Written by SOFT DICK

16 Aug 2011

My younger wife wants a lover.

This all began 12 months ago when me and my wife were going through a rough patch, we were arguing all the time sex was none excitant and one night we had a blazing row during which she shouted at me she wanted friends of her own age (she’s 21yrs younger than me im 59 she’s 38) she wanted to go out clubbing and get rat arsed, I was shocked into silence, we didn’t speak for the next 2 days then on the Saturday morning I said to her is that what you want younger friends a lover maybe for sex then she dropped the bomb shell she had already been with a guy, I was dumbstruck but after id calmed down I dragged her up stairs and fucked the arse off her twice, ive only managed one fuck before then I go soft lol, anyway she felt really wet and an unusually creamy cunt which I really enjoyed it was months later I found out id had sloppy seconds and it turned out she was seeing a second guy who I knew he was a guy she worked with he was fucking her while I was away working but it all went a bit pear shaped he had a big mouth and it got round he was shagging my wife, so it all ended in tears I forgave her and our sex life really did get better but the only time I could get hard was by her telling me about these guys who had fucked her what she did to them, I find it difficult to get a hard on and to keep it hard so I lick her cunt out, she loves tongue, then she sucks me off but won’t let me cum in her mouth. Ive tried to get her to meet the guy again but she was so upset before she hates him and won’t consider it they don’t work together now but every so often he texts or trys to phone her she won’t answer him, I get so horny when she says hes tried to contact her again. Anyway during sex we have talked about another guy she really has got the hots for, well theres a couple of guys my boss is one which to me is a non starter to many problems but when she speaks to him she told me her knickers get absolutely soaked, I felt them once after I thought she’d pissed them they were ringing wet ive never made her that wet before I even touched her I can only get her wet with my tongue the other guy is a driver she works with she says hes good-looking and for her I don’t know what to do I get really hard when she tells me about them but I get jealous as well I don’t know which is the stronger anyway the driver has asked her to meet him and go for a drink he knows she’s married and she’s told him she cheated on me, she’s asked me if she can meet him I don’t know what to do.