Written by dave

11 Sep 2008

i had been asking no begging my wife to go out and get fucked by other men for a couple of years,last month she finally did it .she went out with one of her single friends and got chatted up by some guy called tony, watching her get ready evry saturday night made me as hard as rock, i sit in our bedroom and watch sue as she prepares for her lover, she puts on sexy underwear stockings high heels and basically advertises the fact that she is up for sex,i hadnt watched her having sex with tony but evry saturday ,she wanks me before she goes out,and then when she returns home, if she is in the mood she will tell were and how tony fucked her,she wanks me while she tells me all the lovely details,and she lets me clean her with my toungewhen she is feeling really generouse sue hasnt let me fuck her since she took on a lover , but i just love it when she wanks me and tells me how better he is at sex than me , and that his dick is bigger than mine, i dont know whats wrong with me but i love it , and sue seems quite happy with the arrangement, but last thursday was unreal , i had been working away and was due to return home on friday , but, id rang sue and asked how she had been , i asked her if she had seen her lover whilst i was away , but she said know she had stopped in all week well i decided to suprise her and come home on thursday evening, as i pulled up in my car everything looked normal the blinds were closed kitchen light on, i opened the front door, and was confronted with the site of my lovely wife sue on all fours directly facing me and her lover tony fucking her from behind , sue looked up at me and just said to her lover dont fuckin stop tony keep fuckin me, her dress was up mover her arse, her tits were out and every time tony thrust into her, her lovey tits swung, my heart was pounding , but strangely enough i just went into the kitchen and let them finish, after a few minutes i heard tony empty his load into sue , he mustb have made her cum whilst fucking her from behind, and sue was moaning like id never head her moan, i could here them kissing each other tenderley, then sue came into the kitchenasked me to pass her some tissue, she was about to wipe her wet juicy cunt when she smiled and asked if i would like to do it, she sat on a kitchen stool she still had her high heels on she then spread her legs and i wiped her cunt gently with the tissue , she said , ok dave now clean the rest with your tounge, i did this and then she said look i know thatwhat you have just seen was a bit of a shock, but i didnt think you were coming home, and ive told tony he could stay to night, so thensaid i would have to sleep in the spare room, i just said ok went to bed and listened to sue getting fucked i was wanking all night , in the morning i got up and tony was crossing the landing, his dick was limp but fuckin hell it was big i felt so humilated, he just mornin dave and went into the bathroom, i went into sues bedroom, she asked me if i was alright , i said yes and then she said she loved me but she was going to continue to see tony and was i alright with that i said yes she kissed me and then asked me if i wanted a wank, i said yes please , as she was wanking me , tony came into the bedroom, with his massive co.ck in full view, tony asked her if she fancied going for lunch later sue said yes ill just finsh wanking dave then ill be with you, sue made me cum ishot my load all over her hand she made me clean it then siad whilst im out clean my bed clothes please they are full of tonys cum at that she went into the shower got ready and then went out with her lover , im now rock hard again just re living seeing sue on all fours last night, my wife is fuckin great