Written by Julian

30 Mar 2010

Part Three

I kept my dirty thoughts about Fiona to myself as I fucked her hard in one of the major’s guestrooms. Afterwards she asked me what had got into me. I lied that it was the country air. She always likes to take a shower after sex. She has a thing about being very clean. If she had known what I had been thinking while I was fucking her, she would have been very shocked. While she was showering, I decided to go downstairs and get myself a glass of water, as I was rather hot and bothered.

I slipped on a pair of my white silk briefs. I preferred silk underpants, they felt very sexy. I put my silk dressing gown on over the top, just in case the Major was anywhere about. It was after 11 PM, so I guessed he would be asleep. The farmhouse was rather rambling and he could have been anywhere, but as I stepped out into the corridor I heard no sound of life.

Very softly, I went downstairs, heading for the kitchen. On my way I passed the Major’s lounge through an open door. He was in an armchair, sipping whisky and looking in my direction. ‘Ah, there you are Julian. Thought you must have finished what you were doing. Sorry to mention it, but your wife did make rather a lot of noise and these floors creak a bit.

I stepped towards the doorway, feeling my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. ‘No need to blush young fellow. You two are only doing what comes naturally, especially when you are young. Wish I was your age again, my God I do. Now why don’t you come and sit down with me for a little while and enjoy a few nips of my rather fine malt whisky.

Of course I should have declined, but the old boy’s welcoming expression and the amber glow of the liquid in his glass, were magnetic. I could tell he was a dirty old man, but I found this strangely arousing. Embarrassed as I was, I liked the thought of him knowing that I had just had sex with my beautiful little blonde wife. I knew he must be thinking dirty thoughts about her and wondered if he was going to say dirty things about her.

So far I had not allowed myself to admit that the Major’s invitation for Fiona to strip off her fine clothes in front of all sorts at the village show was really his way of doing something sexual to her. It was not really about raising charity money at all. My prick was hardening at the thought. With only my little white silk briefs to cover me, I held my dressing gown very tightly around me as I walked towards the major and sat down in the chair opposite to him.

I am quite lightly built. The hair on my legs is so blonde that it can look as if I have no hair there at all. I crossed my legs very self consciously, noting that the Major was watching my every movement. When I was settled, he got up to fetch another tumbler and filled it to the top. He offered it to me with a slightly shaking hand. Gratefully I accepted and thanked him. Relaxing in the comfortable Windsor chair, I took a hefty slug of the whisky. My throat burned and my head went dizzy. My God, it tasted good after so much sex and giving vent to my filthy thoughts. The Major smiled knowingly as I took another slug, and then another.

‘Like it do you, young fellow?’

‘Yes. It’s very nice, thanks awfully for sharing it with me Major.’

‘No need to be formal, call me Gerald.’

‘Ok, thanks, Gerald.’

Nervously I took another two slugs. The Major was watching me, I could tell he was weighing up what he wanted to say. My head was so dizzy now, I felt relaxed and carefree. The Major must have realised this because he said something very improper: ‘You did her rather hard didn’t you?’

‘I beg your pardon?’ I said.

‘You fucked Fiona very roughly if I am not mistaken. I happened to be passing your bedroom door when you were doing it. When I came down here I could still here you upstairs. Are you always so passionate?’

‘I err err, don’t know, possibly…’

‘Were you thinking about Fiona doing her striptease while you were doing it to her?’

I took another two hefty slugs. The man’s eyes were blazing with sexual feeling. His leathery face was contorted into what was almost a mocking smile. I felt he wanted to humiliate me and I found it very exciting. My prick was pushing against my little briefs. I was feeling drunk as I uncrossed my legs and my dressing gown fell open. My movements seem to be slowing down and I was unable to control them. Sexual thoughts about my wife and him humiliating me added to the intoxicating effects of the malt whisky. I could see him looking at my exposed white briefs. I tried to cover myself. ‘No need for modesty young fellow. I can see you have a hard on. I have excited you haven’t I? ‘ He started to laugh at me. ‘I must say you look very stiff, but you are not very big in that department.’

My God, I thought. I can feel my prick twitching because he can see it and he is embarrassing me. It was the Major’s turn to take some hefty slugs before he came over to my chair. Grabbed hold of my throbbing prick and balls through my briefs and said: ‘You want your pretty little wife to be groped hard and fucked hard tomorrow, after her striptease, don’t you? You want her tits squeezed and her pussy pounded don’t you?’ My prick grew harder under the pressure of his large wrinkled hands. He was rubbing and squeezing me there, my dressing gown wide open, using both hands. I felt incredibly aroused. ‘Would you like her gang banged by ruffians?’ I could feel myself starting to cum, when he added: ‘Would you like her to be fucked by a big thick local moron who is just out of prison after five years?’ ‘O my God, yes’ I heard myself whispering as I came hard inside my little white silk briefs. The Major’s big face and heavy jowls were close to my face, his eyes full of lust, and his expression mocking me.