Written by Toastie15

6 Dec 2011

Hi, I posted the story of my wife’s treat with the male tantric masseur yesterday and told you that she was covered in a lot of cum when I first saw her that wasn’t all from J. I later learnt that she had received four loads of cum that day besides mine and only two of them coming from J.

Later that night she went into detail how she received all that cum over her face and hair and the top of her chest. After I had dropped her off at Js he said that he couldn’t start the massage straight away as his earlier client was just getting dressed after having a massage on a sports injury. J specializes in various types of massages including sports injuries.

My wife said she didn’t mind getting ready for her massage while the other client was getting his stuff together. J took her into the massage room that has a big bed as well as a massage table and shower cubical that is just through a small doorway. The other male client was in the shower and gave my wife quite an eyeful as he was stroking his cock which my wife said was massive around 9 or 10 inches and very thick.

J apologized and said she could wait in another room until the bloke had left, but she its ok and stripped off ready for the massage. She lay down and let J begin the massage on the table and started to rub her arse and back of her thighs. This is when the other bloke came out of the shower and entered the part of the room where my wife was. My wife is convinced it wasn’t a set up as the bloke seemed quite shocked to see someone there and slightly embarrassed.

His cock was still hard and my wife described him to be pretty fit which made her extremely wet, the bloke went to leave the room but my wife said to him don’t go and to continue to wank his cock for her. She gets really turned on if I ever wank myself for her and told him that he could relieve himself over her if he wanted to while J was massage her tits and pussy.

She said he slowly wanked himself off with slow strokes that kept exposing his huge knob end and as she felt her own orgasm building asked him to cum over her face. It wasn’t long before he exploded what seem like a never ending stream of cum all over her face with some going in her hair and over her tits.

The bloke was a lot younger than my wife and she could see his cock was not going that soft so reached out and rubbed it for him and used her tits to pick up any traces of cum that were left. He soon became fully hard again and my wife asked if would put a condom on and fuck her. Once the rubber was on he slid into my wife’s socking wet mound making her feel really full.

He pounded away for a while as J gave her his cock to suck as it began to get hard, she quickly shuddered as she came on his massive cock and told both of them she wanted more cum over her face and tits. They both stood over her head wanking their cocks as she took it in turns to suck them. She told me that she began rubbing her pussy and thighs as she sucked each of their cocks before they both exploded a thick layer of cum over her with J getting most of it in her hair.

The other guy was told he better leave quickly before I got there as J was worried I may be angry if I found out what had gone on by walking in on them. My wife was offered a shower before I had got there but she said there was no need so J continued the massage on her. My wife soon made him hard again and this is when she asked him to fuck her arse which he was doing when I got there.