Written by John

3 Oct 2018

The recent story about the couple whose DIY friend became the wife’s lover has prompted me to write in with our story.

We also have a friend who we have known about a year, and we would meet for drinks and socialise with quite a bit.

He is 60 but you’d never guess, and we all got on very well even though my wife is 45 and I am 55. So I suppose not a great age difference. Martin was single and divorced and has not had a girlfriend for several years.

My wife and I had often talked about another man for her when in the heat of passion but we had never taken it further as in the light of day it stayed as just a fantasy to increase the lust that we still felt for each other.

One night when she wanted sex and I was too tired, she said that maybe we should get that other man to help me out. I laughed it off but it was again mentioned the next time she wanted sex and I didn’t. I was beginning to realise that my age was letting me down.

I asked her if she was serious and she said why don’t we try it and see how we felt. A couple of names were suggested and then Martin’s name came up. She said that she knew he fancied her as he was always staring at her boobs and always seemed to be looking when she crossed her legs etc. She is a very attractive woman with a lovely figure.

Anyway we decided to see if there was a response from him when she flirted with him the next time he came to ours.

A week later he came for dinner and with low lights in the lounge and her dressed very sexily she started flirting and being quite tactile. He responded and one time when they went to the kitchen together he put his arms around her waist and thanked her for dinner. She turned and put her arms around his neck and they had a very quick kiss on the lips. A second or two.

They returned to the lounge and they were both sat on the sofa but their legs touching. She was again quite tactile and put her hand on his leg. I was asked to fill the drinks and I looked through the gap in the door to see them have a full blown snog. His hands were touching her boobs and she was rubbing his cock through his trousers. I made the drinks and made a noise coming back into the lounge.

They were just chatting but I could see her nipples standing out, and a definite bulge in his trousers. And her face and neck were very red, a sure sign that she was turned on.

After our drinks were finished she said it’s time for bed and we went upstairs to our rooms. Martin was in the room next to ours.

We were in bed for about 10 minutes and my wife was extremely horny and said that she was going to get another man to fuck her. Her words...I said ok and she went to Martin’s room and for the next half an hour i heard them having very loud sex. She cried out several times as she came, and he eventually groaned loudly as he came in her. I could hear her tell him to fill her with his spunk.

She came back to bed and just pulled me on top of her and made me fuck her hard. She said Martin had finished off by being on top but he had cum a little too soon for her to have another cum but she wanted one now.

I can only agree with the other person who wrote the story about being in your wife after another man has cum in her. It was very slippery and very warm. And in a way felt looser, although I’m not sure if that’s because she was very wet.

We both came and I went straight to sleep. She also visited him during the night.

The next day he was a bit sheepish but I assured him that I was happy with the arrangement as long as my wife enjoyed it.

Over the next few weeks he stayed several times and they always s had very noisy sex in the room next door.

One night in bed my wife said that she would like to experience what it was like to be his girlfriend for the weekend when he stayed and would I be happy to just let her be with him and I would be treated as the friend who was visiting. It took a while for me to agree but the weekend arrived and Martin who was in on the scenario took over and I was treated as the friend.

I still love her very much and the jealousy I felt was at first overwhelming. But after a while I started to enjoy that jealousy and it enhanced the lust I felt for my wife.

I watched them kiss and cuddle and when we went for a drive he sat in the front with her. They made dinner together in the kitchen and kept my glass topped up as if he was the host.

I would never have thought that I would enjoy that feeling but I found it incredibly horny as I watched them act like lovers.

On the sofa after dinner they cuddled and groped each other and ignored me as if I wasn’t there.

When it came to bed time my wife stood up and said that we are going to bed, you know where the spare room is don’t you. That was a bit of a shock but I nodded and they went upstairs into our bedroom.

The door was left open and I crept up the stairs so that I could see them through the crack in the door. The bedside light was on and they stood kissing and touching each other and undressing each other. His cock was quite short but also quite fat, and he had quite a belly on him which surprised me. I felt jealous but the feeling of that and the lust I felt made me incredibly horny.

They led on the bed and he immediately got on top of her and thrust into her. She came in about 30 seconds and he kept slowly pumping his cock into her. She came again after a short time and was telling him to fuck her hard. She’d never done that ever since I’d met her. (She told me the next day that she had never felt so dirty in all her life)

He continued thrusting into her for a little time but stopping as she was reaching orgasm. But eventually kept going and she shouted loudly as she came followed closely by his loud groan and I saw him thrust into her hard another six or seven times as he squirted his cum into her.

They both led on the bed breathing deeply and then turned the light out and were soon asleep cuddling up to each other. I went back to the spare room and took about 10 seconds to cum as I wanked. For the first time ever in my life I continued and came again about two minutes later.

I had expected her to join me but she did say that I was to be the friend for the weekend.

The next day they continued their role play with lots of kissing and cuddling, stopping when I entered the room.

The next night was a repeat of the previous and the same noisy sex as I watched. This time she was on top and he pulled her nipples hard as she urged him to do it harder. She is usually very sensitive there so I have to be gentle.

After they’d finished I again went to my room and wanked. A bit longer that time as I made it last. I heard them twice in the night as she used him but did not hear him groan until it was light the next morning.

He left early that morning and she talked non stop about the wonderful sex she had had with him. I have also found that the experience for me has been incredibly horny and I am happy that she has turned me into someone who enjoys that. I think I am a cuckold but I’m not into the humiliation aspect of that.

She wants to continue with her weekends but we have both agreed that if either of us wants to stop then we will.