Written by Discodar

4 Jan 2011

Like many before this is a true story about my gorgeous wife of the last 22 years and my permanent desire to watch her being fucked by another man. To set the scene, we both married young, I was 20 and my wife Alison was 22 when we married. I’d always been something of a perv and in those days before the Internet was widely available my number one source of inspiration was the reader’s wife’s letters, common in the back of numerous men’s mags. A great many of these letters seemed to be about married women being fucked by other men. And I quickly realised that it was these scenarios that really turned me on. I slowly introduced my wife to my ultimate turn-on whilst love making, we read together these readers letters and I sensed a similar mindset when and only when the mood was right, with just the right amount of alcohol. Time and again I ladled her with complements about what an amazing fuck she was and how she’d missed out by marrying so young, she’d had only one partner before me. Eventually after months of softening her up and preparing her I was able to establish that there was one guy at her work who she found attractive. She had enjoyed banter and flirting with him for a while and told me that she would be interested in fucking him. At this stage it was all about fantasy and role play just like when someone says they’d give Brad Pitt or the like one. However it was the opening that I was waiting for, I worked on her over and over, telling her how I would spunk without touching my dick if she was to fuck someone else and that you only live once, if you want it, do it etc. After weeks of this pressure she relented and agreed to go out on a date with her younger college from work. His name was John, in his early twenties with Ginger hair. It was to be a Saturday night out around a nearby city, I couldn’t wait, I was very excited however my wiife was cagy and non committal, she had always been slightly reticent about my desire for her to be naughty. I really had no idea how things would turn out. Come the day of the date I could barely contain myself, my dick was hard for hour after hour, permanently wet with pre-come I couldn’t believe the emotions that I was experiencing, it was like being a kid before Christmas. I watched as she dressed up in sexy underwear and makeup, she looked and smelled amazing. She left to catch her taxi, my last words to her were be naughty, “we’ll see” she replied. For the next few hours I was on tenterhooks the experience was amazing, would she or wouldn’t she, I had no idea. Obviously sleep was impossible; I lay awake waiting for the door to open to find if my wishes had been answered. Sometime after 2am I heard the door open and my heart jumped. She came upstairs a little the worse for wear and undressed for bed. Immediately I was all over her, what had happened? She explained that they’d gone around the pubs in town before ending up in a club where they had danced and snogged and she’d felt his rock hard cock through his trousers. Although they hadn’t fucked “she could have” and they were going to go out with each other the following weekend. Whilst she regaled the story we played with each other before enjoying an amazing fuck.

The days couldn’t go quickly enough until the following weekend, my mind was in overtime, surely this would be it, they’d arranged accommodation at a friend of his so surely something would happen. Saturday arrived and we went into town, again the excitement was unbelievable I helped her choose incredibly sexy underwear for her date. A one piece sheer black baby doll that showed off her spectacular tits and long legs. Before long it was time for her to get ready, a nice bath then she lay naked on the bed, I rubbed perfumed moisturiser all over her, tweaking her sensitive nipples. I trimmed her pubic hair and shaved her pussy lips smooth; as I worked occasionally I licked her erect clit or kissed her naked pussy. She was very turned on but I would not let her come. My dick was throbbing and dripping I had never experienced such prolonged arousal, Finally she was ready and she looked amazing, as on the previous weekend I told her to be bad and as before she said “we’ll see”.

That night was intense, my cock was permanently hard and leaking, I daren’t touch it, I couldn’t sleep and from the early hours was wondering what she was up to, my vivid imagination was playing every kind of porn movie involving her and her new lover. No drug could provide the thrills that I was getting. I had no idea when to expect her the following morning, transport was few and far between to our rural village on a Sunday. From 1100 I was expectantly gazing up the road. I was as turned on as ever and desperate to see her. Some time latter I spotted her, even from a distance she looked tired and dishevelled, she walked in and I knew straight away she had been well and truly fucked. She smiled at me kissed me and said she needed her bed. I followed her up the stairs like a dog on heat, she just needed to sleep but she knew there was no chance. She stripped naked and climbed into bed I followed suit. The first thing I noticed was her scent, a mixture of perfume, booze, Sex and the smell of someone else, it was amazing, the ultimate turn-on and something I shall never forget. “”Well were you naughty” I asked, “yes I was” she replied. I so nearly came there and then but managed to hold off as I needed to hear more. She told me that they’d gone around the pubs in town and again ended up in a club they’d danced for a bit kissed etc. She knew she was going to fuck him and her pussy was tingling with anticipation, his cock was rock hard whenever she touched it. They went back to his friends and straight up to the room. She undressed down to her underwear and he was quickly wearing only his boxers. Off or on she asked off he said and she was naked in front of him. His prick was poking out off his boxers, dribbling with pre-cum. To my delight she described his cock in detail; he was significantly longer than me, thinner with a much bigger set of balls. I was so turned on as I probed her for more detail. She told me how they got into bed both naked, they were kissing passionately and she wanked his impressive penis. She told me how wet and turned on she was, her first time with another man and the fact she was a married women added to the sense of complete naughtiness. Suddenly and without warning he started to jet spunk from his dick, it went everywhere, across her stomach, tits, hands and the sheets, she was surprised at how much he produced, she’d hardly touched him. Her new lover groaned and apologised he was down and explained this wasn’t the first time this had happened. It was obvious that he was very new to this and if he’d had full sex before it was only once or twice. She tried to reassure him that she had a solution to his slowly shrinking dick, they had time and kissed and cuddled before she slowly slid down the bed and started to lick and suck his salty spunky cock back to life. I was in seventh heaven listening as my wife explained how she sucked another man’s cock. He was quickly back fully erect. She got him to put a condom on and he eagerly positioned between her legs. This was the moment I’d fantasised about for so long, my wife being fucked by another man. He crudely pushed his cock into her willing wet cunt. She felt his extra length reach parts I never managed to, his long thin dick pushed against and stimulated the neck off her womb, his big heavy balls nudged against her bum. She knew this was wrong but she knew it felt good and that it was something she’d have to do again. After a few eager strokes she sensed his cock swelling and he stated jerking copious amounts of spunk into the condom, she still hadn’t come. The night continued on a similar vein, she brought him back to life and they fucked again, this time with her on top and then doggy. He came three times and my wife had virtually taken on the role of sex instructor. They fell a sleep together for a few short hours before he had to get up to go off and play Sunday football. Before he left he pulled another condom on and climbed on for one more fuck, him on top, he pounded away repeatedly until he came. On hearing this tale I was beyond aroused, I was unbelievably horny and had had a virtually permanent hard-on for 16 hours. I climbed on to my amazing wife and just exploded cum. We slept for a few hours before I selfishly woke her again for one more fuck. Within that 24 hour period my wonderful and faithful wife had been licked by me, spunked on by her lover sucked his cock and received 4 separate condoms full of cum from him followed by 2 from me. Her pussy was tender and swollen from use and she’d defiantly earned her nights rest. She told me that she never came throughout as he had been too quick to cum. I was never sure how true that was or whether she was just protecting my feelings. Regardless the whole experience had been amazing and proved to be just the start of a crazy 6 months during which she fully enjoyed her “new plaything” however that’s the subject of additional stories.