Written by Damien

11 Jul 2009

The gypsy men outside saw everything as my wife struggled out of the bunk. She managed to pull the tight white satin gusset of her high cut panties back over her pussy mound, but her white pleated tennis skirt was still pulled up. The bulge and crease of her sex was on view to all the men outside the truck. Her tennis blouse was ripped, and with her satin and lace bra pulled down, her breasts and large nipples were totally exposed to these filthy men’s burning gaze.

There must have been about thirty of them by now, all very rough and dirty looking. As she struggled across the truck’s centre seat, I moved to the truck door to get out of the way. My fingers were also getting tired holding on to me semen filled foreskin. I needed to empty it in private. My desire to see my wife fucked again had faded.

As she stepped across the seat, the big skinhead trucker was staring hard at the wide vulnerable flat space between her legs, and her inviting lace fronted panties. I was now on the steps of the trucks. I could hear a lot of dirty talk going on behind me as men moved to make way. I knew they were laughing at me in my blue silk briefs, holding on to my penis. But then there attention was diverted as the big skin head trucker pushed my wife’s slim parted thighs wider and rammed her pussy down on to the truck’s gear stick, pushing her panty crotch to one side to make way for the stumpy thick plastic gear change knob.

More dirt and grime was pushed up into her as she let out a pained gasp, her eyes going wide, face flushing red. The big trucker gripped and kneaded her breasts as he helped her there and laughed raucously. The fat trucker roared out:’Oh yes, nice one. Ram the bitch down again.’ Four times my wife was rammed down on to the stumpy gear change, her thin legs pushed wide apart, her pretty skirt pulled high and expensive panties on full view. She saw all the men watching outside.

There were men of all ages, very hard looking men, dressed in all manner of rough clothing, men in check shirts and baggy jeans revealed big hairy chests and openly stroked their trouser front. My wife closed her eyes as the gear knob pushed deep inside her, behind the pretty lace front of her high cut white satin panties, her virginal little skirt above her waist, while the man holding her kept hold of her bared breasts. She squeezed her eyes closed, her long blonde hair hanging loose and making her look like an angel. She gasped and moaned through her parted full and red painted lips, showing her perfect and very white teeth.

I heard the cab door behind me and felt big arms and hands around my waist. Not wanting to let go of the foreskin on my drooping penis, I let my self be lifted bodily from the truck so that two of the big rough gypsies could get nearer to the action. On the ground, I was surrounded by the sort of men I did not normally meet. They were gazing at my underpants. With little dignity, I pulled my little penis out and drained my white ejaculate onto the dusty gutter. The men inside the cab watched my indignity. A word about myself, I am lightly built and blonde haired. Sarah and my family were both wealthy and good friends. A marriage was arranged between us to combine their fortunes. Otherwise I think I would have had little chance with such a stunning woman as my wife.

For those gypsies who could not get close enough to what was happening to Sarah in the cab, the sight of my little bottom in blue silk underpants must have seemed the next best thing. I sensed this from the things they were saying about my little dick not being good enough for the slut who was being hammered in the cab. I felt rough hands pulling on my pants and bending me over. Another man held me. I heard the man behind me spit. The sound was rough and phlegmy. Then I heard rubbing and more laughter. Rough hands held my chest. I could hear Sarah moaning and knew that she was being made to cum again. And then it happened. The big rough man was pushing into my own little love hole. It hurt like hell; it was a burning sensation. Big hands pushed up my shirt and twisted my nipples.

The more he hurt me the more he excited me. My wife’s moans and the rising sound of her orgasm to the accompaniment of guttural and raucous laughter made me cum. ‘You are as filthy as yer wife, yer little cum slut’ said the man in front of me as another took his turn. ‘ The other did not finish because at this point there were sounds of voices getting down from the truck. I looked up to see my wife’s pretty little legs, protruding from her dainty little tennis skirt, coming into view. She was being handed down to the gypsies on the ground. The big fat trucker struggling, swearing and grunting as he followed down the steps behind her.

My head was in a daze as I struggled to find my under pants. My backside hurt like hell. It was painful to walk. All of the men were now going around to the front and side of the truck to get a better view of the big fat bald trucker fucking my pretty little blonde wife in her short white wrap around tennis skirt and high cut white satin and lace panties. She looked so small, her blonde head bobbing up and down as she walked awkwardly amongst them all. I noticed what a horrible big fat bottom the trucker had. I had seen smegma encrusted on his livid headed penis and knew that it would soon be inside my wife’s tight little vagina. As I thought of that, I wondered if it would ever be tight again after what she had taken from the tennis racket and gear change knob. The whole thing was crazy, but it could not be stopped now. My penis was hard again and ruling my muddled mind. When I got to the front of the truck, the crowd parted to let me get to the front. They needed to see me humiliated. The sight of my tiny , pretty and exposed wife a pressed hard against the front of brutal very masculine truck overwhelmed me. Her little tennis skirt was pulled up. One of his big hands was guiding his smelly prick toward her perfect little slit. His other hand was on her left and naked breasts, slapping and roaming from one to the other. Her head was bowed while he glowered down at her. The gathering of brutal hard hearted and lustful men were roaring encouragement in the most coarse terms. ‘Go on spilt the little bitch’s pussy’ one of the gypsies roared, adding ‘get her open and ready for me to give her a fisting.’ He held up a giant hand. I saw that he was wearing a big gold two gold rings. It looked as if he was wearing a knuckle duster.

The other trucker was taking turns to manhandle her breasts roughly, crushing the soft white flesh between his big fingers and manly thumb. His hands were as dirty as the rest of him.. The girlie sounds she was making as the fat bald trucker called her a little slut were very erotic. Then he pulled her face up to look at him, held her by her hair, looked at for a long moment into her gig blue eyes, grabbed one of her little buttocks, her panties were pulled aside, his big hand up her little white tennis skirt, then rammed his big thick penis hard into her. The force lifted her off the ground. Once he was inside her, he held both of her buttocks and began fucking her long and hard against the front of his truck. Her breast, jutting out over the top of her expensive satin and lace bra, were squashed against his big chest, as he heaved and grunted like a pig. The crowd hurled insults and obscenities my pretty little wife, while the fat man fucked her for all he was worth.

I forgot the pain in my bottom, as