Written by Marky321mark

21 Mar 2009

A few years ago i was seeing a girl who at 19 was 10 years younger than me and still in the experimental phase and wanting to experience new things! Sara was 5,6 with brunnete hair which she wore in a bob, striking blue eyes and a great size 12 figure and 34 c tits!

Anyway one night we was discusing this and that and decided we would try dogging, as in being watched only while we fucked in the car! We looked up some dogging spots on SH and headed down to the halfway house site the next night. We arrived down the lane and found a que of cars all waiting with single guys sitting in them as we cruised slowly past, finding a spot we park up, got out of my car pulled the front seats forward to give us room in the back and climbed in. Sara was wearing a little denim mini skirt, black blouse, hold up stockings and long black boots that came to just below her knees, and if looked fucking filthy!!

We got in the back had a little kiss and cuddle and in no time there was a good looking guy in his 30,s watching through the window and started to wank! Sara looked nervous so i took control and undid my jeans and pulled out my semi hard cock and told her to suck it, which she did with great skill but as quick as the guy arrived he shot off, i think something must have spooked him or something i dont know, but only moments after guy number 1 disapearing another guy took his place but this guy was a lot older! I would guess to be in his late 60,s or early seventies but with what must have been the biggest thickest cock i have ever seen in my life!! Sara was completly unaware of the switch and still on all fours on the back seat and sucking me like her life depended upon it.

Now this old guy wasnt shy and opened the door of the car and motined at me for my consent to touch her, and I just nodded and gestured at him to go ahead.

When the old boy started to lift up her skirt she popped her head up in shock but i just pushed her down and told her it was ok and to not worry, so she began sucking again. The look on the old boys face as he slipped her little black lacy thong off was off pure delight! He must of thought all his christmases had come at once! All i could do was watch as he slipped her knickers into his pocket and the his fingers into her tight little 19 yr old pussy, all the while slowly rubbing his monster cock in his left hand!

Sara began making some small sounds of pleasure and although i coulndnt see i could here how wet she was as he roughly fingered her from behind and them began licking her little bum hole! All the while she still must of thought it was the good looking younger guy doing all this and had no idea it was a dirty old man in his 70\'s having the time of her life lol.

He asked if he could fuck her and by this time i was agreeing to anything and said yes but Sara was saying no no no so he said ok and started to wank his cock hard with his left hand and finger fuck her with his right and then he threw his head back and shot a hug load of cum all over her back and then over her bald wet cunt and finished by rubbing his cock over her arse pulled up his trousers and left and by this time i had been dying to cum for ages so i let go all i had in her mouth too and she swallowed the lot all down and got up looking for her thong to wipe her cunt with but was long stolen by the old man with a huge grin of satifaction. I took her home and fucked her again thinking of what i knew and she she didnt.