Written by Toastie15

3 Jan 2012

I have posted before about me fulfilling my wife’s fantasy via a professional male masseur and some of our adventures since. This is the account of our latest episode and out dirtiest yet.

For Xmas I paid for another session with J the masseur as a treat for my wife. When I was on the phone to him he asked if the client that had some fun with my wife could join in again as he was a regular with J because of an ongoing back problem due to his rugby playing. J also asked if his wife could join in and said there would be no charge. To which I agreed as I knew my wife liked the other blokes cock as it was so big.

I didn’t tell my wife the full extent of the booking just that is was to be another couple’s massage at Js so one the day she had a long soak in the bath and made sure her pussy was nice and smooth. Once she got out I got her ready by eating he mound giving her a lovely orgasm. She then dressed in a low cut bra and blouse finished off with sheer hold up black stockings and a nice denim skirt a few inches above the knee, but no panties.

This had me hard in now time but I wanted to save it up for later so had to let it subside before leaving the house. Upon arriving at Js we were met by J and the other bloke I will call Scott and Js wife Ann (not her real name).

I could see the glint in my wife’s eye when she recognized Scott from before so I had a crafty feel of her pussy which was soaked. I had a chat with J over the phone about protection and he showed me he had recently the all clear following a routing check up at the clinic. You see he had asked me if it was ok for him to leave his love juice inside my wife as his wife wanted to taste it from another women.

I said it would be ok but Scott would have to wear protection while inside my wife. My wife began kissing Scott and J while their hands roamed all over her body while slowly undressing her. After she was down to just her stockings they laid her down on the massage couch. The sight was something else as she was laying face down while both of them massaged her body but using their stiff cocks.

Both of them kept probing her clit from behind with the tips of their cocks while the other rubbed her thighs. She soon came and was turned over to lie on her back, by now my cock was bursting through my jeans so Ann took my clothes off while dropping her robe from her body. This revealed a fantastic curvy figure about a 12 or 14 with a fantastic pair of tits above a Brazilian formed pussy.

While Scott and J began to spit roast my wife Ann sat me down on the chair and began teasing my cock with her tongue. She had a great technique running her tongue up the shaft and across the end, she sensed I was close to coming so sat beside me offering me her pussy to finger. While my fingers where slipping in her gaping wet hole we watched my wife who was now being fucked up the arse and in her pussy.

She was obviously enjoying herself as I heard her scream as she came again which took Scott over the edge and filled his condom while it was all the way in my wife’s bum. We were only just getting started I will continue the rest later.