fucked her. Jane wanted to stop as she was very sore but I had to fuck her first. However she was so stretched she could not feel me inside to the great amusement of Wayne and his friend. I left the party and went home alone.