Written by Julian

31 Mar 2010

Part Four

I felt very ashamed of myself going down to breakfast with my wife and the major. Fiona had yet to fix her hair and make up. She was in just jeans and top, but the major could not hide his sexual interest. I avoided his eyes, because of what had happened the previous night and what the major had said he had in mind. I had already masturbated in the bathroom, just thinking about it. After my climax, I felt scared and ashamed. But now the nasty desire was back. I also felt guilty about having let the major bring me to orgasm, through my white silk briefs.

We lounged around for much of the morning. By 11a.m it was time for Fiona to get ready. I left her to it because I knew I would not be able to keep my hands off of her. The plan was that Fiona would have to be at the show ground, in the caravan about twenty minutes before she stepped up on to the stage to have her clothes auctioned and thus begin her elegant striptease.

The major and I sat downstairs in the lounge waiting for Fiona to appear. While we waited, he told me about the local thug who had been in jail for violent robbery. He said the guy was in his mid forties, bald, big and very ugly. He knew him because of odd jobs he had done for him. The major admitted telling him about my wife and showing him the picture of her in her satin skirt suit that she had worn as a wedding guest. He told me that the vile looking man had said some very obscene things about how much he and his mates would enjoy fucking her without condoms. The major said that the man would be in the front row at the auction, along with his mates.

It was around 2pm when we heard Fiona’s high-heeled shoes tripping along the passageway. The Major and I looked at each other. I could see the lust in his eyes. I do not know what he saw in mine. She arrived in the doorway. Her golden blonde loosely permed hair hung down to her shoulders, blending perfectly with the yellow satin of her fitted jacket. Her make up was immaculate. The yellow satin hat was in her tiny hands; the crimson painted nails of her tiny hands adding so much to her erotic allure. Her eyes looked very big and blue accentuated by mascara, eye shadow and the fact that she plucked her eyebrows and pencilled in a very fine line with eyebrow pencil. The aroma of expensive perfume was intoxicating; the she wore a real diamond encrusted necklace, matching rings and earrings. Her neck looked very delicate and feminine, her size eight figure so beautifully vulnerable. She oozed wealth and spoiled woman hood.

The yellow satin fitted jacket pulled in tightly around her slender waist and finishing about eight inches below her waist line. It was buttoned right up and it was obvious that she was not wearing a blouse. Her pert 34d breasts pushed hard against the front of the tight expensive fabric.

The major and I were transfixed. Our eyes wandered down to her skirt. As part of her suit, it was also yellow satin and knee length. It hugged her womanly hips, finishing just above her black silk stockinged and very pretty knees. Behind that tight yelow satin was pretty undies and her very bald little pussy slit. The shimmering yellow satin contrasted wonderfully with the black silk stockings covering her slender legs- legs that looked even more slender because of the yellow patent leather five inch high heel shoes she was wearing. The fact that she was wearing a wedding and heavily jewelled engagement ring added to the erotic appeal of her stripping off these fine clothes in public. My prick was bursting and I almost came when she twirled round, to the major’s husky command. Her little bottom was very sexy, but the fact that hers silk stockings were seamed, was mind blowing. The seams led up from a sexy black dart at the heel of her shoe. It is hard to explain how much that added to her look of helpless female upper class vulnerability. There was a little slit at the back of her skirt. I could see a glimpse of pretty black lace, confirming that she was wearing a pretty full slip under her very demure skirt suit. I was almost coming in my trousers. ‘Bloody beautiful, that’s what you are Fiona, absolutely top notch stunning. It is going to be a jolly fine show.’ Fiona turned back to face us. I looked at her slender thighs pushing against the tight yellow skirt. The imprint of her suspender buttons was clearly visible though the material. She was going to look so sexy. I could not wait to see her strip. I also knew what the major had in mind and wondered if it could possibly happen. If it did happen it was going to be very dirty and very nasty, with a good chance that Fiona was going to end up pregnant.