29 Dec 2015

my wife Kathy and I have been married for 25 yrs and we have dabbled in having other people share in our sexual endeavours, Kathy is blonde now a size 14 and has and always has had big tits and liked to show her nice figure and tight arse off and of course her ample tits always wearing tight tops etc

we have had threesomes and I`ve watched her with other men on numerous occasions over the years we have always been upfront and honest with each other there`s never been any jealousy etc.

anyway the other night after a long day and night out celebrating our friends birthday we got home around 1am we went to bed I was horny and we started to watch back some of our videos from the past with her fucking other guys I was fingering her and sucking on her tits when there was this guy who got carried away with her and was quite forceful with her we or I had forgotten about it, it stopped me in my tracks and I began to watch it again never noticing how much Kathy was enjoying it, Kathy began to get excited and very wet coming on my fingers I said that was quite a few years ago and she laughed yeah it was at the time I was so into the evening I didn`t notice how forceful he was I could tell Kathy was getting very excited by it we fucked etc then lay back it was on my mind for a while as we cuddled I said that really turned you on didn`t it she said yes it did she always fantasised some one taking her against her will and being helpless.

she went on saying she had bumped into on of her old locum chemists the other day saying he was well in his 60`s now and retired I knew there was something else on her mind so pressed her to tell me more she was quite drunk but kept on about when we were engaged she had kept a secret from me, so I said tell me it`s ok it was a long time ago.

anyway when we were younger and engaged to be married there was something she didn`t tell me .

I`ll fill you in, long ago Kathy used to be a pharmacist assistant for a well known company now and then moving around stores when they were short the guy she bumped into was Brian he was a stubborn man very bossy and I never liked him not that I really knew him that well, anyway one evening while working late as the pharmacy was open until 8pm then they had to work until 10pm filling up etc, there were only the two of them brian was on about the film he had just watched the night before as I write I cant remember the name now it has Sharon stone & Michael douglas in it anyway out of the blue he was on about the scene he there a woman against a wall ripping her panties off then bending her over and screwing her, Kathy said she was put back it was not like him but she said she had seen it before as the time went by he was very polite and helpful she said all the shutters were down and she was getting stock out of the store room when he came up behind her and grabbed her from behind cupping her tits Kathy was only about 20 then and just said you shouldn`t be doing that it fell on deaf ears before she knew it her white coat was open and he was fondling her from behind Kathy remembers saying no I`m engaged and your married he just kept saying it`s ok as he started to get his hands up her top and into her bra fondling her tits and playing with her nipples, she said she kind of froze but found it erotic and exciting he turned her around and started kissing her she pulled away she said saying no we cant he just kept getting closer and closer kissing her he pulled her white coat down her arms she couldn`t move them now and just lifted her top up her bra rose up as well he just looked at her tits saying WOW she remembers that it seemed to go on forever then he tweaked her nipples and started to kiss and suck on her nipples she said she could fell them getting harder by the second, she said she did not realise he was undoing her trousers and zip until he pushed them down her hips now she was there with her top and bra above her tits and standing with her trousers on the floor and just in her knickers by then she was feeling horny but conscious of the situation with me being her fiancé and him with a wife and kids at home but was frozen in the situation scared but not scared at the same time, he started to drop to his knees and gently pulled her knickers down she said she was concerned as she had not shaved and was quite hairy at the time he just knelt there looking Kathy still there not being able to move her arms he started kissing her hairy mound and gently finger by finger started to enter her and rub up and down her slit she said she was nervous and excited and worried she would cum.

he stood up after what seemed an age and took the coat off her arms and her top and bra off gently saying it`s ok nobody will know or find out she said she must of stepped out of her trousers and knickers without knowing he began to kiss her again and she said she started to respond unknowingly he was fingering her and she remembers cumn and saying sorry he just laughed and licked his fingers then he took off his shirt and trousers and underpants without either saying a word she remembers thinking how long it was not realising it was just as thick he got her had and placed it on his hard erect cock and she started rubbing it he said just think it`s your boyfriends come on wank me harder then he said suck it I said no but he pushed quite forcefully on my shoulders down so I was kneeling and pushed it to my face she said no again we shouldn`t be doing this he just said suck it and whether she was frightened or what she did he pushed it in further until she gagged and pulled it out now he was getting carried away pushing it in and out forcefully then he grabbed me by my arm lifting me up he bent me over the tea table and opened my legs from behind dropping to his knees licking me and running his tongue up and down my bum crack and fingering her she started to cum again, she said she`d never cum as much then as she did that night,

he then stood up and entered her from behind forcefully and hard thrusting it all the way in and up her she shuddered and cum again he then turned her over and fucked her again against the wall lifting her leg up high sucking on her tits one by one as he fucked her he said he was about to cum then she got nervous and said no not in me please , he startled her then and said if I want to cum up you bitch I will she said she was worried and started to push him off but brian was 20 + yrs older and very powerful then he started to finger her bum she`d never had it done before that time as I had never bummed her that early in our youth, she said it hurt but she was more worried about him cumn in her before she knew it he turned her around and said I wont cum up you but you wait there and he disappeared with in seconds he was back Kathy had tried to get her knickers back on but he just turned her around she had one leg in and one leg out of them, she felt something cold on her bum hole little did she know he was lubricating it with some gell he said just relax as he entered her virgin bum hole inch by inch she said it hurt at first but after a min or so it felt new and exciting soon afterwards he whispered in her ear I`m going to cum up your arse you wont get pregnant and he did wad after wad of hot spunk she could feel it filling her bum and running down her leg they got dressed and he let her out of the shop saying don't worry nobody will know but if you say anything you might be on the dole, they worked with each other after that and Kathy said he fucked her another three times but just telling her if she didn`t he`d tell me.

anyway time has passed and she said thinking of it now makes her very horny and wouldn`t mind someone else doing it to her against her will as you can imagine I fucked her senseless after she told me and had many a wank thinking how I can arrange it .

she said brian hardly recognised her well he was younger and fucking a young girl what the fuck.