Written by Michael

18 Nov 2007

My wife Marion and I are both in our late forties. We have now been together for over 25 years and have enjoyed a wonderful marraige. Marion has shoulder length blonde hair, attractive, size 14. About 4 months ago a friend of ours approached us and asked whether Marion would be interested in helping her out as a vacancy had arisen in the company and would be available up to Christmas. We both thought this was a great idea and Marion agreed to work on Thursdays and Fridays. Despite living 50 minutes away from London Marion decided to commute by train. Occasionaly on a Friday evening I would rush back to Victoria Station in the hope of catching the same train as Marion.

Before I continue with the story, and this is where it starts, the mere thought of someone taking advantage of Marion sexually would have made me so angry with rage that i firmly believe I would confront any situation head on. However, having been a avid reader of this site and all the postings for the past few years I cannot lie, but admit that the thought of another man showing any inyerest towards Marion is quite a turn on!

So I shall continue.

Due to never being sure whether I would catch the train Marion would board the train and when I either made my way through the carraiges or traced Marion she would be sitting down with the seat next to her taken. Normally I would be forced to stand. After about 5 weeks I suddenly noticed that the person sitting next to Marion was always the same person. A man possibly in his 50's, very smartly dressed. On closer observation I noted he was sitting unnecesarily close to her. Marion would normally remove her overcoat and sit in a skirt/dress. The guy also having removed his coat and jacket. On closer inspection I noted he had at least 6/ inches of free space on his seat and was practically sitting/rubbing neat to her. Over the next 3 weeks this continued and despite making myself aware to my wife I either sat behind her or observed from a distance. It was quite obvious to me that he was very much enjoying the closeness to Helen and I could just about see that his leg was touching Marion's nylon legs. Some days Marion looked so hemmed in by the window I was amazed that she never said anything. Often in the company of friends or at home alone I would mention about the commuting and not once did she say anything. She often replied to her friends that she bared the journy purely because the job was short term and she was so often engrossed into her reading that the journey flew by. Apparently if not for the books she would have fallen asleep and probably missed the stop. Instead of my reaction being one of anger the situation for me was turning into a very exciting situation and an extreme turn on. It was so obvious to me and over the next few weeks I would arrive early at Victoria and would often see my wife board the train and this guy follow minutes later. I also noted that when my wife got off the train the chap would also leave and immediately make his way to the other platform to possibly return to London.

I was so excited about this situation I decided to confront he guy, not with any purpose to be angry with him but to exploit the situation. (I have to be honest and admit I cannot beieve I can admit to that) The incident which finally made me decide this was when I was sitting behind my wife on the very last occasion I actually heard her apologise to him for knocking his arm. Quite impossible bearing in mind he was practically sitting on her lap!! The first two times I approached him he walked off mumbling something about not knowing what I was talking about. However the neat time I saw him I managed to get a sentence in before he walked off. He seemed to listen and I asked him if he would consider my proposal. I rather daringly gave him my mobile and asked him to call me. It was 3 weeks before he called me and to be honest I had not seen him between. He admitted to me that he found my wife very sexy and he admitted what he was doing.

Last Friday evening I boarded the train with my wife and making sure we found a row with 3 seats I sat next to the window and my wife in the middle seat. I placed my case between me and the window therfore sitting slightly on Marions seat. Two people sat opposite us. Then the guy turned up and sat beside Marion. The train was typically full with people standing between the seats. The guy was doing his normal proceedure of sitting close to Marion and as we approached the second stop I noted his leg was touching Marions leg and his thigh and leg side by side with Marions skirt. Much to my delight when we stopped the standing passengers left and the seats opposite became available. We now had 25 minutes of the most enjoyable train trip I have ever experienced. With me reading and Marion deciding that she could fall asleep both I and this guy pushed closer together. We both sandwiched my wife and it was a joy to see this guy rub his leg up and down Marions nylon leg. From the smile on his face he was obviously enjoying the experience and the closeness of a stranger rubbing against my wife was incredible.

Needless to say when we both arrived home I pounced on Marion and this weekend has been an endless succession of me wanting sex. I have to admit I did not tell the guy that Marion is only commuting for another 4 weeks but I have already received a call wanting a repeat next week.

I am sorry if this story has gone on too long and i apologise if the ending did not finish with some sort of orgy but it represents a true account of whats been occurring in my life these past few months. At this stage I have no idea if it will lead to anything, I doubt very much, and I am still amazed that Marion is totally unaware of all the attention she has been receiving on her daily commuting home from work. It has certainly brightened my journey home from work as well as one other guy.