Written by Sweeto

23 Mar 2017

So I had picked my fuck buddy up for the afternoon and as soon as he got in the car his hands were all over my body.

We normally went to his house but people were at home so we drove round and round thinking where to go.

In the end I got so turned on I drive to the closet woods I knew.

As soon as we entered the woods he had his hands down my trousers touching my already wet pussy.

Next thing I knew I was pressed up against a tree and Geoff was pulling my trousers down. He put his fingers inside me and starting fucking my roughly with his fingers which he knew I loved him doing.

I got down on my knees once he had made me cum and sucked his dick fast and hard.

All of a sudden he picked my up from my knees and pressed me against the tree and parted my legs and pushed his dick all into me. He was fucking me so hard my back was hitting the tree hard so we decided to move and the next thing we came to was a corn field.

Geoff laid me down on my back and fucked me so all the corn was being pressed down around us. He finally cum all over my stomach and flopped down on top of me exhausted.

I had to go home to my husband covered in mud and scratches from all the corn on my back. I had to jump in the shower and get out to cover my back before I was seen...but it was really worth it ;-)