Written by Admirer7

10 May 2009

Hi, ive only just joined SH and enjoyed reading the stories on here. So ive decided to reveal to you all what my wife of 14 years did last night. We live in a flat near Wolverhampton, which is right in the centre of the red light district. We had been rowing for several weeks about money, bills, etc due to the credit crunch. Im on short time and my wife Liz is a housewife who frowns on the word work. We'd walked home from our local about midnight and passed several ladies of the night, i couldn't help eyeing them up as any bloke will know, much to the dismay of Liz who clipped my ear several times before we arrived home. No sooner we were indoors the row started again, she wanted a Chinese delivered, I didn't want to pay for it. It always came down to money, and drunkenly I suggested she should get off her arse and do something, stating even the hookers we had passesd were contributing something. She buggered off to the bedroom crying and I switched the tele on. We had 12 cans of lager and 2 bottles of wine in the fridge so i thought fuck it, im stoppin up. I decided to watch Britains Got Talent on replay tv. About half hour later the front room door burst open and there was my Mrs stood there in short leather skirt, fishnets, boots, and flimsy blouse, no bra. 'What the fuck' i exclaimed, open mouthed. 'Reckon i can't earn anything' she scowled at me.

Now don't get me wrong, im 43, my wife is a lot older than me at 54, a bit podgy,plain looking, and not the type you'd consider as the model type. But I must admit, with the clothes she had on, and the bright red lipstick, it was the sexiest i'd seen her in years.

'I'll be back VERY shortly' she snarled at me, 'Don't open this door', at which she left. I heard the front door slam, peered through the curtains, and watched her. All she did was walk to the end of the path and sit on the wall, her legs crossed. Several cars slowed, then sped up and drove off. I was getting excited at the thought of my wife attracting the attention of other men. A bulge, in fact, was developing in my trousers. Then a car actually pulled up to a standstill, the window lowered, and Liz leaned in. What they were saying i don't know, but the lights went off, the guy got out, and they both approached our front door. Liz was pretty well pissed and this guy had to steady her as she inserted the key. He was white, about 6ft, well built, slightly balding, wearing a black long trench coat, looked like a bit of a bouncer type. I dont know how many men have experienced this feeling, but my stomached rolled like it had never did before in anticipation of what might happen. My whole body, including my hands were shaking as i quietly opened the living room door and crept upstairs. I could hear smalltalk as i fleeted into the spare room. Id never felt so turned on in my life as i undressed myself down to my boxer shorts. I took hold of the nearby stool, crept onto the landing, and slowly raised myself to peer through the glass panel above our bedroom door. My wife and this guy were stood up snogging, their hands running up and down each others backs. Liz then stepped back, and pulled her blouse over her head, leaving her breasts exposed. My cock was bulging as this stranger in the night sank his mouth over her eager nipples, flicking them in turn with his tongue. Liz moaned with pleasure as he slipped his hands under her skirt, and lowered her panties. Her legs partied slightly, and i could tell by her moans he had a finger inside her. He pushed her back onto the bed, lifted her legs high in the air, and began to lick and suck her toes through her fishnet tights. Liz loves this and is one of our favourite positions, so i knew what what coming next. She undid his jeans, pulled them to the floor, then lowered his boxers. A cock about the same size as mine, about 6 inches sprung up before her. What happened next I couldn't believe. No foreplay, no oral, no nothing, Liz pulled her knickers to one side with one hand, and guided this guys dick into her sodden fanny. He fucked her slowly at first whilst still slurping on her toes, her legs held together to make her tighter. As he built up a rhythym so did I with my right hand as i tossed myself off. There was no mention of contraception, this complete stranger was fuckin my Mrs bareback and i was loving it. He gradually got faster and faster as Liz's moans got louder and louder. I could see his arse muscles tighten and knew he was coming. As he shot his load deep inside Liz's pussy i shot mine all over the bedroom door. I quickly retreated, crept downstairs and waited. Ten minutes later the front door slammed, then Liz entered the front room, flustered. 'Any good' i said, as if i couldn't give two fucks. 'Not bad' Liz exclaimed, and threw about £50 on the floor in front of me. 'Now order the Chinese' she said. I did as I was told. If this was a taste of things to come I would obey her every command. In the next few weeks we discussed it further, I told her how much it turned me on, without letting her know I had witnessed it. She has admitted to me how much she loves fuckin other men, but the thing is, she only likes it if she plays the role of hooker. She won't go out and pull a guy, then let me watch or join in.